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Note: This is for the Skyfire promt. The entry is found on the, currently, last chapter of A Study in Stardom. It takes place before The Devil's Foot. Basically, it's kind of how I think the scene where Jeremy buries the hypodermic in the sand came about. :)

Chapter 1

"Uh, Jeremy, a word?"

Jeremy Brett looked up from his copy of The Complete Sherlock Holmes Vol. 1 and saw Watson approaching. He raised an eyebrow at the older man's pace. "What is it, Watson? Is something wrong?"

Watson plopped down next to him and said, "I saw the survey results for the show. It showed that children from eight to twelve years- of- age are watching it for educational purposes."

Amazement mixed with shock in Jeremy's expressive eyes. "Children?" his tone was daze

d. "Children actually watch the show?"

"Yes. For that reason I wanted to talk to you about Holmes's use of drugs."

Jeremy nodded knowingly. "I understand completely. You would like me to get rid of the drugs."

Watson's relief showed in his voice. "Right. I know I weaned Holmes off gradually, but would greatly appreciate it if he got off sooner."

Jeremy held out his hand. "May I see the results?"

Watson wordlessly handed over the printed white sheet he had been carrying. When he read the statistics, Jeremy raised his head. His mouth was open slightly, his deep green eyes were wide, and his face had gone white.

Edward Hardwicke had been walking past, but stopped when he caught Jeremy's expression. "Watson, what's wrong with Jeremy?"

Jeremy handed the paper to Edward in response. As he did so, Watson saw a more thoughtful expression replace the shock and awe reaction earlier.

When Edward saw the numbers, he raised his eyebrows. He looked up from the paper, at Watson and Jeremy, then back down. Jeremy watched his friend, amused. "Watson and I were planning to get rid of Holmes's... usage. What do you think, Edward?"

"Of, course," he looked up from the paper agian and noticed something in Jeremy's eyes and slightly narrowed his own. "Do I want to know how you are going to convince Holmes to quit quickly?"

A slow grin that, Watson had to admit, was slightly sinister stole over his face. "He would have to do anything according to the script."

"He could always complain," Edward pointed out.

Jeremy's eyes fixed on Watson's. "Do you know if Holmes has seen this yet?"

"No, not yet."

Jeremy's grin grew more sinister. "Excellent," he turned back to Edward, "He wouldn't complain if he saw the results." Jeremy looked at Watson for confirmation.

"He does care about the children even though he doesn't really show it," Watson agreed, slowly.

With that statement made, the actor stood and made a beeline to where the director was arguing about the script with the producers. Watson and Edward shared a glance that said, There he goes again.

"I hope it won't be like last time," Watson said, thinking about the last "fast- number", as the Americans put it, Jeremy pulled on Holmes.

Edward nodded. "Holmes certainly didn't like it."

They turned back to the not- really- argument, but not really heated discussion. Watson and Edward were too far away to make out the words, but they heard the voices.

At first, the discussion had seemed to be going fine between the director and one of his star actors, but as Jeremy was presenting whatever idea he had, the director started shaking his head and gesturing at another man, who was sitting nearby. Watson recognized him as the next director for The Devil's Foot, Ken Hannam.

Jeremy turned to him and started to talk again, but the next director turned his head to June and Micheal and asked something. There was a pause as June and Micheal looked at each other briefly before shaking their heads. Jeremy opened his mouth, undoubtedly to protest, but Ken raised his hands and said started to explain something, quietly. Whatever he was explaining, made Jeremy close his mouth and blink once. Edward and Watson exchanged a slightly concerned look.

Edward was about to go to them, but Watson, who had anticipated Edward's intention, grabbed his sleeve and said, "Not yet. Jeremy's not done yet."

And indeed he wasn't. After thinking something over, Jeremy handed the paper to the directors and said something. It was, apparently, a compromise. This seemed to appease everyone and they nodded. A triumphant smirk spread on Jeremy's lips as he made his way back to Edward and Watson.

Watson stood as he approached. "What was that all about?"

Jeremy's smirk became a grin. "The acceptance of my plan."

Watson and Edward looked at each other skeptically, then back at Jeremy, who sat in the chair he had vacated earlier.

"What is your plan?" Edward promted.

"Basically, Holmes buries the needle," Jeremy said, his voice dripping with satisfaction. Then he sobered and said, "If I can get permission from the Doyle estate, that is," he said this with an apologetic glance at Watson, who just shrugged it off.

"And if you don't get their permission?" Edward asked.

Jeremy sighed. "Then the needle will stay unburied."

End of Chapter 1

A/N: As I said above there may be a few inconsistencies. I have no knowledge about how these things come about. I apologize for the choppiness during the "bartering." It just, kinda came out like that. I couldn't find a spot to put where they are and where Holmes is in the story so obviously I had to put it in my beginning author's note. I hope you enjoyed. :D