Title - You can't do this alone.
Chapter title - Or tuberculosis
Author - OblivionsGarden
Disclaimer - I do not in any way shape or form own Ginger Snaps or any of the characters from it. I also know some of the speech from the movie may be wrong, but I didn't have a script to go by and had to do it all by ear.

A/n - Not much has changed from the movie yet, but it will do. In either chapter three of four.


On the way home I took a photo to put on the wall of shame. Ginger sighed.
"Just say you won't go average on me."
"Just cause some gonad gets his zipper going? Rather be dead."
"I'd rather die than be here without you."
"Well relax, you're not y'big suck." Ginger laughed and shoved me into the bush.
"Ginger! Don't push your sister."
I regained my composure and moved back to stand beside Ginger.
"God I hate out gene pool."

We stayed in our room a while, bagging up all the blood and fake guts ready to trick Trina, until Pam called us up for dinner. I'd noticed Ginger was still rubbing her back as we sat down. Shortly after, Pam noticed it too.
"Ginger, why are you rubbing your back?"
"It hurts?" Seriously Pam, that was a no brainer.
"Well, um...the pain flows up your nerve ending to the synapses in your brain."
I giggled at Ginger and Pam sighed. "She's not funny. How did you hurt it?"
"Being dead."
Pam started asking about the exact location of her pain and I knew instantly what she was getting at.
"Oh my god. Do you think it's cramps?"
I dropped my fork in disgust as Ginger choked on her drink.
"Give it a rest for two seconds."
"Pam, we're eating." Ah, Henry. The father who just doesn't give a shit.
"Henry, the girls are both 3 years menstruating ok? It's not normal. If it's finally happening-"
"It's not!" Interrupted Ginger.
"Honey, it's nothing to be scared of. It's the most normal thing in the world."
"Maybe it's cancer of the spine."
"Or tuberculosis." I added, knowing our morbid humour disgusted Pam. Pam stared pointedly down the table at Henry. "See what your attitude does." Sure Pam, blame him.
"Or spondilitus." I suggested.
"Sponda-what?" Frowned Ginger.
"Fuses your vertebrae together."
"Bridgette stop it." Scolded Pam.
"Have a fit." Ginger rolled her eyes pushing her plate away.
Long story short we were sent to out room, which we later snuck out of to head to Trina's. As we were walking I started to get doubts.
"Ginger, we're gonna get caught." Honestly I don't know why I bothered. There was no way she'd let me back out of this one.
"No we won't." Came her monotone reply.
"Her dog won't even be out." Sometimes I wished she wouldn't take everything I said so literally. When I said we should kidnap Trina's dog, I was kidding.
"Well he has to pee sometime."
"No one leaves their dogs out anymore. Not since the beast showed up." I was starting to get an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. Something alerting me of danger, telling me to go home and stay safe.
"Then you'll just have to distract her whilst I nab the pooch and make with the gore."
I stopped dead in my tracks. Was she crazy. Distract her? "I can't distract her."
She turned on her heel, glaring at me. I knew I'd pissed her off. "The fuck B. This was you idea. If you don't like your ideas, stop having them."

We rounded the corner into the park and I sighed. "Sorry." I mumbled.
"I've just had it with Trina's shit, ok?" I didn't answer and she didn't wait for one as we both stared down at the magled body of another unfortunate mutt. Ginger said something about being able to leave a body now and told me to grab it's legs. When I did I could still feel it's body heat and grimaced. When I tried to lift it, it's leg detached and I dropped it in disgust.
"Oh, gross." I noticed a trail of blood on Ginge's leg. "You got some on you." She wiped it off before frowning and muttering, "Nice."
"B, I just got the curse."
"Ew." Great. The one thing that separated us from the rest and now it's over.
"It's not contagious."

A short while and a whine from Ginger later we turned to head home when I heard an inhumane growling and then a very high pitched screaming. I spun around to see Ginger being dragged away, the sound of her screams echoing around me.
"GINGER!" I screamed, loosing all sense and started to run as fast as I could after her. "GINGER?" I screamed again when I lost her track. Her petrified screams replied and I headed in the direction they came from. Everything went silent as people's porch lights came on, sensing movement. I froze, waiting for a sound when something collided with me, knocking me onto my back. It was Ginger, covered in blood. She stared straight into my eyes, her own filled with pain and fear, before she was dragged away screaming again. I screamed as I got up and ran after her. She was pinned beneath a huge, white, grotesque...monster. Thinking fast I started swinging my Polaroid around by the strap, ignoring when it flashed in the things face. I pulled Ginger up and all but dragged her out of the woods. She fell down at the edge and I picked her up and pulled her across the street, nearly getting hit by a familiar yellow van. Instead of hitting us though, it hit the thing chasing us. I didn't waist a second after, racing home, Ginger stumbling along and clutching desperately to my hand.