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Everyday always started the same for Genesis Rhapsodos, first a shower, then some coffee, and after that he went to start his day at work. That's where all the fun began. Genesis was one to be known as a flirt at work , but it wasn't his fault he was born with good looks and extremely attractive to the women and some men... okay that kind of freaked him out. Other than that he enjoyed what he did he was a first class SOLDIER and he was also the commander. But, today was different he could feel it in the air when he was walking to his office.

"Watch out Genesis," a voice yelled in his direction. He turned around to see a silver haired girl running towards him.

"ROSE, COME BACK HERE WITH MY PAPERS," a silver haired man yelled at her.

Sephiroth and Rose were brother and sister, twins to be correct. Sephiroth was the general and Rose was also a commander. He was quite surprised to find this out he was almost fooled until he saw how much damage she could really do, and it set him straight it also showed why she was the only girl in the SOLDIER program at Shin-Ra. But less of that, she ran straight at Genesis and boosted herself up on his shoulder and jumped away from Sephiroth.

"Rose, stop acting like that and give me my work back." "Nuuuu Seph you work to much!"

Everybody turned around to see who had just called Sephiroth by his 'forbidden name'. Genesis found her quite amusing. She was probably the only person who could get away with calling Sephiroth that name. He chuckled lightly and walked on hearing some things crash as he walked away. It would take Sephiroth a minute trying to catch the petite girl she was quite quick because of her size, cute, too. Oh wait did he just think that... he was just going to keep that thought to himself and from everybody else that asked. Because truth be told he had a very big crush on her that he told no one about, hell, he tried to keep it from his childhood friend Angeal who which by the way was also a commander. All he had to say was.

"If you like the girl so much why don't you just tell her."

Right like it was that easy, she was always close to Sephiroth. The problem with that was Sephiroth had seen Genesis with a variety of women he was dating and, he didn't think to kindly about Genesis going out with a lot of girls. He even has dated some that worked here as secretaries. But now to face the real problem of this challenge of telling Rose he, well liked her. She always seemed quite oblivious to him, not really talking to him much, but to her counter part (Sephiroth) she talked her head off to him and he enjoyed it, Genesis thought. As Genesis mind wandered about he arrived at his office and was quite surprised to see Angeal standing by the door waiting for him.

"Angeal," Genesis said quite happy to see him,"what are you doing here?"

"Genesis thank Gaia I need to ask you a question!"

"A question, about what?" Genesis asked quite confused since Angeal usually had the answer to every question.

"What"s the best restaurant around here to go on a date for?" A restaurant well he wasn't to sure about one usually he just cooked dinner in his apartment and they ate there. It was much easier for him, because it was quicker to get to the fun parts... "Well, I usually don't go out 'Geal but I did hear that the restaurants in the shopping district are extremely nice and it has very nice quality!"

"Really thanks for your help Genesis!" "Wait who's your date?" "Oh, Luna Stafield you know the doctor!" Oh yeah he knew who Angeal was talking about he guessed he never did tell him he had went out with her, but only for a brief time. Oh gosh he started to feel a little sick inside. "Well see you later Genesis. Lazard handed me all these papers to do and I have to get them to him before lunch." And he was off.

My friend, do you fly away now? To a world that abhors you and I? All that awaits you is a somber morrow No matter where the winds may blow My friend, your desire
Is the bringer of life, the gift of the goddess Even if the morrow is barren of promises
Nothing shall forestall my return. Ah act three of his favorite poem, Loveless.

He sighed and thought about what Rose had asked him the last time.

"Hey, Genesis if there is only what five or four short poems in Loveless. Why is it so long?" She ask looking quite innocent.

He shooked his head alittle. Oh geez he was thinking about her again bad brain shut up already. Neva! "Jeesh I need to get work," he said opening his office door and slamming it behind him.

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