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Last time:

Donna and Martha looked at each other, knowing what question the two of them would ask the Doctor then Rose. It was getting them to tell the truth which would be hard.

Chapter four:

"Right shall we begin then?" Mickey asked.

"OK, who wants to go first?" Donna asked.

"I'll go." The Doctor offered.

"OK then Doctor, go ahead. Who's your question for?" Jack said.

"My question is for you Jack." The Doctor said.

"Oh God help me." Jack groaned, putting his head in his hands.

"Do you always play games like this in your spear time? Or does it just happen to be when you get visitors round for the day?" The Doctor asked him.

"Phew, for a moment there I thought you were going to ask me something that has an embarrassing answer then."

"Jack," the Doctor said.

"OK, yes I do, but only when we have time. I do work you know." Jack finally answered.

"Work? You?" Rose said, trying not to laugh. Jack just gave her a look, which then made her burst out with laughter.

"Rose, stop that. It's not that funny." The Doctor said, also trying not to laugh.

"Anyway, I've got a question." Jack said, ignoring the Doctor and Rose.

"Go on Jack." Martha said.

"Right well, my question is for you Martha." Martha smiled. "Have you ever loved someone you know won't or can't love you back, because they're already in love?" Jack asked, glancing over at the Doctor and Rose, who were still smiling after the Doctor's question.

"Yes I have, but I don't want to say who it was." Martha replied.

"Fair enough." Jack said.

"Right I've got one." Rose said. "My one is for Donna and Mickey. Have either of you ever found someone annoying, because they keep going on about someone?" She asked. Mickey and Donna both nodded.

"If you don't mind me asking, who was it? And do you still find them annoying?" Rose asked them.

"Well, when you went travelling with the Doctor, you did get quite annoying because you kept going on about him, but now I know him and he's a nice bloke." Mickey told her.

"He is still here you know." The Doctor interrupted.

Mickey ignored him and carried on. "So yeah, you were quite annoying then. Not anymore though."

"OK. What about you Donna?" Rose asked her.

"Well, before the whole thing with Davros and the Daleks. I found the Doctor quite annoying. One, because he doesn't shut up and talks a lot of nonsense# most of the time, but also because he went on about you, quite a lot and that did get quite annoying. However, he was heartbroken I give him that. This may embarrassing him a lot, but sometimes I could hear him crying in his room, it wasn't very nice. I ask him what's wrong and he just says 'I'm fine, nothing to worry about', and I think I'll stop there because he is starting to freak me out with the stare he's giving me." Donna said looking form Rose to the Doctor.

Rose sat there quietly, her head lowered as if she was thinking about something. The Doctor noticed this and moved closer to her.

"You all right?" He asked wrapping his arm around her.

"Yeah I'm all right. How come you always talked about me?" Rose asked, looking up at him.

"Because you're special to me and I was heartbroken when you were torn away from me." The Doctor replied. Rose smiled, he smiled back.

"Anyway moving on. Mickey have you ever done something stupid trying to save the world?" Jack asked.

"What kind of question is that? But yes I've have done. I once tried to jump over something, but it didn't work out, when I landed my foot, got stuck in a bucket. Thankfully you, the Doctor or Rose were not there; otherwise I would never live it down." Mickey replied.

"Thank you for that Mickey. I've been meaning to find something that I can laugh about." Jack said with a cheeky grin.

"Jack you wouldn't!" Mickey cried, horrified. "Anyway I've got one for you Jack."

"Oh boy, here we go."

"Have you ever kissed the Doctor?" Mickey asked him, Jack went bright red.

"Yes, but it was 5 years ago and we were trying to defeat a load of Daleks at the time. And I thought was going to die. So it was a kiss goodbye. Sort of." Jack told them, Mickey raised his eyebrows, as did Donna and Martha. "If it helps, I also kissed Rose. OK let's move on please."

"Fine." Mickey sighed.

"Right, Martha and I have left our questions until last for a purpose." Donna said.

"Yep, we thought this would be a good note to end on." Martha said with a smile.

"Get on with it." The Doctor told them.

"OK, so my question is for Rose." Martha said.

"OK." Rose said.

"Right. We all know the answer, well maybe not the Doctor, but still. Do you, and don't try to change the subject, love the Doctor?" Martha asked her.

Rose lowered her head. "Yes." She replied, her answer barely audible.

The Doctor looked at her. He couldn't believe what he had just heard. Rose loved him. He had a feeling that Donna was about to ask the same question to him, about Rose. He wasn't wrong.

"Right. Mine is for the Doctor. And don't try to change the subject, this time." Donna told him. The Doctor looked down, knowing what he was about to be asked.

"Doctor, do you love Rose?" She asked him finally.

He took his time to answer never looking up. He could feel everyone's eyes upon him. Finally he answered:

"Yes, yes I do." He looked at Rose, who stared at him in shock. He took her hands in his. "I really do, with both my hearts." He smiled at her, she smiled back.

He let go of her hands and cupped her face, bringing his lips down to meet hers. Rose was stunned for a moment, but she relaxed and began to kiss him back. After what seemed like ages, they pulled apart. Donna, Martha, Jack and Mickey smiled at the two of them.

The Doctor rested his forehead against Rose's and smiled. "I love you, more than you know." He told her.

"I love you too Doctor, more than you will ever know." He laughed slightly, before bringing his lips down to hers once more. In a kiss full of passion and love. They were so deep in thought, that they didn't notice that everyone else had left the room.

And for a short time, the universe was a quiet place for the Time Lord and his Human lover. Nothing would ever tear the two of them apart again.

The End

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