Shawn didn't know where to begin. He knew he needed to calm down and think logically, the lives of Gus and Juliet were both on the line. But he couldn't calm down. This was worse than the time he'd gotten lost in the woods at Camp Tikihama, after he and Gus had had a bitter argument about whose socks were cooler. Shawn's had been much cooler for the record, they had talking potato chips on them. All Gus's had were green and blue zig-zag stripe things. But at least then Shawn had had a candy bar. Right now all he had was a note which told him nothing. All it did was threaten his father as well.

Shawn could feel his blood starting to boil. Mr. Moon might think that they were only halfway through the game, but Shawn knew something Mr. Moon didn't. Shawn was done playing by Mr. Moon's rules.

The only clue Mr. Moon had given at all in the last note was that Daddy would know best. Shawn figured there had to be a clue somewhere at his Dad's house, but that he'd have to go there sometime when his father wasn't home, hence keeping him uninvolved.

Well, Shawn had no way of knowing when Henry would or wouldn't be home. It wasn't like he memorized the man's schedule. It wasn't as though the man really had a schedule. Besides, it always seemed like he was home when it was most inconvenient. Shawn's father kind of worked that way. When Shawn needed him, he was busy. Usually "busy" meant off with some lady friend, usually an awkward woman. Double awkward. First awkward because they acted all uncomfortable and weird socially, and second awkward because all of the sudden with no warning they were...all over. No details beyond that needed or wanted. But when Shawn needed to get something from his Dad's house. Of course not. He was sitting there on the couch. The whole time. Like there was nothing more important in the world than finishing that Spanish Soap Opera. Or if Shawn needed to do something sneaky away from home. Who would randomly show up there but his dad?

Shawn stopped to think about this. The only really logical explanation was that Shawn secretly had a little video camera implanted in his back, mounted on an invisible cord that dangled over his head and taped everything Shawn did. That way his Dad would always know where to show up- or not to show up, depending on the circumstance. But explanations to Shawn's life were rarely logical.

He wished for a moment that somehow his Dad really could see everything that was going on. That he would suddenly show up and help him solve this case, because Shawn was loosing it. He really didn't know if he could do it on his own. However, it was time to snap out of it. If Gus were here and acting this way Shawn would have said, "Come on Gus! Don't be that random red-headed girl in Revenge of the Cheesy Snack Crisp II, who's listed as "Red Headed Screaming Girl" in the credits." or some such thing. But Gus wasn't here so Shawn was going to have to instruct himself what not to be. And Shawn knew precisely what it was he needed to tell himself not to be. Scared.

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