Chapter 1 – Yes Yes He Is

'God damn it she's getting on my last nerve. Her cackling laugh just hurts my fuckin ears.'

'Paul quit bitching and cover the left. We can't let her get away again.' Sam growled

'Sam she's getting away. We're never going to catch her.' Leah groaned.

'Leah! Move your fluffy ass.' Embry snarled from behind her as he started snapping at the heels of her feet.

The guys all chuckled out coughs as they heard Leah squeal like the true girl she was, 'Damn it Embry!'

They all skidded to a stop and watched panting and trying to catch their breath as Victoria yet again jumped from the Quileute lands back into Forks over the ravine. They stood as all their wolf eyes watched as the Cullen's took over on their side of the border.

Leah grunted, 'Wow like I didn't see that coming. Where the hell is Jake and Quil?'

'Jake should be here soon and Quil's cousin from Fork's is coming to see him...He probably won't be able to join us since she doesn't know about the pack.' Sam mumbled as he sighed heavily as he shook out his thick black fur.

'Someone waiting for the life of the party to show up before we actually kill the vampire?' Jake's cocky voice filled their heads as he trotted up and into the pack.

'Bout time you showed up slacker.' Embry huffed out as he plopped to the ground still trying to catch his breath.

'How long has the cat and mouse game been going on anyway?' Jake asked suddenly serious about the situation with Victoria. He was getting tired of the red head coming on their land thinking she could go after HIS Bella.

Paul let out a snarky chuckle, 'She isn't your Bella Jake. She's Edwards.'

A ferocious growling snarl went through Jake's chest as Sam stepped between the two of them, 'Will you two knock it off. Paul stop trying to get under Jake's fur and Jake stop letting Paul antagonize you.'

'How far are we from the main road to Forks?' When no one answered Jake's question he growled, 'I'm serious you guys. Can you smell that?' Everyone in the pack had their snouts in the air.

Sam looked at Jake, 'What are you smelling Jake?'

'A smoking car.'

The pack watched as Jake took off towards the smell, cursing under their breath they knew they had to follow too.

Indigo eyes scowled at the smoking vehicle in front of her. "Damn it! Sure Julie c'mon down to La Push and visit your cousin and grandpa and while you're at it; BLOW YOUR DAMN CAR UP!" Julie Ateara growled. "Piece of shit!" She kicked at the tire as she popped the hood on the car and more smoke poured from the engine.

"You look lost." It wasn't a question...It was a statement.

Julie looked up from the car and about Forty feet from her was a curly redheaded woman who had pale skin and looked like a flawless beauty. Her voice was nice and soft and she seemed so inviting. Julie loosened her posture as she unfolded her arms from in front of her chest, "Lost? No. Completely pissed off because my car sucks; yes."

Julie was suddenly aware that the red head was alone and there wasn't another car around for miles. "How about you; are you lost?" Julie questioned as she tried to remain calm.

The redhead laughed a deep laugh from the back of her throat, "No of course I'm not lost. I was just out for a run through the woods; saw you had stopped on the side of the road and figured I'd stop and see if you was lost or had car trouble." She could smell the wet mutt on her. It was definitely someone from the little insufficient La Push pack, but not someone who was joining in her chase that night.

Julie scanned the girl up and down; she was in jean stretch pants, black sneakers, some kind of white shirt that looked more dressy then casual for running and a jacket. Who the hell runs with a jacket on? And did she really have red eyes or was Julie so tired from packing the whole day that her eyes were messing with her? Oh no she really had red eyes.

Julie felt her heart started to shutter in her chest, "Oh okay. I'm sure it's nothing serious; it does this at least once a month. Apparently tonight was just the night. I just need to let the engine cool down and it should be fine. I don't want to keep you any longer, but thanks for stopping."

Victoria smirked as she suddenly caught a whiff of wet mutt she had to contemplate. Did she want to go after a wolf's family member or did she want to wait it out and go after Bella. Bella was more important, after all it was her mate Edward who had taken James from her. Of course it would be double the fun to go after both of them.

"Victoria! Their coming; we need to get out of here!" A guy walked out of the tree line on the other side of the road.

The redhead looked over, "Riley! Get back into the trees." The guy she called by name held out his hand, as the redhead walked over and took his hand, she spared a smirk towards the girl who smelled like a wet mutt, "See you around." With a giggle and another smirk she disappeared into the trees.

Julie exhaled the shaky breath she was holding as she slid down the side of her car as she tucked her knees into her chest and was trying to keep her whits about her.

The pack skidded to a halt just inside the trees when they saw a Toyota Corolla sitting on the side of the road as smoke poured out of the engine and a paleface with tan skin? She smelled like Quil and the pack couldn't understand, since they knew his imprint was Emily's two year old cousin Claire. She was talking with Victoria. She clearly had no clue what she was up against.

Jake grumbled, 'She's got to be Quil's cousin. I'm going to phase and try to help get her going. I'll distract her and you guys can get across the road. The Cullen's already gave us permission to cross onto their land.'

Jake jogged behind a tree and re-phased as he pulled his shorts on and sneakers. He jogged up the ravine and onto the blacktop, as he found the girl resting against her car, "Hey are you ok?" Jake watched as the girl jumped nearly out of her skin and started to scoot away from him; Jake squatted down and gently grabbed her arm, "Hey it's okay. I'm not going to hurt you."

He watched in amazement as the weirdest shade of blue eyes peered up at him through dark honey blonde hair. Suddenly his eyes locked with her and he felt like his body was spiraling out of control and come crashing to the earth. Jake gripped the side of the car as he heard her gasp out loud.

Julie bit her bottom lip as she stood up, he looked as if he was really lost or about to lose it, and she stepped closer to him and touched his forearm. He had the most beautiful red pouty lips they were just begging to be touched or kissed or whatever they were definitely begging for something. "Are you ok?"

Jake couldn't believe it. He just imprinted on a total stranger. More than likely she was Quil's cousin and when he felt her small hand on his forearm his body tensed up and his breath caught in his throat. Jake's brown eyes slowly fell on the blue eyed honey blonde in front of him, "I'm sorry what did you say?"

Jake nearly came unhinged when she stifled a giggle and her soft voice spoke to him, "I'm not sure you look like you just had a mini earthquake in your body…Are you prone to seizures?"



"Not that I know of no."

"Maybe it was a mini stroke or something; does either of your arms feel numb?"

"Sort of but I think it's for an entirely different reason. And I don't think it has anything to do with something being medically wrong with me."

Julie nodded. "Okay, I guess everyone has to have a moment of their own. So now that we got your medical condition out of the way. What are you doing out in the middle of nowhere half naked?"

Jake couldn't stop the smirk as it played across his red lips when he noticed her blue eyes trail up and down his body when she said the words 'half naked' and a blush crept into her cheeks. "I was out for a jog and saw your car smoking. I'm a fairly good mechanic so I figured I'd see if there was anything I could help."

"Out for a jog? That seems to be a popular thing to do tonight. Well Mr. Mechanic, my car over heated and started smoking. I thought I had it down to two packs a day, but apparently I was wrong. The road to La Push seems to be full of funky little people."

Jake couldn't stop the chuckle as it left his lips. "Yea well welcome to La Push. C'mon let's see what going on under your hood." Jake walked around her but his eyes scraped down every curve of her body as he walked around and to the front of her car where the hood was already up.

Jake made a face after looking under the hood. "When's the last time this car had a descent tune up?" Jake questioned.

Julie cringed. "A descent tune up? Probably the night before it was let out of the assembly line and placed on the dealership floor. I try to do what I can, but there really isn't very many descent mechanics in Forks. Actually, truth be told there are none."

"How long will you be in La Push?"

Julie smiled softly, "Well considering I'm going to be staying with my cousin and grandpa now until I graduate. I'll be here for a while."

"You're cousin wouldn't happen to be Quil Ateara would it?" Her smile was so bright and it played with his heart, he watched as her hands came up and slid into her front jean pockets.

"Yea. I'm Julie Ateara." Jake rolled his lips as he smiled, "Quil's actually been one of my best friends for a long time." Julie chewed her bottom lip. "You wouldn't by any chance be Jake or Embry, would you?" Julie asked hopeful.

Jake chuckled, "Yea. I'm Jacob Black. Uh Jake, should I even ask know how you know who I am?"

Julie laughed. "Yea, My mom died in the car accident with his parents and since then Quil and I got closer, we talk all the time. He tells me all about you and Embry. I've heard so many stories about the three of you; I have laughed myself to tears many nights."

Jake chuckled, "Lord…Okay look the engine stopped smoking, go ahead and get to Quil's and I'll call him and set up a time to come over and give the car a tune up."

Julie's eyes widened. "Really? Wow. Thanks Jake."

Jake closed the hood as he walked her over to the driver side and opened the door and watched as she gracefully sat down behind the wheel. Jake smiled, "No problem really. I'll be in touch sometime this weekend." He watched as she nodded and started the vehicle and drove off; the smirk never leaving his lips.

Suddenly he felt an elbow resting on his shoulder as he looked to his right and saw Paul grinning, "Have a little imprinting issue there Jake?"

Jake then looked to the left and saw Embry laughing, "Quil is going to kill you."

Jake laughed, "Yes…Yes he is."