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Chapter One

Candace Hankins jumped on the first bus out of town. Her clothes were ripped covered in blood but she had to leave her home as soon as she could. She had just seen her best friend murdered right in front of her and there was nothing she could do to help her. All she could do was call the cops and run. She knew she couldn't stay because they would never believe her. There was only one person that could help her now and that was the one person she told herself that she would never ask for help, Billy Darley.

Billy sat in the Four Roses just like he did every night. He had a smile on his face and a cigarette in his hand as he watched his little brother attempt to pick of a young blond that found her way in few minutes ago. He thought he would give Joe a fighting chance before he stepped in and took over. Either was he was going to get his little brother laid tonight. He deserved it. "Yo Billy." Spink walked in and took a seat at Billy's table.

"What ya got for me and it better be fuckin good!" Billy said and brought the cigarette to his lips.

"I got two thousand and counting. Tommy and Heco is still out there as we speak." He said and slid the money over to Billy.

Billy took a big drag from the smoke and sat it down in the ash tray as he counted the money, "Not fuckin bad. I want more tomorrow." Billy pointed at him before he looked back over to Joe who now had the blond pinned up against the wall as he attached her lips. "That's my fuckin boy." He smiled. Tonight was actually a good night for them all. Little did Billy know that a blast from the past would be bursting throw the door at any minute.

Candace ran down the dark street as fast as she could. The taxi she had gotten when she got of the bus would only take her so far and she knew why. Nobody went within ten feet of the Four Roses. They all knew they would end up in a body bag if they did. It was a cold rainy night and she was dripping wet. She saw the lights and that gave her the extra little motivation she needed to make it. It was half passed midnight when she ran though the doors of the bar. As soon as the door slammed behind her, everybody stopped what they were doing and looked at her. She was dressed in nothing but a white tank top and cut off short. "I want Billy!" she said with tears in her eyes. She was coved in blood and her face was badly cut and bruised.

Joe walked out from the back room and zipped up his jeans. When he looked up and saw who was standing by the door his mouth dropped. "You got to be fuckin kiddin me!" He said and grabbed a cigarette from the pack that was on the bar.

Candace saw him and sighed, "Thank God." She said and ran over to him. "Where Billy?" she asked.

"Why the fuck should I tell you?" he snapped.

"I don't have time to fuck with you, Joey!" she said and grabbed him by the front of his shirt. Baggy and Spink saw what was going on and immediately headed over to them. "Tell me Damn it!" she screamed.

"Get the fuck off me!" Joe said and pushed her away. She stopped when she ran into Spink. "You need to get the fuck outta here!" Joe warned her. He knew Billy was going to be pissed if he saw her.

"What do we have here?" Spink asked as he gripped her arms. "If it ain't Candy back from the dead." They laughed.

Candace jerked away, "Don't fuck with me right now, Spink!" she snapped. "Where the fuck it Billy?"

Joe grabbed her by the arm and pulled her to the door, "You need to get the fuck outta here before he fuckin sees you!" Joe said.

"No! You don't fuckin understand!" Candace pushed away from him.

"Yeah? Well guess what? I don't fuckin care and neither will Billy! You made your choice!" Joe said. He felt bad at first but he had orders to keep her as far away from this place.

"Please Joey?" she begged, "Please."

"Let her the fuck go!" they both heard a voice say. They both turned around and saw Billy walking out from the back with his shirt open and belt undone.

The girl next to Billy fixed her skirt and looked at him, "Who the fuck is she?" she asked in her snotty voice, smacking her gum.

Billy just looked over at her, "None of your fuckin business!" He snapped and pushed her away. "Get the fuck outta here!" he told her. He got what he had wanted and now it was time for her to go. The girl rolled her eyes and walked passed Joe and Candace and walked out the door. Billy grabbed a smoke and lit it up. "Get the fuck over here!" he told Candace.

Joe let go of Candace and she walked over to Billy, "I need your help." She told him.

Billy just looked down at her, "I told you never to fuckin come back here!" Billy said and blew smoke in her face. "You got a lot of fuckin nerve. Maybe I should keep my word and fucking shoot your ass." He said and looked her over. She had changed over the year. No one ever knew this but she was the one and only girl that continued to cross his mind after he told her to leave this place and never come back. He had to do what he had to do keep her safe.

"You think I wanted to come here? I didn't have a choice! You are my only option and I was told to give you a message." She said.

"Message? What fuckin message and who the fucks it from!" Billy asked.

Candace looked around and saw that she had brought a lot of attention to herself. "I think we should uh, talk somewhere else." She said quietly. She didn't want everyone here to hear what she had to say.

"Whatever the fuck you gotta say you say it in front of them!" Billy snapped and grabbed her by the arm. "You got seconds before I kick your fuckin ass out of here."

Candace jerked away and glared up at him, "Don't you fuckin threaten me, Billy! I didn't want to come here but I had to! I wouldn't be in this shit if it wasn't for you!" she snapped and knew that it was a bad mistake.

Billy grabbed her by the throat and pushed her against the wall, "You got a lot a fuckin nerve to come in here and talk to me that way! You lost that right a long fuckin time ago!" he seethed. "Now start fuckin talkin!"

"C-cant br-breath." She said and gripped his arms as she tried to push him away.

Billy gave her a final show before releasing his grip, "Talk!"

Candace rubbed her neck, "Jimmy Cline just paid me a visit." She said and she knew that was all she needed to say to get Billy's attention.

That name made Billy's blood boil. It was no secret that the two gangs had been at it for years. Fighting over territory and the fact that Jimmy had the balls to bring her into this pissed him off." What the fuck he say?"

Candace walked around Billy and ran her fingers through her wet hair, "Just that….that next time he catches you selling on his block that he going to be making a personal visit and….and no one would get out alive." Candace said and sat down. "This was before he and two other men killed my roommate." She said and looked up at him. "I should have just told him yes." She wiped a tear. "Now they are going to pin her murder on me. I'm so fucked!"

"What the fuck did he want from you?" Billy asked her as he flicked his smoke to the side. Candace just looked up at him and said nothing, "What…the FUCK….did he want?" Billy yelled and got in her face.

"He wanted me to talk." She said. "I said no and that pissed him off. I had to watch as the ripped her open and then he…he…" Candace couldn't get the words out. The images of a few hours ago played over and over in her mind. "He came after me." she said and looked up at Billy.

Her dead friend was no more that a few inches from her, bleeding out. There was nothing Candace could do now. The two other men had her arms pinned above her head as Jimmy pounded into her with no mercy. "I bet Billy boy has never made you feel the fuckin good." Jimmy groaned above her. "You got a nice tight little pussy." he growled.

Billy knew what she was talking about and he didn't need to hear anymore. "Fuck!" Billy yelled. "That motherfucker thinks that he can fuck with me!" Billy yelled and knocked over the table next to him. "Motherfucker just started a goddamned war!" He knew why Jimmy went after Candace. She knew everything about the Darleys and he was going to use her. The fact that he touched her pissed Billy off even more. He was the only one allowed to touch her and everyone knew that.

"What the fuck you wanna do?" Spink asked him

"Ntohing right now. Keep doing whatever the fuck we want! If he wants to play dirty then that's what the fuck we are gonna do! I dare him to show his fuckin ass around here." Billy snapped.

"What're you gonna do with Candy?" asked Joe. "You gonn let her back in?"

"I don't fuckin know alight! Take her ass up to the apartment and clean her up. I'll be there later." Billy said. He grabbed his jacket and slipped his on then lit another cigarette, "Spink…..Tommy, let fuck roll." Billy said and walked out the door.

Joe walked over to Candace and pulled her from the chair, "Guess you're comin with me." He said and pulled her out of the bar. "Consider this your lucky fuckin day."

Candace would call this day a lot of things but lucky wasn't one of those. She had just lost her only friend, she was raped by a man that he name alone made her sick, and now she was being forced back into a life that she has tried so hard to forget.

Five years ago

Candace sat in Billy's apartment with her bag by her feet. She had been living with him for over a year now and things were ok but she wanted to do something else with her life. Either was she was going out that door. She couldn't live like this anymore. Everyday was the same thing. Drug deals, mixing, murders, and she was with Billy though it all. It was fun for the first few months but it got old. Once he started to fuck other girls in front of her, that was it for her. She had to get out of there before she ended up dead.

Billy opened the door and walked into the apartment. He put his gun on the table and looked over and saw Candace sitting on the couch with a bag, "Where the fuck you goin?" he asked. "Taking a fuckin trip without telling me?"

"I'm leaving. I wanna go to school." She said. Billy never knew this but she had applied for every college and loan out there. It took almost a year but she finally got into one. Most schools want more than a GED. "I got in and I'm going. I can't live like this anymore." She said.

Billy walked over to her and he had a look in his eye that told Candace that she may be leaving in a body bag. "What the fuck did you say?" he asked.

"You heard me." Candace said. She was the only one that would ever talk back to Billy. Maybe that's what he liked about her. "I'm goin."

Billy lunged at her and shoved her into the wall, "You think I am gonna just let you walk out of here? You got to be fuckin crazy!" he snapped.

"You can't stop me." She said quietly.

"Wanna fuckin bet?" Billy said. He was furious but when he looked into her blue eyes he knew he couldn't hurt her. As much as he wanted to right now he couldn't do it. He shoved away from her and grabbed a smoke. "Leave! But Let me tell you this. If you ever show your fuckin face around here again I won't be so nice. Now get the fuck out of her before I change my mind and shoot your ass!"

"Billy…." She started. She didn't want to lose him completely from her life.

"You can't have it both fuckin ways. You're out! If I were you I would get to steppin. I better not ever see you again!" Billy didn't want her to go but he also wanted her to be safe and if that meant him never seeing her again then so be it.

Candace leaned down and picked up her bag. Just before she walked out the door she turned to him. "For what it's worth, I could have fuckin loved you." She said and walked out the door.

How could she say that shit to him? What was she trying to do to him? As soon as the door closed, Billy flipped. He trashed the apartment from top to bottom. He would never admit this to anyone but he could have fuckin loved her too.


Joe opened the door to the apartment and Candace walked in. She looked around and things still looked at same. Just a little messier. "Towels are in the bathroom." Joe said and closed the door. "I think you may still have some clothes here in Billy's room."

"Thanks." Candace said.

"Sorry." Joe said, "You shouldn't have had to go through that shit. Jimmy is going to get what's fuckin coming to him."

Candace looked at him with hate in her eyes. "I know. I am gonna fuckin kill him myself." She said. In one day she was back. This just proved that you can't run from who you are.

So there is chapter one. I hope you liked it and like I said I am so freakin nervous about doing this. It's so new for me but new can be fun. Please review! It will help me to keep on going. Thanks!