Do Or Die

Chapter One

(This takes place a week after Elena kills Elijah)

Elena stood frozen at the top of the stairs leading to the basement in Stefan's house, Stefan and Damon had left her there while they went hunting for some rogue vampires, not knowing they would come and attack before Caroline was suppose to arrive to protect and watch over Elena. She knew that her only chance of survival was waiting below in the same cell that she and Damon had locked Stefan when he had been crazy on blood lust; the same cell that Elijah's dead corpse resided in.

She propelled into motion when she heard yet another crash coming from the other end of the house, they were searching for her, racing down the stairs she twisted through the underground corridors till she finally reached the cell, she took a unsteady breath as she unlocked the door and without hesitation slipped inside closing it behind her.

She turned around and immediately came upon Elijah's lifeless body stiff and still on the dirt ground in the middle of the room. Fear coursing through her body, she threw herself to her knees on the ground in front of him and bent over to grasp the knife embedded in his chest. The noises of destruction and violence were closing in.

"Please forgive me"; she whispered not to Elijah but Stefan and Damon who were sure to be angry with her.

She heaved the blade out with enough force it threw her back from his body leaving her sprawled on the floor. Breathing heavily she watched…waiting…hoping that his revival was swift. She watched as colour turned his skin from dark deadly grey to an unhealthy pale. Sighing inwardly when his eyes opened and he sat up as if he'd just been taking a nap. He was immediately alert and turned his angry gaze on her, "That was a mistake" he growled low in his throat as if he'd been dead a day not a week.

Before Elena could explain the door was thrown open and two vampires entered the room, Elena gasped loudly looking back at them while shuffling a little more back towards Elijah who watched the men amused.

The vampires did not seem to recognise the threat that Elijah was and smirked evilly, "Give us the girl and we won't have to kill you," one of them said.

Elijah stood up slowly brushing dirt off his suit casually, "I'm afraid I can't do that," he stated bemused as he felt Elena close behind him hiding. "The girl is for Klaus"

The vampires eyes showed recognition of the name, "That's who we were going to take her to" the said.

Elena shook her head at Elijah forgetting he couldn't see her, "They're lying" she cried to him, "They want to kill me"

The vampires snarled at her words, "She's confused, we wouldn't kill her knowing how important she is"

Elijah raised his hand for silence, "Well I have her now, and I will take over your task" he murmured.

"And who are you?" One of the vampires demanded.

Elijah smirked, "Elijah" he laughed silently at their twin expressions.

The cockier vampire of the two huffed, "It's well known that Klaus disowned you" he snarled, "If I called him now I'm sure he'd tell you the exact same thing" he said holding up his cell phone.

Before he could dial he was dead. His friend died within seconds of his body dropping to the ground.

Elena just stood there shocked, it was the second time she had seen Elijah kill two vampires in mere seconds. What had she done? If he were angry enough he would kill Damon and Stefan just like he did these vampires. Before she had time to ponder the implications Elijah was standing in front of her with his cold stare set on her.

Authors Note

I know this chapter was short but its more of a entry into my story to see if people find it interesting enough, will be writing more (longer) chapters in the next few days.