Logan's face contorts with pain.



Logan shakes Kendall's sleeping frame, again.

"Kendall. If you don't get your ass out of bed right now. I will leave and find my own way to the hospital."

Kendall pries one eyelid open.

"Hospital... why?"

Logan waits a second before Kendall's eyes widen.

"Hospital. Right... Are you sure?"

In reply, Logan winces as another contractions causes pain across his lower stomach.

"Does that answer your question?"

Kendall winces back against Logan's anger, before jumping out of the bed and helping Logan up.

"I'll get mom, Katie, James and Carlos. You get some sweats on and grab the bag."

Logan nods silently and watches Kendall as he leaves the room.

"Mom! Katie! James! Carlos!"

"What? Kendall, I need my beauty sleep."

Kendall rolls his eyes as James appears from the bedroom, followed closely by Carlos. Then the two other bedroom doors open and Mrs. Knight and Katie appear, both clad in their pajamas.

"Kendall. Why are you shouting our names at..." Check clock, "three thirty in the morning?"

Just as Mrs. Knight asks this. Logan appears around the doorframe of his and Kendall's bedroom. Pain evident on his face, hospital bag over his shoulder.

Mrs. Knight's eyes widen as she starts ordering everyone around. Soon enough they're ready and are heading towards the closest hospital.



Kendall stares at Logan's completely straight face.

"I hope you don't start screaming that."

"Why would I. I'm getting a C-Section remember."

Just as he says this, he grips the mattress in pain and also decides to be funny and points accusingly in Kendall's direction.


Kendall rolls his eyes. Watching as the midwives start getting Logan ready for surgery and just 5 minutes later he finds himself following them towards the large double doors at the end of the corridor, clad in blue scrubs from head to toe.


"Oh Kendall. She's perfect."

"Thanks mom."

Kendall doesn't look up from the 20 minute old baby led in his arms, sleeping contently. Her other father was also fast asleep in the hospital bed just next to Kendall.

"Have you and Logan chosen a name yet?"

Kendall nods in the direction of his little sister.

"Delilah Maddison Knight."