Still don't own KND. We decided to just add all the kids instead of waiting to introduce them, just so you know, Buddy and April had an actual fight via email about what their kids would look like it was really quite funny to watch, well read that is...anyway, with that said! Onto the norm!

Wally and Kuki's kids

Lili Hana Beatles (34) blonde haired girl with violet eyes

Yuki Zin Beatles(304) black hair and sea green eyes

Suki Jin Beatles(403)blonde hair and sea green eyes

Willi Ichiro Beatles (43) black bowl cut hair and sea green eyes

Nikki Asa Beatles(340), one violet and sea green eye with long black hair with blonde highlights. She was wearing a pink shirt, black skirt with blue tights. Spunky/crazy

Mai Beatles- 430. oriental girl with violet eyes and long black hair in braided pigtails. She was wearing a green sweater with black leggings

Rachel and Nigel's kids

James Nigel Uno(132) black hair and greenish blue eyes,

Jennie Rachel Uno(161), blonde hair and brown eyes, wearing a tiger stripe print skirt with an orange shirt wearing a hat that said 161.

Jessie Taylor Uno(162), blonde girl next to them, they looked liked twins, this girl was wearing a shirt with a tiger on it and blue jeans and wearing a hat that said 162.

John Montgomery Uno(163) brown hair and wearing sunglasses who was wearing a blue shirt and blue jeans,

Jocelyn Quinn Uno 263

Hoagie and Abby's kids

Amealya Abigail Gilligan(Amy)(53) tan skinned, wears a red hat. Blue shirt and a black skirt with blue leggings. Blue eyes, black hair

Hoagie Pennywhislte Gilligan III(HP)(25) wheres pilot googles, a plain brown shirt and blue jeans. Brown hair and chocolate eyes

Henry Thomas Gillian(502) tan skinned boy with brown hair who was wearing a pilot hat and aviator goggle. He was wearing a plain blue shirt with jeans. Talks in third person

Anita Allison Gilligan(Annie) 205

Patton and Fanny's kids

Isabella Marie Drilvosky (Bella)(860) black hair and dark eyes

Alice Mary Drilvosky(806) black hair and dark eyes

Carlie Renée Drilvosky (88) red hair and brown eyes who was wearing green shirt and black jeans.

Jacob Samuel Drilvosky(Jake) (80) black hair and green eyes who was wearing a black shirt and jeans.

Rosalie Lillian Drilvosky(Rose) 88

Mushi and Joeys kids

Conner Wallabee Beatles(22)- Japanese looking boy with blonde bowl cut hair and green eyes who was wearing an orange shirt and blue jeans.

Eva and Jacks kids

Evan Robert Daniels Numbuh 10.1

Elliot Jackson DanielsNumbuh 11.1.

Harvey and Morgans kids

Haley hair, brown eyes (63)

Heidi hair, brown eyes(36)

Daitaro 14. Brown hair, hazel eyes(163)

Harmony II 12. Black hair, blue eyes(3.4)

Hermione 5. Brown hair, brown eyes (4.3)

Daijiro 2 1/2. Black hair blue eyes(n/a)

Athena and Billy's kids

Collin 13. Red hair gray eyes(74.2)

Kyle 13. Red hair gray eyes(744.2)

William II 12. Red hair blue eyes(4.239)

Lucille(Lucy) 4. Blonde hair gray eyes(42.39)

Samantha 2. Blonde hair blue eyes(n/a)

Sophie and Max's kids

Blake 13. Black hair blue eyes(71.3)

Brock 13. Black hair, blue eyes(17.3)

Helen II 12. Black hair, brown eyes(714.3)

Ellie 4. Blonde hair, blue eyes(4.71)

Buddy and April's kids

Cealy Lakota 13. Blonde hair hazel eyes (4A)

Skylie (Skye) Rochelle 13. Blonde hair hazel eyes(4.A)

Teaghan Rebekah 11. black unruly hair with blonde highlights, gray eyes (A.4)

Chase Hunter 5. Messy blonde hair and gray eyes (4A.4)

Lee and Sonya's kids

Sarah 13 Blonde hair in pigtails, blue eyes. (8.8)

Susana 10 brown curly hair blue eyes(38)

Leo 4. Blonde hair, blue eyes.(48)

Virginia and Barties kids

David 13 black hair brown eyes(33)

Dani 9 long curly brown hair, blue eyes (35)

Mary 5. Black hair, blue eyes (53)

Kami and Melts kids

Buzz Fernando: 14, black hair, green eyes. (750)

Jayleigh Olivia (after Kami's mom): 13, black hair about three iniches off the shoulder, almost black eyes.(751)

Perviously on OWT

"Wow, thats a lot of kids..." Hoagie said, looking at all the kids.

"Yea, we have a big family..." Heidi said.

"So, wait," Rachel started, "Harvey, Max, and Billy are a year younger than us, the quads and April are our age...that means they had kids when they were 18 and 19.(A/N we think our math is's summer and it's 10:40pm when were writing this, the brain cells aren't working.) "How'd that happen?" Rachel asked.

"Well Father, technically our grandfather, staged an attack on moonbase, our mom and her siblings were there to help defend the attack, but they didn't know what they were up against." Haley explained.

"So all those operatives got pregnant?" Rachel asked in horror.

"Only those who had a boyfriend, those who were single or gay weren't affected." Heidi said.

"So who got pregnant?" Kuki asked, her eyes wide.

"Well, Aunt April who got pregnant with twin girls, Cealy and Skylie. Aunt Sophie who got pregnant with twin boys, Blake and Brock, Aunt Athena got pregnant with twin boys, Collin and Kyle. Sonya got pregnant by Lee with their daughter, Sarah. Virginia got pregnant by Bartie and had a son named David. Kami got pregnant by Melt with their son, Buzz." Haley explained.

"What's with all the doubles?" Wally asked.

"Side effect to the Hormone Powder, it's made to make the girls extra fertile." Heidi explained.

"But there's no way everyone was ovulating at that time." Kuki inputted.

"That's another thing about the hormone powder, it makes you ovulate." Haley responded.

"But how did Father even come up with this?" Nigel asked.

Heidi was about to reply when there was a knock on the door.

Okay, as you can tell, I wrote this before I confessed, I knew how many of you probably want me to update so here you go! Not as long as you probably wanted it but but it's something right? Anyone guess who it is? Whoever gets it right will get a sneak peak at Scarlet Dirt! SO REVIEW!