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Chapter Ten

After an age of deliberation and heated arguments, not to mention sheer terror at Brennan's erratic driving, the group had reached the conclusion that the best thing was to drive the cyber man to its residence and work out what was going on.

It didn't really come as a surprise to the Doctor that Bette's house turned out to be nothing more then an abandoned warehouse, rusty metal sheets and rotten wooden planks littering the floor.

The Doctor entered first, leading the way with Brennan eagerly running after him, Booth followed not far behind, accompanying the cyber man with River bringing up the rear, gun raised and on alert.

What the Doctor didn't expect (though he wouldn't admit it out loud) was exactly what kind of creature her husband was.

The house comprised of a few of the left over conveyer belts which Bette informed them was her and Mike's bed, two long ragged bits of material serving as curtains over the broken window. "have-a-seat" Bette said, gesturing to her lounge which turned out to be nothing but an old black and white TV set accompanied by three overturned milk crates or seats.

Booth glanced at the room and then up at the other three, a frown on his face, "she's really lost it" "oh, let's just humour her" The doctor returned, though he too didn't not look altogether pleased as he took a seat on one of the milk crates. Brennan sat down next to him but Booth and River remained standing, one keeping a close eye on all possible exits, the other with his hand resting on his fire arm.

"have-some-cookies-dears" Bette said as she reached for a small sheet of metal she no doubt perceived to be a baking tray. Upon the sheet lay a few bolts and twisted pieces of wire.

"Ok this is seriously getting weird. " Booth remarked as the Doctor shouted a loud, "no thank you" in a cheerful way that made River look up suspiciously, "five minutes ago you were all for disabling the cyber man and leaving it on the side of the road. What are you up to Doctor?"

"spoilers" The Doctor replied with a barely concealed smirk.

"spoilers?" Brennan asked curiously, glancing between them.

"you'll see Temperance" The Doctor said quietly, turning back to the cyberman.

"So Bette, whereabouts is your husband?" the question was barley out of his mouth when he heard a voice behind him that made his blood run cold.

"Hi-honey-i'm-home. Oh-i-see-you-brought-friends."

If they weren't his greatest enemy the doctor might have been amused at the fact that a Dalek had just called a cyber man honey. As it stood he was far from amused. He was a whole two galaxies and an orbiting space station away from amused.

"Doctor that's, that's a Dalek!" he heard River cry from somewhere behind him just as Booth asked, "what is that?" and Brennan made a passing remark about the advanced technology that would have went into creating it.

"Every time" he growled in a dangerous tone as he slowly stood and turned to face his nemesis. The Dalek swivelled it's eyestalk to face him, not saying a word. "Every time when I lose everything I hold dear to me you somehow survive, you always manage to come back!" He cried with savage fury as he advanced on the Dalek.

"I-don't-know-what-you're-talking-about-mate" the Dalek replied in its expressionless voice, rolling backwards with each step the Doctor took towards it.

The Doctor sneered, "oh, very clever"

"woh there Dead boy," Booth said, hastily as he reached for the Doctor's arm. The Doctor responded by pushing him away in a not too friendly way.

"you have no idea what's going on here so how about you leave this to the expert" The Doctor growled.

"You may be an expert" Booth replied coldly, "but that doesn't mean you know everything. Now I'm telling you nicely, sit down" he finished through gritted teeth.

"Booth, you don't understand, "River said with a weary sigh as Brennan looked between them curiously before turning to eye the dalek, "that thing may look innocent but it's anything but. "

"I-am-nothing-but-a-plumber" The Dalek protested, plunger arm waving around to demonstrate.

The Doctor laughed sarcastically as Booth smirked, "I'll do the talking Mario, thanks."

Three pairs of eyes fixed him with a confused stare and he sighed, "squints"

"is-this-any-way-to-treat-your-hosts?" Bette cried from her corner as she set down the metal sheet on an upturned milk crate.

Everyone ignored her.

"Doctor" Brennan began quietly, "these Robots obviously think that they're humans, we should be trying to determine why that is"

"And that" the Doctor sneered, "is what I'm trying to do" And with that he spun back to the Dalek, "something made you forget what you are, fine, I'll help you remember"

And without warning he swiped River's gun out of her hands and pointed it directly at the Dalek's eyestalk.

"Doctor!" The voices cried at the same time.

It was the first time anyone had ever seen a Dalek quiver.

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