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Juliet O'Hara smiled as she laid a hand over her swollen belly. Yesterday was her due date, and although she had loved being pregnant the last nine months, she could not wait to hold their daughter in her arms.

Their daughter... Some days she still could not believe that she was really pregnant. But she was. She was having a baby with the man she loved more than anything else. Her smile grew larger.

The familiar sound of the front door unlocking caught her attention. It opened, and Shawn walked in, beaming at her.

"There's my baby mama."

She snorted. "Shawn..."

He went to the couch and dropped to one knee, placing a large hand on her belly. The baby kicked at his hand obligingly, and they both laughed.

As he rubbed her stomach, his heart swelled with love and pride. This baby had not at all been planned, and when Juliet told him that she was pregnant with his baby, he had nearly passed out. He had no business being anyone's father, not while he was still a kid himself in so many ways.

After getting the news, he had gone straight to his father, who had been just as shocked. But then he did something that no one expected out of him.

He had stepped up.

Maybe he wasn't ready to have a kid or be a husband, but Juliet was pregnant. There was going to be a brand new life, one that he would be entirely responsible for. Juliet and the baby were both depending on him, and as scared as he was, he was also excited. He knew he would be a better father than his dad had been. He could do this. He loved Juliet, and he knew no other woman he found would be half as good as she was for him. And he did not even want to try.

That was the biggest reason why he had proposed to her after she became pregnant. But she had turned him down, saying that he wasn't ready. That hadn't deterred him. Unofficially, he moved into her apartment with her, and at the most random moments, he would ask her again to marry him.

His eyes drifted down to her left hand. It had taken three months, but she finally said yes. And in a small ceremony with her family, his parents, Gus and half of the department, he had promised to love and cherish her until he died.

Juliet smiled at the amazed look on Shawn's face. With a soft groan, she sat up and let him help her stand. "Come with me, Shawn."

"Where?" But he was already following her. He'd follow this woman to the ends of the earth, if she wanted him to.

She just grinned and pulled him into their bedroom.


Deep in the night, Juliet sat up in the bed she shared with her husband. At first, she wasn't sure what had roused her. Then she felt it again, and she winced. "Shawn..."

He snored softly.

Reaching out, she gently pushed at his shoulder. "Shawn, wake up."

Suddenly he bolted upright. "Jules? What is it?"

She slipped out of the bed, one hand on her abdomen. "It's time to go, Shawn. The baby's coming."

"The baby..." Oh, God, he was going to be a father. He shot out of the bed and threw his pants on as she found her shoes. "Okay, okay..."

She wasn't as worried as he was, but she was in pain. By the time he grabbed the keys and her overnight bag, she was already at the front door. He scrambled after her, guiding her downstairs and helping her into his car. Once she was safely belted in, he ran to the driver's side and got in, peeling out of the parking lot.

By the time they arrived at the hospital and Juliet had been settled in the Maternity Ward, she was in more pain than she had ever experienced in her life.

Feeling helpless, Shawn stayed close to her, alternating between backing off and holding her when she yelled at him to do so. He was uncertain, and her pain made it worse.

During the short respites from pain, she allowed him to leave the room long enough to call their families and Gus. Gus promised to call Lassiter and Captain Vick before coming to the hospital. Shawn was relieved that both his parents and Gus were going to be there soon. He wasn't sure if he could do this on his own.

He returned to Juliet's side after calling Gus. He had never seen her in such pain, and it unsettled him deeply. Especially knowing there was nothing he could do about it. Leaning down, he kissed her forehead.

Groaning softly, Juliet reached up and squeezed Shawn's hand. She was beyond terrified. This was her first child, and she'd had no idea what to expect. But this pain was much worse than she had ever experienced before. She clung to Shawn and cried out in pain.

Smoothing his hand over her hair, Shawn sighed. "It's going to be okay, Jules," he whispered into her ear. "Everything is going to be okay."

He only hoped that he sounded more confident than he felt.

Gus was the first to arrive at the hospital, and he asked for Juliet's room number before hurrying upstairs. He found his best friend pacing in the hall, and he moved faster. "How is she, Shawn?"

Shawn shook his head. "In pain. Her doc is examining her." He ran a shaky hand through his thick hair.

Gus embraced his best friend. "She'll be fine, Shawn."


Shawn and Gus turned and saw Henry Spencer coming toward them. "Dad..."

Henry pulled his son into a rough hug, a rare display of physical affection.

Shawn relaxed against his dad and returned the hug.

Gus leaned against the wall and watched Shawn and Henry. He was still unable to believe that Shawn was going to be a father, but in the seven months since the startling news, Shawn had really grown up. His best friend was going to be a dad, and he was happy for him.

Shawn blew out a heavy breath. "She's in a lot of pain."

Henry nodded. "Labor is tough. Your mom had to go through almost two days of labor before you made your appearance."

That made a small smile tug at Shawn's mouth. "She'll be okay..." he murmured to himself.

The doctor poked his head out of the room. "Mr. Spencer? You can come back in."

He glanced at his friend and father before hurrying back to his wife's side.

Nearly twenty four hours after arriving at the hospital, Juliet was exhausted. Shawn had refused to leave her side. He had noticed the attitudes of the doctor and nurses shift from calm and certainty to worry. Something wasn't right.

A cry from Juliet sent him running from the window back to her side. "Shh... I'm here, Jules." He took a cool washcloth and held it against her sweaty forehead.

She leaned into him, grimacing. "Something's wrong, Shawn," she whispered, clutching her abdomen. She had never gone through labor before, but she knew deep inside that something was wrong. Something was very wrong.

"Everything will be okay, Juliet." He kissed the side of her head and slid his arm around her shoulders. "It'll be okay. She'll be here soon." Gently he drew Juliet's head against his shoulder.

She groaned softly. "Shawn..."

"What is it, baby?"

"I love you."

Fear gripped his heart, but he hid it from her. "I love you, too, Jules."

A sudden myriad of bells went off, and Shawn panicked when several doctors and nurses rushed into the room. He was pulled away from Juliet by a nurse and ushered out of the room before he could protest.

Gus was sitting on a bench in the hall, and he stood up when Shawn emerged from Juliet's room. "Hey, buddy..." But then he saw the look on his best friend's face. "What happened?"

Shawn held out his hands helplessly. "I don't know! All these alarms went off, and..." A hard lump formed in his throat. "They kicked me out!"

Gus felt Shawn's pain, and he gripped Shawn's arm.

"She's alone in there, Gus... My wife is alone, and I don't know if she's okay!" It had never occurred to him that she wouldn't be okay. To him, she was infallible. And childbirth seemed so normal, so routine. But now, he was faced with the possibility of losing his wife and his baby in one day.

Gus saw Shawn sway, and he gently guided him to the bench. "Sit down, Shawn. Breathe."

Shawn put his head down and gasped, his broad shoulders shuddering.

Gus sat down beside his best friend, shocked. Juliet had seemed fine. Of course he had heard horror stories of first time deliveries, but everyone had. And Juliet was in great shape. No one could have seen this coming.

With a deep groan, Shawn put his head between his legs and linked his fingers behind his neck. He couldn't lose them. Juliet was his world, and as ill-prepared as he was to be a dad, he loved their baby.

He couldn't do this without her.


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