Talk, Sing and Get Dirty



Part Three

Will agree to it. That night…The next song played and it was Santana with Brittany in the car again. "This person has it bad for you…" Brittany said…

Modest Santana: Thinking Of You…

Santana Got up the next day and decided that two could play this game. She had deliver flowers to herself to see who give the most obvious of stares. Quinn, Sam and Finn gave her a double look. Brittany helped smelled the flowers and Rachel then asked who it was…

"Secret admirer." Santana said and Rachel responded, "He must really like you." Rachel walks away and Santana might have a lead. The next night spell it all out and the song was in Your Eyes from Peter Gabriel. Then when Santana went to Glee it was Rachel's turn, she sang In your Eyes. Santana was weak in the knees from it like every time Rachel sang but didn't let on. Santana wasn't going to get one-upped.

The UPS guy walked in school as she opened a big box it was a long black dress. She saw the address and knew Santana knows it's her. So Santana was at Breadstick and Rachel walked in. Rachel told her that she's had feelings for her forever. The Kesha song was when Santana gave her the compliment of looking good when she was dressed like Brittany Spears. You Found Me is because she discover she liked women and she asked God why she didn't discover that sooner.

"I'm speechless." Santana said and added, "Thank you." "It's just that the more I held it in, the more I act like a bitch when I said that to you." Rachel said and added, "I just couldn't hide anymore. Even if nothing happens…" Santana kissed Rachel and didn't stop kissing her for a while.

Santana and Rachel paid the bill then went to the park. Rachel park the jeep then told Santana that they are about to have one memorable first time. It started with them in front of the car as Rachel lick top of Santana's nipples. She then suck on them then kissed down her body. Santana took off Rachel dress which is a nice way to put it and then started on her body. Santana and Rachel looked out for cops as they had sex for the first time in the park then afterwards Rachel gave Santana a trench coat then inform her that her parents won't be home till tomorrow night.

That morning Santana slept so peaceful as Rachel was right next to her.

Then Santana felt some Rachel rubbing up against her and they would at it again.

Rachel got another change of clothes after a shower together and wore her new outfit which was cargo pants and a white with a vast with boots on.

"I figured that if you want a girlfriend there has to be a compromise I would dress more like you want to be seen with me every now and then. Actually I kind like these outfits." Rachel said and Santana like that Rachel was going to try. They share another kiss before they got into the hall because they couldn't really come out and no one they knew was at Breadstix.. Brittany was wheeling Artie and saw that look as Santana separated from Rachel. Brittany spaced…

Good Brittany: Santana and Rachel together. Santana looks happy..

Bad Brittany: What the fuck? She doesn't want to make lady babies and I'm way hotter!

Cat Brittany: I could read about it tomorrow

Bad Brittany: You better not fur-ball, Santana will….Wait…Santana just pissed me off!

Cat Brittany: So I could read the diary!

"You're okay Brit." Santana said and Brittany responded, "I don't want my cat to read my diary."

"Didn't we put a lock on it?" Santana asked..

Good Brittany: We don't want to hurt her feelings talk about something.

Bad Brittany: Wait your good Brittany, why are you lying?

Good and liar Brittany: Because sometimes being good means you have to lie to protect someone's feeling just like sometimes when Artie lays there, I think of Santana….

Artie and Santana just stand there because she can't believe what she just said that in front half of the school…