The next morning Billy rolled over and saw Candace was still fast asleep next to him. She was getting a little better ever day. He looked over at the clock and it was just after ten. He had a lot of stuff to do since Candace insisted they stay inside all day yesterday. He knew he had to make up from lost time. Billy climbed out of bed and slipped on his jeans, shirt, and jacket. He grabbed a cigarette from the night stand and lit it up then popped his collar.

"Don't get killed." Candy mumbled against the pillow.

Billy smirked, "How 'bout that shit. You really do fuckin care about me."

Candace lifted her head and smiled at him, "I guess. In another day or two I really show you I care."

"Damn right. Try to stay out of trouble today. Stay here and dont go out. You arent ready."

"No promises." Candace smiled and rolled back over. Bill walked out of the room and grabbed the keys from the table and then walked out the door to head to the Four Roses.

As soon as he got there he walked in and saw the guys sitting at the table. They all looked at him but he only had his eyes on one person…..Baggy. He wanted to kill him right then and there. Nothing would make him happier than putting a few rounds in him.

Baggy looked eyes with Billy and he didn't like that look in his eyes. He had a feeling he was about to get his ass killed. Billy thumped his cigarette to the side and that was it, "You fuckin piece of shit!" Billy seethed and pulled out his gun. Spink jumped up and pushed the gun up and away from Baggy just as it fired.

Baggy ducked and then turned to Billy, "What the fuck is wrong with you man?"

"You know what the fuck is wrong with me!" Billy said and pushed a table out of the way with ease and walked over to Baggy and grabbed him by the shirt, "You fucked my girl!" Most of the guys knew what happened all those years ago but some were shocked.

"It was a mistake!" Baggy snapped, "And she wasn't your girl then! Hell she's not now!" Baggy yelled.

Billy pulled up his gun and held it to Baggy's head. "Say that one more fuckin time. I dare you!" Billy said, gritting his teeth. It was taking all he had not to pull that trigger.

"Billy man relax. It was a long fuckin time ago." Spink said as he tried to pull Billy back. "Let it go."

"It meant nothing!" Baggy said. "We were high."

"That makes it ok? I sent you to do a job and you fuckin stabbed me in the back!"

"I said I was sorry man. Like you haven't fucked everyone's girl here." Baggy said. "She asked for it! Come on! We have been tight since before her." Baggy said trying his best to plead his case.

Billy knew he had a point but still that didn't fuckin matter to him. He lowered his gun but was still holding Baggy tight, "Listen to me, don't talk to her, don't look at her, shit….don't even breathe in her direction or next time you wont be so damn lucky." He said and pushed Baggy away. "That goes for the rest of you!" Billy warned. "Go get to work." He said before walking out of the bar.

Baggy fixed his shirt and saw that all the guys were staring at him. "What? Oh come on. You've seen her. Tell me you would have said no to her."

"You fucked up man." Bodie said and got up. "You just made a new enemy."

Candace stepped out of the shower and wrapped the towel around her slim body. She walked out of the bathroom and as soon as she stepped foot into the bedroom someone crabbed her and covered her mouth before pushing her into the wall.

"Shhh, it's me." Cade said. "Don't scream. We need to talk." He said and uncovered her mouth.

"What the fuck are you doing here? You know Billy wants you dead."

"Yeah I head. Kill fifteen of Jimmy's men and he's pissed."

"Just remember you started it when you came here and fuckin shot me!" Candace said.

"I had to do it. I didn't kill you did I and you know I could have."

"Yeah I know. Why didn't you kill me?" she asked.

"Damn it Candy. You're my fuckin sister! You think I want to kill you? Hell, do you think I wanted to pull that trigger? I had to do it! I saved your life."

"Remind me to send you a fuckin fruit basket." She said and walked over to grab some clothes from the dresser.

"Listen to me, Jimmy wants you." Cade said.

"Yeah, I gathered that."

"No he wants you and he will stop at nothing to have you. It was either bring you in or kill you. The other would have aimed for the head but I didn't. I wanted them to think I shot to kill. I don't want you near that guy." Cade said.

Candace turned to him and placed her hands on her hips, "You mean the guy that you work for? Your new BFF."

"It's not like that but think about it, Billy is just as bad. Jimmy just has a better set up. With me on his side I knew there was a better chance I could keep you safe."

"Really? How's that working out for ya? Let's see here, I have been beaten, raped, my roommate is dead, and you fuckin shot me! Oh I am real safe. Thank God for you." She rolled her eyes.

"You're alive arent ya? I would rather have you a little broken then not have you at all. Now I can here to make sure you were ok."

"I'm fine." Candace said. "I know how to take care of myself."

"Yeah right."

"Just leave." Candace said. "Billy will kill you if he sees you here."

"Yeah I know. Like I said I just wanted to see you and see if you were ok. It wont belong before Jimmy finds out you're not dead." Cade said.

"I know but He will have me soon enough. I can promise you that."

"Just stay away. You stay on your side and let us stay on our. You don't want to be anywhere near him. You don't know the things he wants to do to you." Cade said.

"I think he's done enough and you know me. I am not just going to sit back and let him win."

"I know but I was hoping after everything you would start thinking straight and get the hell out of this life. If you want Billy then fine but stay away from the drugs and the deal and the initiations. I want you to be happy but come on. I know you want to live like this."

"Fine. I'll live the apple pie life once Jimmy is dead."

Cade just sighed. He knew his sister all too well. Once she had her mind set on something there was no changing it.

"Just be careful. I cant help you anymore."

"I understand. Take care of yourself and Maybe I'll see you on the other side." Candace smiled at him, "Now get out of here before Billy gets back."

Cade nodded. He gave his sister one last look before climbing back out the window. Candace wasn't sure if she would ever see him again and she was afraid the next time she did it would be on the other side.

3 days later

Candace stormed into the apartment and slammed the door. "Asshole!" she yelled.

Billy opened the door and walked in, "Don't you fuckin walk away from me you bitch!" he yelled.

This night didn't turn out like they wanted. Everything was fine at first. Billy took her to make a few deals with him, trying to get her back in the game and everything was fine. She made about eight hundred and sold everything he had given her with no trouble from anyone. To celebrate they went to the Four Roses and that's when shit got rocky.

She was playing a game of pool with Carman and Heco when Baggy walked over and began talking to Heco. He never every looked at her once but Billy didn't care. He saw her and Baggy a few inches from each other and he flipped, grabbed her and pulling her out of the bar. And here they are…

"You had no right! I want doing anything wrong!" Candace yelled.

"Oh really? You saw him and had to put your fuckin ass in the air like you were giving him a damn invitation to fuck you!" Billy snapped.

"I never talked to him and I was playing pool! I bent over to take a shot!"

"How convenient!"

"You know what, fuck you!" The two were face to face, breathing hard, staring at each other. They knew just what they needed. Billy's lips crashed hard on hers making, her moan into his mouth. Her hands fisted his shirt tight and held him close as their tongues battled. His lips traveled down her skin leaving a burning mark of lust. His right hand traveled down her body loving the feel of it against his skin.

"I am going to fuck you so fuckin hard...make you mine." He said and bit her ear and Candace shivered against him. With his lips back on hers, Billy pushed her into the bedroom and closed the door. They tore at each other clothes, leaving them all on the floor as they fell onto the bed. Candace winces a little when he hit her wounded but she didn't care. She was going to take the pain. She needed him…..she wanted him….all of him.

Billy grabbed her hands in his and pulled them above her head. She felt the leather of his belt wrap around her wrist and tighten. She let out a small noise and looked above her head to see Billy had tied her wrist together and to the bed. "What the fuck are you doing?" she asked him.

"Whatever the fuck I want." Billy said and his hands cupped her face as he kissed her hungrily. "Now here's the part where you're truly mine." His voice was just orgasmic right there as he said that against her lips. She bit her bottom lip as he kissed his way down her neck. His hands cupped her breast and his thumbs brushing her nipples causing Candace to arched up into his hands. He had made his way down her body leaving hot kisses that made her squirm. Candace gasped as Billy separated her legs and pinned them down. His hands held her thighs down as he bit at her hip bone. He looked up at her smiling, she was biting her lip and squirming under his touch and he loved it. He had to admit this was turning him on even more.

He kissed her inner thigh and made his way upwards. She gasped again knowing where he was headed and she tensed waiting for him. "What's the matter baby? Too much for ya?" He added a chuckle at the end and she cursed.

"Smug bastard." she gasped as she felt his breath fan over her dripping wet pussy.

His thumbs brushed against her folds and then he opened her up, her scent getting stronger and he rolled his eyes to the back of his head. He glanced up at her one last time before he gave one long lick. She let out a small moan and her legs shook a little in his hands. "Fuck…" she let out breathless. Her chest heaved up and down and he smirked as he took another lick and he kept her legs still pinned to the bed. He leaned forward ready to finish her. He continued with the long licks hearing how much she liked it. She moaned loudly tilting her head back. "Fuck…Billy…" She somehow managed to grab the belt in her hands and held it tightly as he fucked her tight pussy with his skillful tongue. "Shit…oh my God…"

Her walls tightened around his tongue as he went deeper hitting that spot that made her cry out and her hands tightened around the belt. The belt was digging into her skin but she didn't care. It was arousing. The whole being tied up and Billy having his way with her giving her sinful pleasure after pleasure. "You gonna cum for me, baby?" he asked.

Candace moaned as his tongue began to move faster inside, devouring every part of her until she came and she came hard. She screamed his mane making his hard cock twitch with excitement.

He moved up her body and kissed her mouth hard and she moaned into his mouth. Their eyes connected, his thumb traced her bottom lip. Billy reached up and untied her hands with a evil smile on his face, "Turn over." He told her. Candace bit on he bottom lip and got on her knees. His hand tightened in her hair and he spanked her hard on the ass and she groaned while biting her lip. He grinded up against her ass. His hands grabbed her hips harshly knowing there will be bruises there tomorrow but he didn't care. He wanted people to know she was his.

Billy clenched his teeth and made a hissing sound feeling her tight wet pussy wrap around his hard cock. She made a low cry, fisting the sheets. "Oh God," she managed to whimper and their eyes locked and that's all they needed before they slammed their bodies together.

"Fuck!" he cursed over and over as he pounded into her harder and faster.

Candace screamed into the pillow as she felt her climax approaching faster, "Fuck….oh...uh.…fuck!"

"You close?" he asked. "Fuckin cum with me!" he said and gave her ass a hard slap. A few more thrust later they both came so hard that made their heads spin.

Billy eased out of her and feel onto his back and Candace did the same. "Wow" she breathed out.

Billy smirked and leaned over and grabbed them both a smoke and lit them. There were no words at this point. She was his and she knew it but that was ok with her but she wasn't going to let things go back to they way they were. Things were going to be different this time. Starting tomorrow she was going to be his equal.

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