Kori: Hey guys so this is just a quick character info of my OC.

Chi: Yep, but she's working on the next chapter too.

Nina: Which is a miracle.

Kori: Shut it! Let's just do the character info.

Chi & Nina: Grouchy.

Kori: Bite me! XP

Kori Hyuuga:

Age: 14

Hair Color: Chestnut brown (a bit below her butt)

Eye color: Dark brown

Height: 4 ft 11 inches

Grade level: Freshman

Fav. colors: Purple and blue

Parents: Hikari & Hiashi Hyuuga

Siblings: Hinata Hyuuga

Hobbies: Skateboarding, singing, dancing, extreme sports,

mixed martial arts, volleyball and basketball

Background info: Was an orphan in Suna who was later adopted by Hikari & Hiashi Hyuuga.

Both Hinata & her r in really good terms w/ da Subaku triplets.

Not much known about her past before she met Hinata.

Other: Has a short temper, short attention span if bored,

and has many split personalities for unknown reasons.

Kori: That's all there is to it…..I think.

Chi: Dumbbass.

Kori: Shut it! *starts mumbling things*

Nina: Let's just stop here b4 she blows a fuse.

Chi: Already on it. Bye bye peeps and look forward to the next chapter.

Nina: Laters~