So, I'm sitting here, two days (by the time I actually finished the chapter, more than 2 days had gone by, FYI) after posting the last chapter of Double Date, a fic I never intended to write.

And now I'm considering writing the sequel to it, another fic I never intended to write.

My best bet, I think, is to just start writing and see how the sequel comes out. If it comes out well enough, I'll post it.

But...I'm iffy...You see, I know how Risa, Fang, and Embry ended up after DD. Of course I do, I'm the writer! And the predicaments they get into after are...Interesting...

Fang: When you say that, I get scared.

Me: You should be... Though I don't know. Maybe, by the end of this writing experiment, I'll have changed some of the scarier parts. Who knows? We'll see.

Fang: Knowing you, you'll just make it worse.

Me: Oh, distinct possibility, Fangles dear. :D

Disclaimer Deja Vu: I believe I said in Double Date that I owned neither Twilight or MR, but just in case you forgot, I don't. And Fang here's just a captive.

Fang: Yeah...Save me?

Me: Fat chance.

Fang: Damn.

Me: So, without further ado, welcome to...

Triple Threat

Risa's POV

When you're in love, it's like you've got blinders on.

The rest of the world is just a blur around you. The object, or objects of your affection are the only things that you can focus on. They are steady, constant. Your center, your anchor.

That's the only way I can find to describe my life after returning home from Forks.

We tried to just settle back down into the same lives we'd had before, but things had changed too much. We each got our respective jobs back, mine at Goldie's Bookstore, Fang at the Pet Store, and Embry as the mall security guard. But our apartment had suddenly become too small for us cross-country travellers. I finally bit the bullet and splurged with my mom's well-invested money and got a house in the suburbs. It wasn't anything too big, just a modest family-sized home with a kitchen, living area, finished basement, three bedrooms, a dining room, garage, and back porch with nice little fenced-in backyard.

Ok, so it was some pretty nice digs. Heck, if I'm gonna spend that much money, I'm going to get something worthwhile!

It was just the kind of home the three of us (plus our dog, Bo) needed.

Besides, our landlord back at the apartment was getting pissed about the parking we were taking up with our R.V. always sitting outside.

It also came in handy for when Nudge and Seth came to visit, which was pretty often for two people who live on the other side of the country. I suspect they'd like to come out to live with us, but Seth's mom wasn't about ready to let him out yet, and Nudge wouldn't leave Forks and her temporary home with the Cullens without him.

I also used some of my saved-up money to start taking some courses at the community college. I loved working at Goldie's, but one of these days I was going to need a larger income, so I might as well be ready to get it. I had a tough time choosing which classes to take and eventually ended up majoring in Library Science, while taking an L.N.A. class on the side. Your friendly neighborhood C.P.R. certified Librarian, that's me!

Though the boys have expressed varying degrees of interest in following me down the road to higher education, I haven't been able to talk either of them into taking any classes just yet. But I'm not giving up...

Speaking of the boys, things have never been more...Interesting around here with those two.

Somehow, they'd come to an... Agreement. A silent agreement. It was never discussed, nothing was recorded. But the agreement stood. Fang would accept the fact that Embry had imprinted on him as long as Embry did nothing towards Fang that... Suggested anything more than friends. And they would both allow the other to date me.

Yeah, like our situation wasn't messed-up enough.

But, even as messed-up as the three of us were, it all clicked.

We were a triple threat, us against the world! Unstoppable, unbelievable, unforgettable.

The thing was, ever since we returned from our trip to Forks, we'd kept our blinders on a little to tight. We were living for the moment, the future.

The future is important, of course. The past is unchangable, you can't live in it.

But it can come back to visit you.

If we had been paying more attention, we would've seen it sneaking up on us, but we were too high up on Cloud Nine to notice until it was on our front doorstep.

"They say all is fair in love and war, but Risa, let me tell you, sometimes love is a war." My mom's famous quote came back to haunt me again.

Our love was going to be a war for the second time, but the problem is, this time, the battle lines are blurred.

Me: A little update on their lives and...Forshadowing...Mwahaha...

Fang: Cryptic much?

Me: It's one of those 'It'll all make sense later in the story' things.

Fang: And you think this sequel's gonna work out?

Me: You know what? Yeah. I'm gonna do it. I believe in myself!

Fang: You do?

Me: Oh, yeah. I BELIEVE! Damn it, where's Chaka Khan and Clay Aiken when you need them?

Fang: You have got to stop watching Phineas and Ferb.


Fang: -headdesk-


P.S. So, I know at the beginning I said I was writing this two days after finishing Double Date. Well, you can now tell how long it took me to decide to post this thing, huh?