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Where She Belongs

By: Apherion

Chapter 1


I stared out of the barred window, gazing upon the endless night that Hueco Mundo held. His voiced echoed in my mind for the umpteenth time as I looked up at the moon.

"Don't ask questions. Don't say a word. You have no rights and no opinions." His words had been so cold, so calculated.

"We are not negotiating. I'm giving you an order." I couldn't argue because I knew that he could keep his end of the arrangement. I was not strong enough to defy his wishes. I have never been strong enough.

"Take this. Wear it, and don't take it off." For two weeks, the bracelet had been on my wrist, burning its pattern into my creamy, fair skin.

"I will give you twelve hours. I give you permission to say farewell to one person in that time frame." Of course I had said good-bye to Ichigo. Of all the people that I was leaving behind, he was the one that I worried about most. He was the one who I deeply cared for, he was the one I wanted safe more than anyone else.

How selfish of me, I thought, turning away from the window. Wanting him to come rescue me, and to love me as much as he does Rukia. How selfish am I? I sat down on the couch-like bed, burying my head in my hands, letting my copper-red hair shroud me in its tresses.

I heard the door open then, but I didn't bother to look up. I knew who it would be; the guard never changed unless he was busy with the fiendish plans set in motion by Aizen. I could feel his gaze from across the room, and I knew how he was standing.

Day or night, he would stand erect near the doorway, his eyes boring into my skin. However, he was always silent. He would just watch me, except for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Sometimes he'd hold me down and force me to eat.

"Woman," his low voice cut across the silent room. His eyes were dangerous, and I had never seen the look he was giving me before. He was leaning against the wall and the door had shut.

"My name is Orihime," I repeated for the millionth time. His green eyes glared in the darkness, and I felt my heart leap uncomfortably. There was something wrong with the way he was leaning on the wall. I felt my heart beating faster, the adrenaline telling me to run.

I fell off of the sofa-esque bed, scrambling to get to the other side of the room; however, it was dumb of me to run. I was indeed the prey in this situation. His hands slid delicately around my wrists, holding fast to them.

"I know your name; however, I do not wish to call you by it." His voice was melting with danger, and shivers ran through my body. I twisted into them, unable to control the motion. I regain composure, not wanting to fail.

"Then servant I would like you to give me a glass of water." It was too much, and I knew it the moment the snide retort punctured the brief silence between us. He shoved me against the wall closest to the bed, my arms pinned above my head as he leaned over me and his body pressing hard against my own. Heat boiled deep within me, and I could feel the warmth spreading through my cheeks from our proximity.

He stood against me, not saying a word, but his ire radiated off of him. His normally blank expression was filled with malice as he had one of his legs in between mine, and my embarrassment grew from our positioning as the pressure he exerted seemed to crest.

His breath was cool on my face when he finally spoke. "I will not tolerate derision from you. I may punish you how I see fit, as well. There are things that are comparative to death." Before he released his hold, our bodies touched intimately despite the clothing we were wearing. It was his silent warning. He then proceeded to turn on his heel and exit.

With my heart pounding, I sank to the floor. I wouldn't be able to stave off an attack, even if I had Tsubaki. My stomach churned at the thought, and I struggled to the couch on shaky legs.


Ever since Aizen had sent him on this mission, he had not expected to have such a reaction towards her. She constantly fought him. She was so much more difficult than when he had taken her.

She had no option other than to agree, he made sure of that. Aizen had instructed him that she was not to be harmed in any way that she was too precious to mar. However, I gave her twelve hours to say goodbye to everything that she knew and to one person.

Ulquiorra had thought about this for far too long, worrying that he had become soft. Only, this had been a premature thought. After 'raising' the woman for a little over a month, his concern with his brief weakness with her was eliminated.

Multiple occasions she had refused to eat, thus forcing his hand to threaten her and sometimes she held him to the threat of feeding it to her. She even attempted to drown herself in the bathes, and he now had to supervise her as she washed. He did not complain about having to look after her while she took care of her hygiene, but there was something about her that reminded him of when he once was human. The ache was not just centered on how she aroused him, either. She tugged at every fiber of his being, as though watching over her was the best thing that he has done since becoming an Arrancar.

He nearly lost his composure today though. His chest burned at the thought of what he could be doing at the moment instead of standing outside of the door.

She always insisted he use her name, to no avail on her end, and today she decided to give him cheek for it. He could not afford to lose control with her, even though he pushed back with his own mischievousness. Heat spread through him anew, and he called on one of his subordinates to watch her as he needed to sleep.

In truth, he controlled his thought pattern until he was safely inside his room before reveling in how she felt against him. He unzipped his jacket, revealing the number four on his chest before stepping out of his pants and shrugging off his top. Stark naked, he lay down on the bed.

Every inch of what he wanted was closer to his body, just barely within his grasp. His right hand took hold of the hard erection that seemed to cloud his judgment when it came to her. Slowly he began the smooth up and down motions as his eyes fluttered closed with his fantasy.

He was peeling off her dress, his lips at her throat. She panted heavily, as though she had been anticipating this all day. Finally the dress pooled at her feet, and he pulled back to gaze at the ample breasts, perked from desire, to the copper curls that led to her true sex. He backed her against the wall, hiding them from the moonlight pouring in from above. Her hands burned hot against his chest as she boldly moved to her knees and removed his own member from his confines.

She did not look up, and went down on him expertly. Her tongue played with his head before she began to suck him, using her hands to hold onto his waist for balance as she mimicked how she would sheath him had he been inside her at that moment. He rested a hand on the back of her head, guiding her as he followed her lead in having sex with her hot mouth. Then he felt the familiar twinge, and he stopped her.

Her grey eyes finally looked up at him; the corners of her mouth had saliva and some of his heat leaking out and down her chin. He picked her up, and she willingly followed. He pressed her against the wall again, helping her hook her left leg around his waist. He positioned himself at the opening of her, getting more turned on by the extent of her wetness. She was panting even harder now, and he could hear her vague dirty words. With his left hand on her right hip and his right on her opposite leg, he thrust into her, pulling her violently into him.

Her scream of pleasure rocked through her core, vibrating softly against him. He buried himself deep, before pulling out and plunging in again for the same chorus of ecstasy. Her walls were clenched around him as he pressed in and pulled out several times in quick succession, greatly in awe of how her mouth hadn't been the tip of her iceberg. He used his leverage to gain deeper access, brushing his head against her own button, eliciting a cry as her inside walls pulled him in deeper as they convulsed around him.

Her orgasm rocked through his senses. Watching how her face twisted with the sweet agony, he forced his body to give her everything he had, thrusting in and out while pulling her into him. She clutched to him, with sweat pouring over her ivory skin, and she moaned his name into his ear and he, too, braced her against him as he came.

His hand slowed to a stop as he emptied himself. He wanted her to an extent that he had never wanted another. It was this human desire that racked his entire body. He sat up in the bed, and looked towards the door.

"You do realize if you don't fuck her, someone else will." Grimmjow said leaning against the wall in his usual way. Eyes narrowed, Ulquiorra advanced on the lower ranked Espada.

"What do you know of it?" Grimmjow had his cocky grin in place and glared right back.

"You were whispering her name, 'Orihimeā€¦ Orihimeā€¦' Do you honestly think she'd be that good?" Ulquiorra managed to keep his cool, keeping his deadpan face.

"I just want to see how she looks when I'm through with her. That's all." He turned from the hot-blooded man to walk towards the showers.

"You want her for something else if you're actually masturbating to her." Ulquiorra did not reply.