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Kyle held on tightly as the ambulance drove speedily towards the hospital. The sirens sounded loud and confused his senses so he was not aware of the doctor asking him questions.

"Hey, son you conscious there?" The doctor nudged him bringing Kyle into a more focused state.

"What?" Kyle blurted pulling his thoughts back together.

"What happened?" The doctor was rummaging around with oxygen masks and wound cleaner.

"He was drunk and jumped of the top of a table." Kyle flatly stated not keeping eye contact with the doctor.

"Kids these days," He simply replied returning to his work.


In the hospital Cartman was rushed to the A&E room whilst Kyle and Kenny were left in the waiting room. They took seats on the not so comfy chairs. Both boys stayed silent looking down at their feet in thought. Kyle was silently blushing feeling the heat from Kenny's body waver over him. God dammit this is getting annoying.

"I didn't see this coming..." Kenny sighed slumping his figure further into the chair.

"I did say this wasn't a good idea." Kyle glanced towards Kenny feeling the heat in his cheeks rise again. How long till I'm sober...

"How did you not see it coming if you guys are best friends?" Kyle asked. Kenny's eyes wandered a bit before he smiled lightly and replied.

"Me and Cartman aren't really best friends it's more we have to be than we became... It's complicated."

"It... It's taken me a long time to realise this, but me and Stan really outcast you two when we were kids. So much that eventually there was little communication between the two groups." Kyle awaited Kenny's response hoping it to be a better response than what he feared. What felt like hours passed and still Kenny hadn't answered. Kyle gave up on any response and joined him in the silence. I really screwed this up... Just had to point that out didn't I. Kenny and Cartman have been friendly towards me in my time of need. I should have just accepted it.

"You know..." Kenny's cracked voice broke the silence.

"I really felt like you and Stan were my best friends... And when you two started outcasting us more and more it made me feel shit." Pangs of guilt shot through Kyle as Kenny talked.

"You may not have noticed this but even though I died most days I felt close to you. Can you imagine being ignored and put down by your two best friends leaving you with a racist sexist and homophobic asshole. I've grown to like Cartman over the years but he can still be pretty annoying." Kenny's blue eyes never left the floor, he let no emotion pass them. Kyle's insides were flipping around making him feel queasy.

"I never meant to make you feel like that..." Kyle muttered feeling tension forming between them. This isn't what I want...

"I know, these recent moments that you've been spending with me really mean a lot. Not to seem mean but I'm glad you and Stan had that fight. It's let you hang around more people." Kenny smiled gently in Kyle's direction.

"I'm still upset that I've fought with Stan, but I know your right. To be honest I'm glad too." Kyle returned the smile. The mood around the teens brightened as they just shared the moment in smile. This is better feeling happy. I like being with Kenny he's comfortable to be around.

Kyle's thoughts were interrupted suddenly as he felt Kenny's lips press against his own. Butterflies exploded in his stomach and his mind whirred. He automatically pulled back in shock, confusion exploded through his mind as the event sank in. A tingling started in his stomach making him feel almost giggly. But he was sure his face showed only confusion as Kenny's face was also confused as though he didn't know what he had just done.

"I- I'm... sorry.. I.." Kenny stuttered glancing everywhere but at Kyle. Before he went on a nurse approached them.

"Are you here with Eric Cartman?" She asked. Both boys seemed relieved to escape the topic.

"Yeah," Kenny replied.

"We're happy to say that he's most defiantly going to live, but his head injury is still quiet severe so we're going to keep him in overnight. We've tried all we could to contact his mother but have had no luck, could you boys try to reach her and tell her to come here to sign some papers."

"Sure," Kyle said. With that the nurse nodded a thank you and walked back down the corridor.

"Um, we should go find Ms. Cartman." Kyle said bluntly getting up and heading for the door. Maybe if I just leave it, it'll sort itself out.


Kyle lay on his bed still fully clothed staring at the ceiling in deep thought. Kenny actually kissed me... Does this make me gay? I'm defiantly sober by now and I still feel that tingling in my stomach when I remember it. It was a good feeling I liked it but.. I wasn't expecting it. Jesus Christ I'm a homo! He rolled to his eyes letting his eyes droop slightly. I've never been attracted to a guy before and I'm pretty sure I liked girls before.. But Kenny.. He looked so pretty.. And no kiss has ever felt as good as that, and it wasn't even a proper kiss. Still, what am I to do? I can't talk to him about it, it'll be awkward for sure and ignoring it might be a bad option too. What else can I do? His eyes became heavier and heavier before he finally dropped of to sleep with thoughts of confusion and slight lust.


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