I worked hard at target practice. I pretended I was gunning down bad guys to save Perky. Sometimes I pretended the targets were Aro. Usually, though, they were my dad; and it turns out that maybe I'm a gun guy after all.

Afterwards, I went right back to Perky's place. She jumped into my arms when I showed up at her front door, and we kissed and groped and ground against one another as I carried her into the kitchen. I'd kind of wanted to try out the countertop (it seemed like the perfect height), but instead, I found her table set and a big bowl of cole slaw and lots of toast with jam. She'd made use of the gift basket I sent her and made us dinner.

Our meal matched her house.

"Desert?" I asked after cleaning my plate.

Perky giggled and tossed me a bag of marshmallows. Then she pulled her skirt up to her waist and uncrossed her legs. "Your choice, trash man," she purred.

She wiggled in her seat, teased her perky nipples and she spread her thighs a little wider. There was no contest. Within seconds I was on my knees with her legs over my shoulders, tipping her chair back against the wall, doing my best.

"More," Perky mumbled, and I added another finger.

"More, Adorable" she pleaded and I sucked harder and nipped her lips and grazed her nub.

Perky found my hand, she unfurled my fingers, she bucked her hips, shifted in her chair, and I was astounded. "Please?" she begged.

"Really?" I asked, my lips brushing against her pussy, my eyes glancing upwards, looking for a sign.

Perky nodded and bit her lip and I went for it. I did what she asked.

Five fingers in, knuckles deep, my mouth sucking at her clit and Perky came harder than I'd ever seen her before: panting, her pretty chest heaving, her thighs clenching, whimpering, nearly chanting my name. My real name. Wow.

"Wow," Perky sighed.

"Wow," I agreed, checking out my glistening hand.

"Let's clean you up, Adorable," she rasped, eyeing my hand with admiration and wonder.

Perky slid to the floor in front of me and slowly, methodically, sucked one finger at a time as she climbed onto my lap, as she unbuckled my belt and unzipped my fly.

"Your choice, Adorable," she murmured as her soft wet lips grazed Mr. Ed.

My mind was swimming: sixty-eight or sixty-nine, her on top and get the rope, on the table, on the countertop, a harness, her head hanging over the edge of something or another as I fucked her mouth, cowgirl or reverse cowgirl, and the way my hand had nearly disappeared inside her…

Perky rolled her hips and sucked my thumb and pressed her little body against mine, and I caught her eyes and calmed the fuck down. Her eyes were so pretty, so bright, so open, so in love. In love. I was pretty sure.

"I love you, Perky."

She didn't hesitate. She didn't even blink.

"I love you too."

"I choose you, Perky. Just you."

Perky was beautiful when she smiled.

She wrapped her arms around me, slipped herself over me, held me tight and pressed her forehead against mine. I know she said yesterday was her first time and all, but Perky was really good at making love.


"I think your dad's the key to all of this, Perky," I finally say out loud. I hold my breath.

She shakes her head dismissively and rolls over in bed.

"It's the only thing I can think of," I add as I wrap my fingers around the spot where her waist meets her hip. It's like a handle. It feels like home. I pull her body against mine.

"We could run away," Perky offers, as she snuggles in. "Who cares about the house, really? Let's just go. We could start over somewhere. I've done it a million times before."

"A million?" I ask with a chuckle. "You're not that old."

A pillow smacks me in the face. Perky's got surprisingly good aim. I have a feeling she'd be good with a gun, too, just like me. Then the idea of her with a gun and a rope, maybe topless, nearly sidetracks me completely. I try to concentrate. After all, we're talking life and death, and life just got good. Really good.

"No one gets away from dad, Perky."

"Seriously? No one?" she asks. "Someone must have gotten away, at some time or the other."

"Do you want to chance it?" I ask.

Perky rolls back over and her eyes are panicked, and when she folds herself into my arms I can feel her heart racing. "I don't know," she admits. "I guess I don't want to chance losing you at all."

"We need your dad, Perky."

"He hates me," she mumbles. "He's just as likely to throw you and me into prison as your dad."

"What about Alice?" I ask.

"What about her?"

"She kind of gave me the impression that she knows her way around the legal system."

Perky shakes her head.

"I guess. She's a P.I. But Alice and I don't talk either, Adorable."

I'd kind of hoped Alice was in the FBI like their dad. But it's something. Maybe it's all we have.

"You called her, though," I say, trying to sound supportive.

"Yeah, I did. And she came over and glared at me the whole time she was in my house. She doesn't approve and neither does my dad."

"She came, Perky. That says a lot. And she wants to talk to you. Actually, that was part of my assignment, I think. She wanted me to un-break your heart, so maybe you'd open up to her again."

"She didn't say that. Did she?"

The hope in Perky's voice and in her eyes is unmistakable.

"Pretty much, Perky."

She sighs. For the first time in hours she seems a little hopeful.

"I don't know. I mean, I don't even remember calling her. What would I say?"

"Hi, Pixie?" I offer.

Perky looks perplexed. "Pixie?"

"If we all have nicknames, then Alice is going to need one too."

Perky giggles. It's so good to see some of the tension leave.

"Wait," Perky says, still laughing a little. "What about Rose?"

I don't miss a beat. "Sparkle."

She hits me again with the pillow, but Perky's still laughing as she looks for her cell and finds Pixie's number.

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