Beach Party

(My take on what happened when Miley was filming her movie. I own NOTHING!)

Lilly sat at Rico's watching everyone dance. Her eyes wandered around the whole scene. She suddenly saw Oliver flirting with a girl a couple feet away. She felt a pang of jealousy, wait jealousy? No, she didn't like Oliver Oken, she couldn't! Oliver started to walk up to the employee who was currently working at Rico's

Nose Whistle Wally walked up to her "Hey, Lilly, you want to dance?" He asked

"Um, sorry, I would but Oliver just asked me" Lilly grabbed a hold of her best friend and lead him to the dance floor.

"Uh, hey Lilly?" Oliver questioned as they started dancing

"Sorry, I didn't want to dance with Nose Whistle Wally and I also didn't want to be rude" Lilly explained

"It's okay, I guess" Oliver glanced over at the girl who he was talking to earlier

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to pull you away from her" Lilly let go of Oliver and was about to turn and leave when Oliver grabbed her wrist and pulled her close

"She doesn't matter, besides she's already moved on" He chuckled and nodded toward the brunette

"I'm still sorry" Lilly looked down

"Lilly, I'd much rather dance with you than some girl I barely know!" Oliver confessed

"Thanks" Lilly smiled

"You're welcome" Lilly placed her head under his neck. Oliver was shocked at first but then wrapped his arms around her thin waist

They continued to dance until the song was almost over. Lilly looked up and her eyes locked with Oliver's. Her green orbs widened as he leaned toward her. They shut once her lips collided with Oliver's. After a moment, she pulled away, smiling. He returned the smile.

"Sorry" Oliver said

"You shouldn't be" Lilly grinned

"Huh?" Oliver asked "Won't this ruin our friendship?"

"Well, we can still be best friends, but we could also be something more" Lilly said cheerfully

"I'd like that" Oliver said and kissed her once again

They pulled away and hugged. Lilly then saw the girl from before glaring at her. She pulled back and looked at Oliver

"Are you sure you're not mad at me for that girl?" Lilly asked staring into his brown eyes

Oliver turned and looked at her, then he turned and looked at Lilly.

"Nah, I don't really like brunettes. I'm more attracted to blondes" He smirked and Lilly blushed

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