Title - You can't do this alone.

Chapter title - Wrists are for girls

Author - Billiebumface

Disclaimer - I do not in any way shape or form own GingerSnaps or any of the characters from it. I also know some of the speech from the movie may be wrong, but I didn't have a script to go by and had to do it all by ear.

Summary - B's point of view from the first film. Ending of the first film will change and as a result the rest of the fic shall differ majorly from the second film. Eventual B/Sam.

A/n - I know how bad this sounds, but hopefully it should work out how I plan it to.


As I hoisted the bright orange rope over my shoulder, screams rung out through the street just beyond our garage door. I left with my supplies to see what was going on. The kids who'd been playing hockey previous now stood motionless, staring at the sobbing mess that was out neighbor.
"IT GOT BAXTER!" She wailed.
Norman, our other neighbors dog started to bark relentlessly, almost as if he was laughing at Baxter's untimely demise.
"Shut up Norman."
I locked up the garage and went back into the house, heading straight down into mine and my sister,Ginger's, basement room. Ginger was sat on her bed, pressing a kitchen knife to her wrist. I bet the fact that doesn't creep me out has you thinking we're freaks. I'm not going to be the one to change your mind.
"Baxter's fertilizer. Everyone's just standing there like, staring." I said as I crossed the room to put the stuff I'd took from the garage down. "Why don't they just catch that thing? How hard can it be in a place full of dead ends?"
"Fuck!" I heard Ginger curse from behind me and turned to see what was wrong. "Wrists are for girls...I'm slitting my throat." She pondered, idly fiddling with the knife as I walked to the other side of my bed. "You should definitely hang."
I sighed. "Maybe even your final moments a cliche around here."
Ginger rolled onto her stomach, her red hair falling over her shoulder. "Not ours. B ours'll rock."
"You don't think our deaths should be a little more that cheap entertainment."
"You swore with me on this. Don't wuss out now."
"It's the idea of everyone staring at me just lying there. I mean if they just...laugh?" I crossed my arms over my chest picturing the scene. Me in a coffin being lowered into the ground. Pam and Henry, the ever loving parents watching from the graveside. Kids at school laughing. "Did you hear? The freak finally did it."
Ginger rolled her eyes. "They'll be in awe."
Yeah. She'd right. People would be in awe...of her. The older, beautiful sister with the red hair and attractive body. Then me. The younger dork sister with unmanageable, dull brown hair and skeletal frame.
"B, suicides the ultimate fuck you! C'mon it's so us. It's the pact."
"See it's easy for you, you don't care."
"We swore we'd go together one way or another."
"When we were eight!"
"So...out by sixteen or dead in the scene but together forever..."
I sighed glancing down at my scarred palm. I knew I'd never make it without Ginger.
"Together forever!" Sang Ginger impatiently wiggling her fingers. I pressed my palm against hers.
"United against life as we know it."
"Hey, I had another death idea." Grinned Ginger as I pulled my hand back. "Impaled by a fence." She stated holding up a bottle of fake blood. I smiled and we headed outside to our side fence. As Ginger snapped off two of the pickets I got the Polaroid ready and unscrewed the cap on the fake blood. Eventually Ginger was lay on her back over the fence covered in blood. I pouted.
"Too much blood...and I can see your gonch!"
Ginger flipped my the bird. "Just do it!" I snapped the picture and we headed back inside so Ginger could change.

We'd missed our first period of school and so were now hurrying before we missed second period too. We rushed up to the classroom and went inside.
"Ah, Bridgette, Ginger. Nice of you to join us." Smiled as we made our way to our seats. "Seeing as though your both late perhaps we can have you life in Bailey Downs project first."
I sunk as low as I could in my seat as Ginger gave him our slides and he set them up. The first image flashed up on me close to the camera and Ginger lay lifeless on the bed behind. I saw Mr. Wayne shudder and grow noticeably more disgusted, the more slides clicked past. Finally it was over. Surprisingly there was applause.
"Alright, alright, uh...well that was completely, uh, disturbing wasn't it?"
I side glanced at Ginger who smirked at my glumness.
"Look see me in the guidance office after class you two. Separately." He knew neither of us would turn up, we never did. Out of the corner of my eyes I saw Jason McCarty, one of the popular kids, raise his hand.
"Hey can we see the ones of Ginger again?" He high-fived his friend and I sunk lower into my seat, now understanding what the applause was for.

Last period was physical ed, field hockey. Aka, my own personal form of torture. I stood beside Ginger, wrapping one arm around myself to keep warm, the other keeping hold of the hockey stick. Ginger passed me a cigarette with a frown.
"Odd. McCarty just checked me." I passed back the cigarette and turned to see Jason, Ben and Tim watching Ginger.
"Like you care right? High school is just a mindless breeding machine. Total hormonal toilet." Ginger didn't answer, just rubbed her back, a pained expression on her face.
"What is with your back?"
"I dunno. Hey search and destroy go."
With a small smirk on my lips I looked around for a worthy candidate.
"OK, Trina Sinclair."
Ginger chuckled. "Excellent selection."
"Trina Sinclair. D.O.A at the hair dye isle, perished whilst seeking matching barrettes on nothing but diet pills and laxatives."
"Lycra shorts stuck up her ass crack." Added Ginger.
"Favorite homework excuse, my nail boarder ate it."
"Basic pleasure model"
"Standard, cum buckety date-bait."
"Good one."
I smiled until I saw Ginger looking in Trina's direction. I turned in time to hear her call me a 'fucking bitch'.
"Oh oh." I grimaced.
"I'll cover you." Promised Ginger, getting into position.
The game started and in order to avoid Trina I tried to do as little as possible without being caught by our gym teacher. Unluckily she spotted me and shouted for me to run. Reluctantly I started a slow run forward. Thanks to this, Trina pushed me forward making me land straight on yet another victim of the beast of Bailey Downs.
"Woah, bonus! I guess your D.O.A on a dog huh Fitzface?"
I leant to the side, gagging at the smell. Ginger knelt beside me.
"Are you OK?"
"Terrific." I answered sarcastically before running into the locker room.

The janitor was cleaning in there and when he saw the blood on my face he offered me a towel. I forced a smile and took it from him as I heard the door slam open behind me. Ginger. The janitor left and I leant back against the lockers.
"That janitor was looking right down your shirt."
I rolled my eyes. "Sure."
"Want me to kill her? I'll kill her for you B."
"No not whatever. This isn't whatever."
"Seriously what about torture?" I spoke as I wiped the blood from my face.
"Anything you want." Sometimes Ginge was too serious.

At the end of the day we sat down in the school parking lot for a smoke. I glanced around at the brain dead morons that were known as the other students and spotted Trina and he beloved dog.
"She has that dog. We could kidnap it, make it look like it got eaten by the beast of Bailey Downs. We've got all that blood and fake guts from the slide show." I smirked a little when Ginger laughed at my new idea.
"Yeah, that's wicked let's do it." She said with a grin. She always had that smile. The one that was both beautiful and devious at the same time. I can't remember if I even had a real smile.
As I was lost in my thoughts the yellow county greenhouse van pulled up beside Trina and her Buddies.
"She screws the drug dealer. She's begging for negative attention."
I watched as Jason took something from the guy in the van and Trina was babbling to him, clearly flirting. Suddenly he leant out of the window, turning his head to face in our direction. He had dark hair, high cheekbones, a cigarette between his lips and tinted sunglasses. Was he looking at us? Probably at Ginger. I sighed and looked down at my feet and listened to him drive away.
"Let's go." I got up to head home with Ginger, listening to her usual, 'she can kick anyone's ass' speech.
"See you'd let idiots get away with fucking you up. That's why the big Buddha made me. To stop it."
"Yeah so far your really kicking ass."
"Just gimme one clean shot. Just one, I fucking promise you."
"Don't humor me."
Ginger stopped walking and I looked up to see Jason McCarty.
"So, uh, Fitz. I think we should get together."
Ginger was silent and I couldn't see her face. What if she said yes? Would she do that to me?
"Um, no."