I'm not too fond of what happens in season 4 so I'm doing an alternate version of the season from episode 13 and I'll jump between the episodes a bit and adding things that never happened. Don't like don't read.

I will wright Duman speaking with a slight cockney accent at times, because when I watched the Rai english version it sounded as if he at times had that kind of accent. :P

Happy reading!

Part 1 (Episode 13 - The Wizard's attack)

Riven watched Musa and the others and heard people scream in panic. He realized they'd need to find the others and work together. After all his talks with Helia and Nabu back at Red Fountain and at the Fruity Music Bar he'd come to realize that working in a group works better than alone. He ran up to Musa and said:

"Come on it's dangerous here let's get back to the group!"

Musa smiled a little.

"Okay there's just one problem", she said. "You belong to the wrong group!"

"Huh", Riven was confused, did she think he was with the wizards?

"Harmonic attack!"

"GAH!" Riven was hit and hit the wall really hard. He looked up and saw himself walk up to Musa.

"Musa", he said. "How did you know it wasn't me?"

"I know you so well", Musa said and it stabbed a wound in Riven's heart. Musa walked up to Duman, Riven knew it was him but he was too weak to warn her. "You never like to work in a group."

'Riven' smirked.

"Oh but honey you just blasted the wrong guy", he said and turned into Duman and attacked her with a beam. It hit Musa in the chest and he was flung onto the hood of a car. She sat up and with eyes wide in fear and confusion looked at the guy she'd attacked and Riven looked back at her with eyes full of hurt. Duman laughed but stopped when Gantlos grabbed his arm.

"Stop fooling around with them and follow me", he said. "I can sense Ogron's magic trail. The Earth fairy is with 'em let's go!" They took off. Brandon hurried over and helped Riven up.

"You okay Riven?" he asked.

"Yeah I'm fine", Riven said calmly and looked at Musa. She looked back. "Let's go find the others." He and Brandon started to run and Brandon turned to the girls.

"Girls are you coming", he asked. Stella looked at him and then Musa.

"We'll catch up", she said and Brandon nodded and ran off with Riven.

"I thought it was him Stella", Musa said and got up from the car.


"Riven… I was absolutely sure it was Duman."

"Everyone makes mistakes Musa."

"But I hurt Riven…"

"It's okay he'll forgive you."

"But I told Duman that I know him so well, when I thought he was Riven… But… I don't know Riven at all."

"Musa it was an accident and who knows, maybe Riven's changed during his time here on Earth. We all have in some ways." She looked around. "Can you keep a secret?"


"I didn't know it was Duman I blasted until he transformed back."

Musa stared at her. "What?"

"They were acting alike and looked alike to 100 %!" Stella said. "See not even I knew who was who!" She took off into the air. "Now come on we must find Bloom!"

"Okay", Musa said and followed.

"Nice working with the shape shifting Duman", Gantlos said as they flew through the air. "You tricked that girl to blast her boyfriend."

"Thank you Gantlos", Duman said with a smirk. "A shame Oi didn't get both of them."

"Meh she just guessed", Gantlos said. "Look there's Ogron and the Earth fairy!"

They saw their leader being blasted onto the rails.

"The train!" Duman exclaimed. Gantlos sped up, and he himself turned into a falcon.

"AH!" Ogron said and covered his head.

"YEA!" Gantlos yelled as he landed in front of his leader and used his powers to stop the train. His shockwave made the whole station start to crumble.

'Give those fairies something to worry about', he thought.

Duman saw Anagan stopping in front of Roxy and grin at her. Duman stopped behind her and shifted into his own form. The people around them were running around in panic but then that red head fairy did something and they stopped. Duman saw Ogron and Gantlos by the rails from the corner of his eyes. His animal senses made his ears able to pick up on the words.

"Why do I feel so weak", Ogron asked. Gantlos grabbed his arms and pulled him up. "This doesn't make sense!"

Duman himself felt weak and he and Anagan walked over to the other two.

"Ogron what's happening to us", Anagan asked. "I have no strength."

Duman tried to shape shift. But nothing happened.

"Oi don't 'ave the power to transform", he said.

"This is the effect of the Believix power", Bloom said and the four wizards turned around and looked at her. "The Earth believes in the fairies magic again and this is our strength. Gardenia trusts us now. Dragon heart!"

"Hey look it's really happening", a woman said.

"I-I believe it, fairies are among us", said some guy. The wizards felt pain and just before Bloom's attack hit them they escaped.

A while later the Winx and the Specialists were celebrating at the Fruity Music Bar. Riven watched Musa and felt the pain of her not knowing it was Duman all over again. He left the crowd and went to the beach to think things through. Musa saw him leave and felt a bit ashamed for the mistake but then she saw Jason and forgot about it for the moment, she'd talk to Riven later.

The wizards on the other hand were anything but happy.

"We must get our hands on that circle", Ogron yelled. "It's the key to our destruction!"

"But how will we do it Ogron", Duman asked.

"I don't know… yet." Duman looked at them with his blue eyes. "Duman when you've regained all your strength I want you to, every day, go up on the streets and try to find out everything you can about the winx and report back to me. Can you do that?"

"Sure", Duman said and sank down on the floor. "Just let me reload…"

Short I know but it will be logner in the future. So what do you think?