Title: Dreary Decisions

Summary: After Deepground, Vincent just wanted to accept his fate in life and move on from Lucrecia. Unfortunately, fate is not so kind. Now, he must choose between saving the woman who still holds a piece of his heart, the man trying to win over his heart, and vengeance against the man seeking to ruin everything he holds dear.

Warnings: Explicit yaoi, graphicness, swearing, smoking, gore, angst, etc., etc.

Groaning softly to himself, Vincent flexed his fingers as he tried to move, the sound of bubbling water filling his ears as his eyes snapped open. He could hear a heart monitor spiking in the distance as he curled his hands into fists. "Vincent!" Reeve called out, getting the ex-Turk's attention as he ran into sight. The engineer was smiling as he waved. "You're awake! Hold on and I'll let you out." He watched as the brunette moved to his left and out of sight before the liquid in the immersion chamber began to drain out. Once the liquid was no longer surrounding him and the glass top clicked open, he waiting while the Commissioner carefully removed the devices that were wrapped around and stuck to his skin.

"...What..." Vincent muttered, voice feeling even raspier than usual.

"Oh, well," Reeve started as he took the gunner's hand and led him out of the chamber, grabbing a nearby towel and handing it to the nearly naked man. "After I woke up locked in, what turned out to be my closet, I found you unconscious in a pool of blood of blood with my desk blown in half. I had the medics take you to the emergency bay while I rebooted Cait Sith. He told me that you ran from the building when you woke up after finding out that Cid was attacking Cloud."

Nodding, the gunner paused before running the towel though his hair, "...I killed him."

"Momentarily, yes," Reeve replied. "You died as well, Vincent. Cloud called me and told me what happened. The wonderful researchers in the W.R.O. were able to analyze the liquid that had seeped into Cid's shirt from the protomateria and we were able to create you a new one, with Shelke's help, of course. She was also very willing to assist in the restoration of Chaos so you will no longer be affected by Cid's genetics when he is around." Smiling at the ex-Turk, the engineer reached over and helped the gunner towel off his hair. "Apparently, without Chaos in your system, your body's energy went out of whack, as Yuffie would put it, and you started to break down. Cid exacerbated that due to his own genetic instability."

"...And Cid?"

"Out on a cigarette break...or a tea break," Reeve said with a smile before pointing to a small table with all of the brunette's personal effects on it. "I must say, with the combination of materia, a superior medical team, coupled months of physical therapy and rehabilitation has returned Cid to the ever-loving, grouch that he was before he decided to try to see how Cloud would fare without a head."

"...Months..." Vincent repeated before beginning to dress, the word sounding foreign to him. My, his life was just slipping by him without notice.

"Five, to be exact," the engineer said with a nod before helping dry off the metallic gauntlet on his left hand. "We were all really worried for the both of you. Yuffie only left your side to go make fun of Cid. Don't worry, he promptly hit her with a pillow when he could."

"...Good..." the gunner replied.

"...It really was strange, Vincent..." the brunette said hesitantly. "Cloud said that the second you and Cid collided, he felt the ground trembled and Rufus's Turks have reported that a rift tore through Mideel and half of the entire island was swallowed by a section of the Lifestream before sinking underneath the ocean waves. The few people that survived the first time that the Lifestream rose to the surface in Mideel perished."

"...Lucrecia was there.." Vincent muttered as he looked Cerberus over before strapping it into his holster. "What happened to Hojo?"

"There have been sightings of him near Costa Del Sol but it's so populated over there that no one can substantiate the claims. Rufus has the Turks looking into it."

"...You said that Cid was outside, right?"

"Yes, at least, I believe him to be..." Nodding, the gunner turned to leave, blinking when he was pulled into a tight hug by the engineer before being patted on the shoulder. "It's good to have you back, Vincent."

Nodding his head slightly, the brunette made sure that he had everything of his before heading out of the medical bay and down to the lobby. He smiled slightly at the sight of the blonde man standing on the other side of the glass doors as smoke drifted away from him. Stepping closer, the gunner opened the door before moving the stand beside Cid. "...It is a nice day," he murmured softly as he looked at the setting sun and the myriad of colors that blended across the sky before tilting his head to look at the blonde.

"...Got somethin' fer ya, Val," Cid replied before blowing out a mouthful of smoke.


Turning to look at the gunner, the pilot grinned before suddenly punching him in the mouth. "Ya fuckin' shot me, ya som'bitch!"

Laughing, the gunner moved to stand closer to the sulking blonde. "You started it."

"Fuck ya! ...It's good to see ya back to normal, Val."

Pulling down the tall cowl of his cloak before plucking the cigarette out from Cid's lips, Vincent pressed their mouths together, not caring about the blood that he got onto the pilot. "Seriously...call me Vincent."


Vincent smirked at the sight of the scowling blonde man standing across from him. "Swear to God, Val-" he hissed.

"Vincent," the gunner replied, unable to keep himself from smirking.

"Ya can either quit it or I'm shovin' this damn bouquet up yer goddamn ass!"

"No offense, father," the ex-Turk said to the priest that was standing between them. Looking back at the blonde, who was wearing a stunning white gown, the brunette smirked even wider. "You look beautiful. ...I vow to make an honest women out of you." Laughter erupted from the pew of the church as Avalanche clapped. Yuffie sulked at the wedding even though she was the flower girl.

"Ya som'bitch!" Cid snapped as his ears turned dark red, tossing the bouquet in Yuffie and Tifa's direction before swinging at the gunner.

"Uhh...you may now kiss the bride?" the priest offered as he winced.

Vincent dodged the blow before quickly grabbing the blond and pulling him close, murmuring lewdly in his ear, "I have a "gift" for you in my tuxedo. If you behave, I promise not to shove it down your throat in an attempt to gag you." Turning to the crowd as he hefted the thrashing and blushing blonde over his shoulder, Vincent nodded to the group of friends and the Turks that decided to crash the wedding. "Help yourself to anything you like at the reception. Cidney and I will be making our wedding official and will not attend it." Smirking at the irate screams that came from the blonde, the gunner slapped his ass playfully as he carried the pilot out of the church. "Come now, I could fuck you inside the church..."

"'Ey! Ya ain't pullin' no kinky shit on our fuckin' weddin' day!"

"Oh? I have a few toys that say otherwise, Chief," Vincent replied as he smirked, carrying the pilot to the nearest hotel and renting a room before heading up to the suite and opening the door, closing and locking it before tossing the pilot onto the large bed. "Tell me, did you wear any garments underneath the gown?" he asked as he spread the flustered man's legs while slowly pulling the hem of the lacy garment up his legs.

"Fuck ya! I ain't answerin' that!" Cid snapped before he was pulled into a deep kiss. Vincent quickly undid the bottom half of his tux before pulling his hardening cock out and lifting the blonde's dress up higher. He smirked when he pulled back to see that the pilot was not wearing any undergarments at all.

"Now, you have two options: I take you dry and fuck you all night long or you find yourself some lube and I fuck you all night long," the gunner said as he pressed their hips together, grinding their stiffening erections together and reveling in the dry friction that it caused.

"Ngh...som'bitch!" the pilot groaned as he arched up into the pleasure before leaning over and opening the nightstand, fumbling around until he pulled out a bottle of lubricant and handed it to the gunner. "Slick that shit up nice an' good 'cause I don't want to be limping on our honeymoon!"

"Oh, you will be limping regardless," the ex-Turk replied with a smirk before he tore open the bottle and slicked up his fingers, making quick work of preparing the blonde. Once the pilot was squirming on the bed and clenching around his fingers, the brunette brought the man close to his climax before removing his slick digits and chuckling at the needy and distraught sounds that came from the stocky pilot.

"Ya goddamn tease!" he snapped before squirming. "Hurry the fuck up! This goddamn thin' is chafin' like a bitch!"

Slapping his ass again, the gunner slowly stroked his fully hardened cock with his slick fingers before pressing the crowned tip against the blonde's entrance and slowly filling him. He kissed the blonde deeply as he rolled his hips slowly at first, groaning at the feel of the tight heat around his throbbing cock as he worked his way deeper into the pilot. Pumping his hips faster at the thick moan he received when the blunt tip of his cock rubbed against his prostate, Vincent gripped Cid's hips with a dark smirk before quickening the pace abruptly, fucking the shorter man viciously and making him scream in pleasure.

"Oh fuck!" Cid screamed as he was quickly brought over the edge, cum coating his lacy dress as he panted heavily, body clenching tightly around the gunner's cock as he continued to pump his hips before emptying his seed deep inside of the other man.

"Tell me, Chief," Vincent murmured as he pressed soft kisses along the pilot's flushed face. "Would you like a Viagra?"

"Fuck ya, Val! I don't need any goddamn boner pills" he snapped breathlessly.

"I love you, Cidney," he practically purred before pushing his tongue into the blonde's mouth as he kissed him deeply.

"Love ya, too, Vincent. Now, let's get back to the fuckin'!"

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