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"Your blowing me off again?" asked the aggravated teen his red locks bouncing slightly as he thrust his head up to look at the taken aback raven haired teen's guilty face.

"Calm down, dude, it's not like we were going to do anything special," He stuttered not making eye contact with the other teen's blazing emerald eyes. At these words Kyle Broflovski had reached his peak with putting up with Stan Marsh's constant ditching.

"Look, that's not the FUCKING point! The point is that your putting your girlfriend above your best friend!" Kyle shouted growing red from his blood pressure rising. The sharpness in Kyle's voice verbally slapped Stan. Leaving him speechless. "I..I'm sorry...dude," Stan stammered weakly, still not giving Kyle eye contact.

Kyle breathed in deep holding it for a few seconds before he breathed out using his hands to mentally push away his anger, this had become a habit for him since Stan had started properly dating Wendy. This kind of situation wan't unusual for the two boys.

"Ok, I've put up with this for long enough. Don't arrange things with me until that bitch is out the picture." At this Stan looked Kyle right in the eyes taking in the frustration that Kyle's eyes were screaming at full blow. Stan's worried brow shifted to a position of anger.

"Dude, that was not called for, it's not my fault your so jealous of her!" He took a step towards the slightly smaller boy as his expression softened and looked saddened. Kyle looked down at the ground feeling a pang in his chest and tears prick his eyes. He turned around and while giving Stan the finger walked away saying, "Just you wait Marsh, you'll come crawling back once she's had enough of you." With that the two boys parted in regret and grief.

Kyle walked to the direction of his home in a depth of thought re living his argument with Stan and considering if what he had said and done was necessary. Was it his fault? Was he being too clingy to Stan? Or was Stan right and he was just jealous? Kyle sighed mentally shaking the thoughts from his head as he tried to focus on the route home.

Before he was able to reach his home he saw two familiar figures not too far away making their way towards him. It was Kenny McCormick and Eric Cartman. Kyle's expression dropped slightly at the thought of having to put up with Cartman for even a few mere seconds. By the sounds of the figures nearing him he could tell that Cartman was bitching about Kenny being poor once again, as Kenny just looked away brow furrowed deep into his eyes as he clenched and unclenched his fists to stop himself attacking the overweight boy.

"Ay, look Kenneh it's the jew." He heard Cartman's illiterate voice directed to him. Jesus Christ just had to do this now.

"Hey Jew, were's your butt buddy Stan?" He sneered. Kyle's heart fell to the pit of his stomach despite the insult Cartman had thrown at him the reminder that Stan wasn't there was saddening.

"He blew me of again..." Kyle Murmured. Cartman didn't expect him to just let him insult him like that so didn't know what to say.

"Hey, don't worry dude, Stan's just thinking with his dick." Kenny snickered putting a hand on Kyle's shoulder. Kenny had stopped wearing his hood up all the time but still had the orange parka with him almost all the time. Kyle just stiffled a sigh at Kenny's remark.

"Yeah, guess your right."

"Come on dude don't be faggy about it," Cartman snorted not really showing any interest any more. Kenny removed his hand from Kyle's shoulder and thought for a moment. During this moment everything went silent and awkward.

An idea hit Kenny so he went through with it. He linked his arm around Kyle's arm and then around Cartman's. With the three of them linked he attempted a skip down the street towards Cartman's house with both Kyle and Cartman pulling back giving him a confused expression.

"Dude, what are you doing?" Kyle asked raising an eye brow. Kenny turned to look at Kyle's confused green eyes and snickered.

"We're going to show you, you can have fun without Stan." With that statement he turned back around and started skipping again.

"Ok, but please stop skipping you'll make us look faggy," Cartman grumbled pulling his arm away from Kenny, leaving him and Kyle still linked.

Kenny looked at Kyle with a gleam in his Blue eyes.

"Betcha Kyle doesn't mind looking faggy." He grinned widely and laced his fingers with Kyle's. Kyle's expression changed dramatically, he yanked away from Kenny and looked at him with a little bit of disgust. Cartman broke down laughing which Kenny soon joined in on.

"Kahl, your reaction was just to much! D'ya really think Kenny would go for a scrawny jew like yourself?" Cartman burst out between laughs as Kyle just held his hand in his palm, shaking his head. The laughing teens dyed down before stopping completely. Kyle kept his head in his hands ignoring them as best as he could. "Oh, come on Kyle I was just fooling." Kenny said patting Kyle on the back bringing him back to earth.

"Jesus Kenny, don't do that again, scared the shit out of me!" Kyle groaned. "Well if it's arousing you that much I may try it again Kenny leaned down by Kyle's ear grinning devilishly before whispering.

"May bring you out, if you know what I mean." Kenny winked before joining Cartman with a few snorts of laughter as their new play toy frowned at them.

"Dudes, I'm pretty Damn sure that I'm straight."

"Like that's going to stop me." Kenny snickered.

When they arrived at Cartman's house Cartman and Kenny were in front whispering and snickering and occasionally glancing back at Kyle who just ignored them as best he could. At Cartman's door. Cartman turned towards Kenny and Kyle, stopped them and spoke diligently.

"Since we're in my house you follow my rules. 1. No Jews, so Kyle no Jewish talk or kosher crap. 2. I get what I want and 3. Keep things clean. So Kenny no touching anything and getting your poor germs on anything. Kyle you too, don't want no Jew germs everywhere."

Kenny and Kyle just nodded simultaneously, they were used to the rules of Cartman's house by now especially Kenny once Stan and Kyle went of on their own more, so all Kenny had was Cartman. Kyle felt a pang of guilt as he relised how selfish he and Stan had been back then. They went into Cartman's house and Cartman led them to his room were he had a Nazi flag pinned to the door.

"K, bitches what ya wanna do?" Cartman asked dumping his school bag into a corner and plopping himself on his bed. Kenny chucked his bag down and just pulled the seat from Cartman's desk to sit on. Which left Kyle just standing there looking very awkward.

"Kahl, just dump your bag somewhere and sit," Cartman grinned, sparing a glance at Kenny who was matching Cartman's grin. Kyle dropped his bag were he stood and went to sit on the floor, but before he could do so Kenny made a suggestion.

"Why don't you come sit on my lap Kyyy?" he sang out Kyle's name and patted his lap. These guys are pulling my leg. The answer they got was a raised eyebrow from Kyle and a slump to the ground as he sat.

"Geez, Ky don't bring the frost in here." Kenny drawled on trying to look hurt. Kyle ignored him and instead pulled himself into a ball on the ground with his back to the other two. The teens being ignored shared a glance both with different expressions. Kenny looked a little worried whilst Cartman was just enjoying the pain that Kyle was in. Kenny narrowed his gaze at Cartman's before kneeling before Kyle. Kyle didn't even glance up as Kenny tried to make eye contact. He reached out and put a hand on Kyle's shoulder in an attempt to cheer him up.

"Come on dude, it can't have been that bad." Kyle's eyes were misty threatened with tears as he looked up into Kenny's reassuring eyes. Kenny gave a small smile and leaned back so he was leaning against Cartman's wardrobe.

"Oh and rule 4. is NO FAGS!" Cartman inserted. Earning a glare from Kenny.

"Dude, don't you even care that Kyle's upset?"

"No fucking way! Seeing Kahl hurt is like a wet dream."

"But aren't you even curious to why he's so upset?"

"Look here's how we sort it." Cartman came of his seat on his bead and sat down by Kenny and Kyle. "Kaaahl. Why. Are. You. Sad?" Cartman punctuated each word as though Kyle was stupid. Kyle looked up all tears gone all mistiness cleared, all traces of sadness were replaced with emotions of anger and frustration, making his bright green eyes seem to glow red.

"Stan's all ways around that bitch! He'll tell me he's going to hang out with me and just at the last second he'll blow me of for HER. Aren't we supposed to but friends before chicks?" Kyle exploded on them emphasizing his point across to them. The force in Kyle's voice was enough to bring both Kenny and Cartman back to full reality and cringe at the hatred in his voice.

"Whoa, whoa, dude, calm down." Kenny said waving his hands down to indicate the calming down. Kyle's gaze turned towards Kenny.

"How can I? I lost my BEST friend in a fight that wasn't even worth having!" Kyle choked the last few words as tears threatened his eyes once more.

"Ay, don't get your knickers in a twist, your sounding like a chick yourself." Cartman teased. Kenny half expected Kyle to start shouting again but he didn't.

"Your right, sorry dude." Kyle sighed.

"So let's stop with all this sappy stuff and do play some Xbox or something." Cartman got up along with Kenny. Kenny held his hand out to Kyle to help him up. Kyle took the offer and went to the living room with the others, trying to push all thoughts of Stan away. He had other friends who could be good ones when looked at in a certain way.

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