"Now we know we're having a girl. What do you want to name her?"

"No unisex names."

Kendall frowns. "Fine."


Kendall leans his head against Logan's dark hair, "People will think we're twilight fanatics or something. How about Francesca?"

Logan shakes his head, making a face. "No, Sophie?"

"Too original."



"Don't make that face, I think it's cute."

Neither of them speak for a while, until they hear a voice from the next room.

"What about Carlita?"

Kendall rolls his eyes. "We are not naming the baby after you Carlos!"

Carlos replies with: "Worth a shot." James laughing in the background.

A couple of minutes later, Kendall had picked up the baby name book and they were both flipping through it. Speaking out random names now and then.







"I like it... Delilah Knight."

Kendall looks down at Logan, a pure look of love adorning his face. "Knight really?"

"I want our daughter to have your last name."

Logan looks up at Kendall as Kendall leans in to kiss him softly.

"I love you, Kendall."

"I love you too, Logan."

Kendall lays a hand on Logan's growing belly and leans his head down to whisper against it:

"I love you too, baby girl."