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Also, in the story, I've put these pairings together. Brock-Solidad; May-Drew; Dawn-Kenny; Gary-Misty; Max-Crystal (In the episode Putting the Air Back Into Aerodactyl, we met a little girl Gary knew and her name is Crystal so I'm just using her in this, alrighty? XD )

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The Answer-chapter two

Ash stared wide-eyed at the ring with his mouth hanging open. After a minute of Ash not responding, Paul got worried. "Ash?" He asked uncertainly. That's when the trainer suddenly turned around in the embrace and squeezed Paul.

"YES!" He screamed. "Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!" Ash exclaimed rubbing his face into Paul's chest. Said mauve haired trainer sighed in relief. He thought he made a mistake there for a second. Paul then had to chuckle at how Ash was clinging to him.

"You know if you squeeze me too hard you won't get that chance to marry me." Paul teased. Ash looked up at him smiling with tears in his eyes while Paul sat up, making Ash sit in his lap. Paul then took Ash's hand, took the ring out of the box, and slipped it on his finger. Ash looked down at it, emotions dancing through his eyes. It looked like a silver band with six small diamonds embedded in it, along with one larger sapphire in the middle. "It's white gold." Paul told him. Amber eyes met amethyst. "I know you like silver better than gold so I thought you'd like this."

Ash smiled at him. "I love it." Ash assured him. "And I love you."

Paul grinned at him right back. "I love you, too." Paul then leaned forward to place a kiss on the raven's lips.

When the kiss broke, Ash snuggled up against the mauve haired trainer. "I can't believe you actually asked me."

"Oh? And why's that? Five years is a long time, Ash."

"I just thought, you know, you wouldn't wanna be settled down yet, you only being nineteen and all." Ash told him.

"I'll be twenty by the time we get married, and you'll be twenty-two. So yea, we'll be young but I know that you are the only thing I need in my life so I just figured, why wait?"

"How do you know you'll be twenty and I'll be twenty-two?" Ash asked.

"I believe you said you wanted a fall wedding. By the time fall hits, we'll both have our birthdays."

Ash blinked. "Valid point." Paul chuckled. Ash looked up at him and grinned.

Paul arched his eyebrow. "What?"

"We're engaged."

Paul smiled and ran his fingers through Ash's hair. He was so glad he convinced Ash to stop wearing those hats and grow his hair out a little longer. "Yea, we are."

Ash snuggled as close as he could to his now fiancé. "I never knew I could be so happy." Ash told him.

"Neither did I." Paul replied. Ash then kissed him. Paul swore his life was perfect. He never wanted anything else in his life.

Realization then suddenly dawned on Ash. "Oh my gosh! We have to get started on planning our wedding!" Ash exclaimed. Paul arched an eyebrow at the other male. "We have to plan our theme, the colors…oh! And we have to decide where and when it'll take place!"

"Ash, babe, calm down." Paul said with a chuckle. "We've got time."

"Says you." Ash told him. "I have a pretty good idea I'll be planning most of the wedding."

"I thought you already had stuff planned from years ago…"

"Well some stuff…I decided wasn't going to choose a theme or colors until the proposal actually happened just in case I changed my preference, but I had decided on the flowers."

Paul's eyes narrowed. "Yes, Carnations are better than roses. I've heard it about a million times since we got together." Ash giggled. It was most definitely true…Ash told Paul that on several occasions.

"I just wanted to make sure you knew carnations are my favorite flower."

"Yea, I-I gathered that..." Paul replied. Ash smiled brightly at him. Something else then clicked in Ash's head. Paul noticed. "What? What's wrong?"

"I, well, nothing's wrong, it's just…my mom is so gonna wanna hear about this right away. And all my friends!" Ash exclaimed. He then quickly jumped up. "I've gotta tell them!" He cried excitedly. Paul chuckled and stood up as well.

"Well your mother already knows." Ash looked at him.


"You didn't actually think I was going to ask you without your mother's approval did you?"

The Pokémon Master's face lit up. "You asked her if it was alright to ask me? You really got her permission?"

"Of course. I know that's something you really wanted."

Ash rushed forward and tackled the taller male, almost making them fall backwards. Once Paul regained his balance with his now attachment, he looked down at his fiancé who was snuggling his face in his chest. "You're the best, you know that right?"

The mauve haired trainer smiled. "Only for you, Ash." After a few minutes, Paul broke the embrace. "Come on," He said. "I figured you would want to tell everyone right away so I got Gary to get everyone together at the lab tonight. They'll be leaving soon, so we should go."

"Wait, shouldn't we clean up?"

"Nope, it's all been taken care of." Ash cocked his head making the violet chuckle. "I took care of everything tonight, Babe, I promise." Ash smiled. Paul then took his hand and led him off the rink. The two then put their shoes back on and ten minutes later they were on their way back home. Paul was driving and he took a glance at the person he couldn't help but feel was a blessing. He noticed Ash was staring down at his ring, with eyes shining, and a bright, happy smile. He couldn't help but smile at him as well. "You're excited, aren't you?"

Ash looked up at him, that extremely happy smile still on his face. "Of course I'm excited!" Ash exclaimed. "Before we got together I never would have thought I'd be so happy in a relationship and I couldn't have cared less at that point if I got married or not. But since I've fallen in love with you, getting married to you has been something I've really wanted to do."

"Well I'm glad I'm so special." Paul said with a chuckle.

"But you are special." Ash told him. "At least, to me you are."

Paul grinned at him. "I'm not near as special as you are though." Ash flushed.

"You always do know how to turn a phrase."

"It's my intelligence." Paul said with a shrug. Ash just rolled his eyes then turned back to staring at the ring. "I hope Gary was able to come up with a good excuse to get everyone to the lab tonight."

Ash tilted his head. "Wait, does Gary know you were going to propose?"

Paul nodded. "Of course. I wasn't about to ask you to marry me without the combined permissions of your mother and best friend."

Ash gave a look of surprise. "You asked Gary for permission, too?"

Paul nodded. "I knew that him giving us a blessing was just as important to you as the one from your mother."

"You really are the best." Ash told him.

"Nah, I'd come in second. I know someone much better than me." Paul said with a wink. Ash rolled his eyes again with a smile. "I should warn you though, Reggie is super excited to have you as an 'official' little brother, so you may want to prepare yourself for his hyper-ness."

"Oh, so you ended up telling him after all, huh?"

"What do you mean?"

"You used to tell me you weren't going to tell him before actually asking."

"Oh, right, well I needed his help planning. It took a lot to get that project you were working on with Professor Oak and Gary to get started that way I could go to Veilstone to pick up the ring without any suspicion."

"Wait, you mean to tell me that whole trip to Veilstone was a cover up?"

"Um, mostly. In the beginning it was and then I helped out some abused Pokémon like I told you I was."

"So you've been planning this for at least a few weeks now."

The mauve haired trainer chuckled. "I've been planning this for about six months now." He told him.

"Six months? But that's a long time. Why wait so long?"

"Because I still have another surprise for you that was going to take this long to begin with." He answered. Ash blinked owlishly. He was thoroughly confused. What in the world could Paul give him that he didn't just give him by asking him to marry him? "Don't worry, you'll see soon enough. It's almost done."


"Don't worry about it. You'll see soon."

Ash shrugged. "Alright, if you say so."

"That I do."

The two were then pulling up to the lab where they could both see the lights on inside the living courters. "I guess this means Gary was successful in getting everyone there, huh?" Ash asked.

"I suppose." Paul said parking out front. "Come on, I'm sure you're so excited to tell them." Ash nodded eagerly. The two got out of the car then walked up to the door. Ash immediately opened it and ran in, Paul having to quickly follow him.

When they reached the living courters, everyone was around the room watching a movie. Ash and Paul quietly walked in and sat down in two empty chairs in the back. Gary noticed movement and smiled at his best friend when Ash glanced over at him. Ash grinned back, holding up his hand, and mouthed the words 'thank you' to him. Gary nodded and turned back to the movie as to make sure Misty, who was sitting right next to him, didn't notice the entry of the couple.

About twenty minutes later, the movie ended and everyone was pretty tired out. "Well that was a nice movie." Misty commented.

"Yea, it was pretty entertaining. We love the horror flicks." May added.

"Speak for yourself." Drew told his girlfriend. She stuck her tongue out at him.

"Well I have to agree with May, horror films are pretty amazing." Ash said. Everyone jolted around to see the couple in the room. Gary noticed Ash covered his right hand as to hide the ring for the moment.

"When in the world did you two get here!" Dawn exclaimed.

"About twenty minutes ago." Paul replied.

"Wait, when in the world did you even get home?" Brock questioned. "I thought you weren't supposed to get back for at least a few more days."

"Brock's right, why are you home?" Max asked.

"Do you guys honestly think I was going to miss our anniversary?" Paul inquired pulling Ash close to him, making the smaller male blush.

"Wait, you guys did something tonight?" May questioned.

"Yea, I thought I was going to be hanging out with all of you tonight. Gary said you guys were all at the skating rink in Viridian and Brock had been able to get it reserved just for us. Gary drove me there and told me he was going to park out back while I went inside looking for all of you. It just so happened Paul was there waiting with dinner and desert instead." Ash explained.

Misty turned to the Pokémon Professor. "So THAT'S where you went. You were in on the whole date?"

Gary nodded. "Yea, Paul needed someone's help getting Ash there and getting all of you guys here."

"Us here?" Brock inquired. All of them seemed confused about that as well.

"Yes, I asked Gary to gather you all here because I didn't really want to spend the entire night going from each of your houses because Ash here couldn't wait to tell you guys." Paul explained.

"Tell us what?" Dawn questioned.

Ash blushed and glanced at his fiancé who nodded. The raven broke out into a full grin and held up his hand. "We're getting married!" He exclaimed happily. Everyone's but Gary's jaw dropped for a few moments until the girls ran up to Ash to look at the ring Paul got him.

"Ok, I'm moving now." Paul said before he got tackled.

"Oh my gosh! This is so exciting!" May cried stopping in front of Ash

"Yea, we get to have a wedding!" Dawn exclaimed.

"Can we help you plan it?" Misty asked her best friend.

Ash laughed. "Sure, I'm gonna need help making decorations and everything, too."

"Oh my gosh, I can't wait!" Solidad said happily. The girls seemed to agree and started talking to Ash about the wedding plans.

"You know, I think they're more excited than you two." Brock told Paul as he walked towards them. Gary, Max, Drew, and Kenny nodded.

"Oh no, there is no one more excited than Ash. You should have been there when I asked." Paul told them.

"Haha, I bet he jumped for joy, huh?" Brock questioned.

"More liked squeezed me 'til an inch of death." Paul replied with a chuckle.

"Doesn't surprise me. He's been wanting this for a while now." Gary said.

The others nodded. "Well I believe congratulations are in order here." Brock said turning holding out his hand for Paul. The mauve haired trainer took it and smiled at him.

"Brock's right, congrats, Man." Gary said. Drew, Kenny, and Max added theirs in as well.

"Thanks, I appreciate it, guys." He told them.

Ash then walked up to Paul and buried his face into his chest, snuggling against him while the girls walked up to their respective boyfriends. "So tell us, Ash, excited?" Brock questioned.

"You have no idea." Ash told the Pokémon Doctor.

"Hey! We should go celebrate!" May exclaimed.

"Not a bad idea." Drew said. Everyone agreed and nodded.

Paul seemed to agree as well but noticed Ash yawn. "Um, mind if we do it tomorrow night, guys? I'm thinking my fiancé here is kinda tired."

"I'm alright." Ash told the mauve haired male. "I can make it tonight." He then accidentally yawned again making the whole room laugh.

"Alright, so tomorrow let's go to Joe's Place for a celebration dinner." Gary suggested.

"Great idea! We can all make a toast to the soon-to-be newlyweds!" Misty exclaimed. Everyone laughed.

Ash then yawned again and Paul took his hand and starting walking. "It sounds great, guys, but I've got to get this perfect fiancé home now." They all laughed but agreed. After everyone bid good-bye and gave one last congratulations to the couple, the two headed home. Ash noticed the lights were still on in his house so jumped out of the car and ran in. Paul smiled knowing Ash wanted to tell his mother even though she already knew.

When the mauve haired trainer walked inside, he heard the raven telling Delia what a surprise it was and how happy he was that everything happened. "It was amazing, Mom. He literally thought of everything!" Ash exclaimed as Paul walked into the room.

"Well I knew I couldn't forget anything." He told him. Ash turned wearing a smile and grabbed Paul's hand.

Delia chuckled. "Well I am very happy for you two. And Pallet will be very excited to hear about this. I even bet there'll be a party made just for you two."

Paul's eyes widened. "A party?"

Delia noticed Paul's stricken face and gave a look of confusion which made Ash laugh. "Paul doesn't like being the center of attention in these kind of situations. A party may not be the best idea."

"Well, it's alright, Ash. I mean, if you want it-"

"Oh no, you've put up with a lot of stuff for me that you didn't like over the past five years so since you don't want this, I don't want it either." Ash told him.

"Yes, but I also know how you've been wanting this proposal for a long time now and-"

"Paul, we aren't doing a party. End of story ok?" Ash told him with a chuckle.

The mauve haired male shrugged. He couldn't argue with something he didn't want anyway. "Well alright, I will make sure we don't have one then." Delia said. "Though, I do think inviting your brother here would be a good idea, Paul."

"She's right, and we have to call your parents in the morning." Ash told him.

The trainer groaned. "Do we have to call them?"

"Yes, Paul, they need to know. And come on, over the years they've really accepted me."

"Except when they nearly chased you out of Veilstone over Christmas."

"It was right after we made up after the fight, Paul. You were hurt and they were just trying to protect you."

"Chase you out of Veilstone?" Delia questioned.

"He's exaggerating, Mom. I wasn't even out of the house. They did yell at me, however." Ash said.

"Well I did talk to Paul after that as well."

Ash blinked and Paul face-palmed. "Wait, you did?" Delia nodded. Ash turned to Paul. "You never told me that."

"I didn't want to worry you or something. I don't know, back then, your mother's approval of me something I always strived for and I always believed that if she didn't want me around, you wouldn't either. It was dumb, I admit, but I didn't understand how you really fell in love with me, so I guess it was natural for me to be afraid of losing you."

Ash smiled at him. "It's so strange how over confident you've always been in everything you do, except me and my feelings for you. Why is that?"

"Because I always believed you were too good for me…I still do. I just accept the fact you actually care for me now."

Ash shook his head grinning. "You are so very weird, Paul."

Amethyst eyes blinked. "Yes but, I thought that's why you loved me."

The raven giggled and took Paul's face in his hands. "Yes, it is one of the reasons. It's just funny is all."

The violet shrugged and wrapped his arms around Ash's waist, pulling him close. Ash snuggled against him and let out a sigh of contempt. Delia smiled at the two and couldn't be happier for her son. She was so glad he was finally happy. "Well alright you two, I have to go to bed now. It's a late night and I must get up early."

"Alright Mom," Ash said pulling away from Paul for a minute to hug her. "We'll see you in the morning." Paul hugged her as well and the three bid goodnight.

About fifteen minutes later, Ash and Paul were ready for bed. Ash was laying there staring at his ring when the mauve haired trainer walked in. He noticed Ash was thinking and wondered slightly if he had picked out a ring Ash really liked. "You know, if you want to change the ring, we could make a trip to Veilstone and ask Mr. Lee about it. I'm sure he would gladly do it for us."

Ash glanced up surprisingly at the mauve haired trainer. "I love it, Paul. I don't want to change it. You got the perfect one." Paul smiled at him as he walked over to the bed. He crawled in but this time, he laid flat on his stomach on top of Ash, his head against Ash's chest. The raven silently giggled knowing what Paul wanted. He ran his fingers through the long mauve hair making the trainer from Veilstone sigh in contempt. There was just something about how Ash's fingers felt that made Paul so comfortable and relaxed. He closed his eyes. "Hey Paul?"


"Well, I was just thinking, and don't get me wrong, I love living here and all, but, since we're getting married now, don't you think we should move out on our own? I mean, I love my mom, but I really don't want to live with her while I'm married. And it's not like we can't afford it. With our combined salaries that the league gives us, we have way more than enough to buy a house."

"Hm, that we do. I also would prefer not to live with your mother after we're married, but as of right now, I think it's best if we stay."

"Why's that?"

"Well, first off, you're going to need help planning the wedding and I think your mother is the best one to help with that sort of thing. Second, I think it's best for your mom if we stay as long as we can."

"Why's that?"

"Do you honestly think your mom is ready to let you go yet?" Paul questioned with a chuckle.

"I suppose that's true. But she's gonna have to eventually."

"Yes, yes she will, but I just figure with the wedding planning going to start soon, you don't need the stress of having to try and deal with finding a house. I'm sure you're going to be stressed enough with work and the wedding that you don't need any extra added on to that."

"Well, I guess."

Paul then crawled off his fiancé and laid down on his side right next to him. He started caressing Ash's cheek with his thumb and smiled softly at him. "I promise, after the honeymoon, we'll get everything settled and we'll take care of anything and everything we need to."

Ash grinned at him and gave him a sweet, short kiss. Then realization hit him. "Honeymoon?" Ash questioned with a smirk.

"What? You plan the wedding, I plan the honeymoon. It's only fair."

Ash shook his head smiling. "Is that the only thing on your mind?"

Paul's face visibly reddened. "Of course not, it's just an added bonus." Ash rolled his eyes. "Hey, it's not my fault you've made me wait five years."

Ash snuggled into his chest and closed his eyes. "I told you a few weeks after getting together with you I wasn't going to do anything before we were married. You've always known that."

"I know and I'm glad we've waited. It'll make it more special when we do. That doesn't mean my urge for it has ever changed though." Paul replied wrapping his arms around the smaller male, pulling him as close as he could. "And remember, it was you that almost made us not wait last time."

"Yes, one out of many occasions that were led by you. And I was drunk."

Paul chuckled. "Ah, that was a funny occasion. You are a funny drunk. Tripping over nothing and running into things."

"…Wasn't funny to me."

"You're the one who drank that night when you went out with Lance. You can't blame me for that. I'm not even old to legally drink, Mr. Pokémon Master."

Ash flushed. "Shut up." He mumbled into Paul's shirt. Paul chuckled and kissed the top of his head. Ash then yawned.

"Alright, time for sleep. You're going to have a long day tomorrow."

"Why's that?"

"Because whenever you excitedly tell people at work we're engaged, you're going to get tackled. Not to mention dinner with our friends."

"True." Paul then leaned over Ash and turned out the lamp. He rested on his back, pulling Ash close. The raven haired male leaned up and kissed Paul, nuzzled his face into his chest and closed his eyes. "Love you."

"I love you, too." Paul replied, kissing the top of his head once more. And with that, the couple drifted off into slumber.

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