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Beep. Beep. Bee-Smash

"Curse you first day of school!" commented an onyx haired teen that had just thrown the alarm clock against the wall.

"Hinata what have I told you about throwing the alarm clock at the wall," said a woman, who looked like an older version of the teen, standing by the door.

"That if I keep it up you'll stop buying me a new one," replied the onyx haired teen, now known as Hinata. "I promise it was the last time mom. After all I need one to get to school on time...talking about school I should get ready."

~Hinata POV~

Once my mother left I headed towards my closet and took out a pair of blue skinny jeans, a lavender off the shoulder top, and a pair of lavender converse to match. When I finished dressing I grabbed my mid-back hair in a high ponytail and walked out my bedroom. I headed down the stairs with my messenger bag over my shoulder and my skateboard on my right hand.

"Mom I'm leaving now!" I yelled as a grabbed a piece of toast and headed out the door. Heading towards school, which was only 15 minutes away skateboarding, I started to wonder how my new school was going to be like and I couldn't wait to see Neji and Hanabi again.(In this story Neji and Hanabi are twins and they're Hinata's cousins) It's been 10 years since I last saw both of them. I wonder if they'll recognize me?

I stopped in front of Konoha High, my new school, and I saw that it was really big and two stories high. I grabbed my skateboard and headed towards the principal's office, on my way I noticed both Neji and Hanabi talking with a group of teens. They haven't changed a bit, they still have long brown hair and Neji is a guy! Well at least he looks good with longhair. I got an idea! And I even have enough time to do it. Look out Neji and Hanabi, because I'm back! I started heading towards their direction, putting my skateboard inside my messenger bag, I tackle both of them.

"Neji! Hanabi!" I yelled as I sat up on top of both of them.

"Would you get off!" responded Hanabi.

"Who are you anyways? And how do you know our names?" stated Neji as I got off of them.

"Awww, you guys are mean. I can't believe you don't remember your favorite cousin."

"Our favorite cousin...you don't mean you're-" Neji started to say, but didn't get to finish.

"Hinata!" interrupted Hanabi.

"That's my name, don't wear it out!"

"I can't believe it's you, I mean you look so different and it's been like 10 years! Come on I want to introduce you to our friends." Hanabi started pulling towards the group of teens that both she and Neji were talking to, with Neji walking right behind us.

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