"No Shawn! This time you've gone too far!"

"Come on Gus…you always say that. I'll make it up to you."

"How Shawn? How? You wore my brand new jeans. You ripped a hole in them."
Gus was actually livid. They'd been nice jeans. They'd cost him a hundred fifty dollars and everything. Jeans from Buckle didn't come cheap.

"Just a little one." Shawn reasoned.
It actually wasn't that small, but compared to some of the holes Shawn had made, it was a fairly little hole.

"Shawn, we've talked about you borrowing my clothes," Gus said.

"Actually, I don't remember having a conversation. I think what happened was more along the lines of, 'Shawn never borrow my clothes. Ever.' And then I tried to point out that the reason you get to buy clothes is because you get money from the cases I solve and then you brought up some lame point about pharmaceutical sales."

"That's not a lame job Shawn. It's actually a very exciting industry,"

"Yeah, yeah. I know." Shawn said hurriedly. "The point is, I know you'll forgive me eventually. Plus Juliet totally thought I looked hot in them!"

"Speaking of Juliet, remind me again why you're bringing me along on this little date of yours?"

"It's not a date. If I recall her wording correctly it's a luncheon. We're going on a date later tonight."

Gus made a face.

"Look, dude. Juliet asked me to bring you, so I'm bringing you, k? I'm sorry I borrowed your jeans. Won't happen again."

"Oh really?"

"Yes really. Gus, that was your only fashionable item of clothing, and lets face it, it'd be kind of awkward to wear them now, what with that hole…"

They had reached the diner Juliet had mentioned to Shawn the day before. She'd seemed a little bit nervous, something Shawn didn't really understand. She had told him it was important, that he needed to bring Gus and they needed to be there at one o clock sharp. "Where is she?" Gus asked.

"I don't know. I thought she'd be here," Shawn said. He looked around, worried.
Then he spotted the note slid under the vase. Juliet had told them to come to the corner table, by the lamppost. And under the vase of that table there was, unmistakably, a small square piece of paper.

If you want your girlfriend alive you're going to have to cooperate. Don't contact your friends at the police station and if you value your father's life don't involve him in this either. Be at the Parking Garage of the Hilton at midnight tonight. Bring the medicine man with you.

Shawn dropped the piece of paper.

"What is it?" Gus asked.

"Oh this day just got so much worse."