Call Me When You're Sober.

A/N: Just a bit of Angry!Brennan. Just what we all need at the moment.
Booth calls Brennan, drunk and still depressed over his failed relationships following "The Daredevil in the Mold." Evanescence's
Call Me When You're Sober inspired. One-shot, maybe sequel or two-shot or multi-chapter.

Booth is still depressed over his failed attempt at a proposal to Hannah and decides, even though he's too old to get hammered most nights and not get a hangover, he will drink the pain away. Just like he did after Brennan. 2 hours into drinking, he is fairly certain he is well hammered and picks up his phone to see the time. He dials Brennan's number instead.

*Ring ring… ring ring… ring ring…"


"Hey, Bones! How's it going?"

"Booth? What are you doing calling at this hour? Are you drunk again?"

"Yes and I am loving it! Like I still love you, Bones."

"Booth, you are intoxicated. This is, as Angela would put it, your 'drunk-self' calling. Stop drinking and go to bed, Booth."

"Bones, listen to me. I love you. I still do. Nothing has changed that. And I know you love me too. Please."

"Booth, I am not in the mood for this. It is midnight on a weeknight and I would like to get some amount of sleep. Go to bed.

"Bones, do you know what I love about you most? You don't take crap from anyone. You're strong and smart and beautiful. I love a woman who is strong, smart and beautiful."

"Booth, as I know you are not going to remember this tomorrow, I am going to speak the full truth to you."

"Thank you. See? I knew you still loved me."

"Booth, you have no right to call me at this hour, intoxicated out of your mind and professing that you still love me. That ship sailed the moment you said you had to move on and the moment you said that Hannah was not a consolation prize. Like you, I am moving on. I am living the life I expected and you are getting what you want. All I am going to be is a partner to you. That is all. Nothing more, nothing less. You got what you wanted, Booth. Now let me get what I want."

"But, Bones, you're my girl! You've been my girl since the moment I saw you in the lecture hall."

"Psscht! I was never 'your girl', Booth! If you love me half the amount that you so strongly profess, then you would have waited for me to understand what was going on in my head and come to the decision that I was indeed in love with you. You would have waited for me to come back from Maluku! But you didn't. You said you needed to move on and look what happened. You're alone again. You feel that? That is loneliness. That is what I put up with every day. This is what I have felt since we met; since we kissed. Loneliness. A huge gaping hole inside that no amount of relationships with the wrong people or meaningless sex can fill. You want to know why? I'll tell you why. You showed me a side to love that I gave up on years ago. You showed me what was possible. Then you left like all the other people I cared about before. You left. So don't call me at midnight again professing that I am 'your girl' because I am no longer anyone's girl. You made me believe in love, and then you proved to me that it was indeed fleeting and that feelings change. Please don't call like this again. Actually, you know what? Don't call again. Goodbye, Agent Booth."

Brennan hangs up on Booth and throws her phone across the room in anger and heartbreak as she collapses to the ground in pain and despair. On the other end, Booth has sobered up and realises what a mistake he has made; how irreparably he has screwed things up.

A/N: Just needed to vent frustrations towards Booth. Believe it or not from this, I am a BB shipper through and through. Just thought I'd add some slightly non-spoilerish angst into the mix. Mixing my stories up a bit. RR to tell me whether this should have 2nd chapter or sequel of the fallout repercussions. :D