"You are joking, right?"

"Kendall. Be honest, would I really joke about something like this."

Kendall looks at Logan's face in shock, as he sits their 1 year old daughter on his knee.

"Logan we've only just released our second album. Big Time Rush has got a tour in 1 month. You can't possibly be pregnant, again."

"Well I am, Kendall. And it's not exactly my fault either

"I didn't say it was, Logan. I just don't think we're ready for another baby just yet."

Logan sends Kendall a quick glare.

"I'm not getting an abortion, Kendall."

"Woah. Now I didn't say that."

"Then, what do you mean by 'I don't think we're ready'?"

Logan immitates Kendall's voice perfectly and Kendall frowns, leaning his chin on the top of Delilah's head, as the one year old gurgles happily.

"I don't know Logan. I might be freaking out just a bit."

Logan sighs softly, walking over to join Kendall on the sofa and leaning his head against his boyfriends shoulder.

"We have 7 months to go. We have plenty of time to plan for this baby."

Kendall nods silently as they both watch their daughter chew on her teething ring.

"I love you."

Logan smiles turning so that his nose bumps Kendall's before he replies:

"I love you too."

They kiss quickly, before they're interupted by Delilah's giggling. Kendall and Logan laugh and together they whisper:

"We love you too, baby girl."