Talk, sing and get dirty



Part One

Rachel carried a bag from the gas station which had three really big containers of slushee and then she stood in front of Santana…

Bad Rachel thought: This is your chance. Get her back…

Santana turned to her….

Even worst Santana thought: You want me to work a pole, I'll shove it up your ass.

"Yesterday, I said a very hurtful comment to you and I regret what I said.. So in order to make it right,.." Rachel said and she opened the bag then handed Santana the slushee. Rachel stood there. "Rachel, what are you doing?" Finn asked and Rachel responded, "What I said was unnecessary Finn. Santana whenever your ready." "Yeah but she deserve for all those times you…" Finn was about to finished and he got slushee.. Santana then put down cup number one…

Even worst Santana though… Big Finn….Blinded by Slushee….Do it more!

Santana then slushee Rachel and then took the other slushee then got Rachel again. Santana was actually won over that Rachel was going to humiliated herself again because she was wrong. She nodded to Brittany and they escorted Rachel to the bathroom.