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Rose was staring down at Genesis' sleeping form with an amused expression. She had been trying to get him to answer the door until she found out the door was unlocked. So as any normal or not so normal person would have done, she let herself right on in. Hey, it was his fault for leaving it unlock.

Now here she staring at him fast asleep, but she needed him to be awake not sleep.

Rose had heard from Angeal that is was very difficult to wake the red-head and when he was awaken he was very cranky. She did not really want to deal with a cranky Genesis do to the fact that it would probably end with the apartment on fire.

"Genesisssss wake up," Rose whined shaking him back and forth on the couch. She was awarded with a grunt and a swat of his hand.

"Ek," she said moving away to avoid being hit upside the head. She shook her head and frowned but something else caught her eye. Loveless. Rose's frown turned into an evil grin as she walked over to a little stand it was sitting on. She opened it up and began to read it out loud in a very dramatic and crazy voice.

"When the war of the beasts brings about the world's end. The goddess descends from the sky. Wings of light and dark spread af-." Rose stopped reading all of a sudden when she heard a voice that was not hers come in.

"She guides us to bliss, her gift everlasting." Genesis voice came out as a mummer but Rose caught it.

"Wow he can even recite it in his sleep, Angeal was not kidding when he said that." "Rose? Is that you?" "Erm," she turned around and found Genesis sitting up rubbing his eyes. "I thought I heard another voice around, I was wondering who was here."

Rose stared at Genesis with a confused looked and frowned, "Genesis! Your front door was unlocked do you not know how to to lock it! Anybody could have come in." Genesis gave Rose a strange look and then smirked at her before getting up and walking up to her.

She was still pouting as she sat Loveless back down on the stand, and turned back to face Genesis who was already in her face.

"AH MAKE SOME NOISE WHEN YOU WALK," she squeaked almost falling back. "Am I that quiet?" Genesis inquired with a playful smirk gracing his face. Rose nodded and folded her arm, "I can not remember why the crap I need to talk to you anyways! Me and my bad memory." Genesis patted her, " well since you are already here why not try to remember what you came here for."

Rose stared at him with a blank expression, " hmm well I really don't think it was important if I can't remember it."

"Well we can talk until you remember why you came. Sounds like a plan?" He asked her.

"I'm not doing anything so why not!" She nodded and went over to the couch that he had been fast asleep on and sat down crossing one leg over the other. "Um Genesis do you have a long lost twin?"

"Huh? A twin..no I'm the only child," he looked at her with a puzzled expression, " why did you see somebody that looks like me?" She nodded hastily and pointed at his TV.

"I was watching TV earlier on when this commercial came on and this singer[1] was advertising a album or something and he looked just like you. He had the same voice the same hair and creepily enough I think he had the same jacket..." Genesis smiled and started laughing, " wow I did not know I was that famous~." Rose giggled and nodded, " I think you are very famous if I say so myself." He sat down next to Rose and patted her, " your making my ego big Rose." "Ha should I stop," she said looking at him. "Nah I enjoy it very much."

"Well don't mention it." Genesis looked at her and laughed, " you're right I guess I won't say anything." Rose sighed and looked at Genesis curiously. A moment passed and he touched his face. "Is there something on my face dear?" He asked patting his face and looking around.

"Huh! Oh no I was just staring off into space your face is just fine." He nodded accepting her answer he was about to ask her something when Rose suddenly hug him. He jumped slightly and laid his hand on the top of her head, " is there something wrong?"

She shook her head and buried her head a little deeper into his chest. "I'm fine just thinking about the first time we met each other."

"The first time huh? Well if I remember correctly I was still a second class SOLDIER." "Ah you right I remember that day now!" She said popping her head back up. "Seph and me were grading you guys on something and you tried flirting with me," Rose giggled.

"I did didn't I," he chuckled softly, " your right that did happen." "Mhm it was really cute, but Seph didn't find any humor in it."

"He made me run laps until my legs felt like jelly," Genesis said with a distasteful expression. "Ouch sorry about that Gen," Rose apologized. "Please it was not your fault so don't worry about it," he replied. Rose blinked softly and a blush came on her face, "hey Genesis when you were flirting with me those years ago did you really mean it?"

"Hmm, well now that I think about it, I did mean all those things. Why is there something wrong?"

Rose grinned and kissed him softly. Genesis expression turned into to shock but he slowly relaxed into it and began to kiss her back. He wrapped his arm around her waist and deepened the kiss. They remained in that position for a moment until Rose pulled back softly.

"Well then that was..exciting if I must say," Genesis said blinking. Rose laughed and gave him another quick kiss. "I agree it was exciting! Oh and I finally remembered what I was going to ask you!"

"Huh, so a kiss brought back your memory huh?" "I guess so, but I came to ask you if you wanted to go out with me!"

Genesis jaw dropped, he never thought Rose was such a bold girl...he liked it. "I-I..sure I would love to." She smiled, " you sure? You look a little pale are you feeling alright, you don't have a fever do you?" She asked touching his fore head cheacking for a temperature.

He shook his head, " no I'm fine just a little shock if that's the right word for it." She shrugged and got up and went over to the door. "Well Genesis, it was great having this talk we should do it more often alright~" "Of course I do enjoy it. Maybe on a date huh?" "Sure," she opened the door and walked out, " bye Genesis." The door closed and Genesis was left alone to his thoughts. "Well I feel kind of light now.."

"Maybe because you finally got what you wanted." "AHHHHH ANGEAL MAKE SOME NOISE," Genesis yelped almost jumping out of his skin.

"Nah it's fun to scare you, you have a variety of facial expression." Angeal chuckled and patted Genesis on his pat. "Oh and Genesis you do realize that now since your dating Rose, Seph is going to be at your throat all the time, right."

Genesis shrugged and gave a little smirk, " I don't mind dealing with him I have Rose with me so I can handle him."

[ 1 ] If you guys don't know who I'm talking about it's GACKT :D

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