A/N: This chapter takes place roughly a week from when the first chapter ends. They are about to rehearse for The Devil's Foot. This features Holmes and Jeremy. Watson and Edward are elsewhere. :D Enjoy! :D

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Chapter 2


Jeremy smiled when he heard that very familiar voice filled with irritation. He looked up from his script, stood, placed the script on the seat of the chair, and moved to where Holmes was standing.

"You called?" Jeremy drawled, when he was standing in front of Holmes.

Holmes glared at Jeremy and plopped the script for The Devil's Foot on the table they were standing next to. "You didn't tell me about the sudden script change."

"The reason being the script changed suddenly," Jeremy countered.

Holmes narrowed his eyes. Jeremy held his gaze steadily. They were very similar, Holmes and Jeremy, but there were differences. Jeremy had cut his dark brown hair pretty short, was a half centimeter shorter than Holmes, had emerald green eyes, and looked a tiny bit older than Holmes, if one looked closely enough. Holmes, on the other hand, had longish black hair that was always slicked back, and his eyes were an unusual, sharp grey color. Their tempers when provoked, however, were very similar.

"You changed the story. Why?"

Because of this," Jeremy handed Holmes the results from the survey. As Holmes glanced over it, Jeremy explained, "We had to do something about the illegal drugs you had been," here he raised an eyebrow questioningly at Holmes, "using rather too freely since children are watching."

Holmes raised his head and said, skeptically, "So you've decided to dig a hole, bury the hypodermic, on a beach where anyone could get hurt?"

"At least its made clear that you quit," Jeremy responded.

"Jeremy, I am not digging a hole on a beach, even if it is a simulated one," Holmes objected.

Jeremy just shrugged. "You don't have to. I am perfectly capable of doing it."

Holmes hesitated. "You've got the permission?"

"Of course," Jeremy grinned and glanced at the nearby director, who was talking with the scriptwriter, and the producers, Micheal Cox and June Wyndham Davies, nearby. "They wouldn't have written it otherwise."

"Fine, I'll let you do it," Holmes said, reluctantly.

Jeremy chuckled. "Don't sound so cheerful," his smile dropped as he asked, "Just for curiosity's sake, how did you know it was me?"

"You know my methods," Holmes said, picking up his script. Jeremy's lips tightened slightly against his teeth. Yes, he knew Holmes's methods only too well. "And," Holmes continued, amusement lighting his eyes, "add the fact that you have done this before, had neglected to inform me, and had the crew do so as well, until the day we started filming."

"It was a while ago, Holmes, I thought you would have forgotten."

The expression on Holmes' face was akin to the one intelligent birds of prey use when looking down on the other inferior animals. "I hardly ever forget."

Jeremy put his fist up to his mouth and fake coughed. "Penguin."

At Holmes's glare, Jeremy grinned and went back to his chair.

From a distance, Edward and Watson heard Holmes' irritated call for Jeremy. When they heard this, Edward looked at Watson and asked, "Think Jeremy heard that?"

Watson nodded. "I think those in the neighbouring studio heard."

They watched the exchange between the two, slightly tense, but were pleasantly surprised when the conversation ended on friendly terms. Well, friendly for Jeremy and Holmes. They let out a breath of relief.

"That was close," Watson muttered.

Edward agreed. Yes, he could remember a time or two when arguments had started between them and had ended in a literal physical fight.

"I wonder why those two rarely get along. Is it because they have conflicting interests?" he remarked to Watson one day, after one such fight.

Watson had looked at him. "It's not because they have conflicting interests. It's because they are so much alike."

Edward thought about that for the rest of the day. Yes, Jeremy and Holmes were much alike, that is probably one of the main reasons why the show has done so well.


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