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"CAN IT THE CHAPTER'S STARTING!" Rey yelled as he threw his book at Ald's head

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Waltzing with Destiny

Ch 1

The Dominion appeared amongst the debris belt half way between the Plants and Earth as it warped in "Captain we've arrived…" Catherine said.

"Attention all hands, activating hyper jammers and active cloak, we'll be going into ZAFT controlled space within the hour." Mayu's voice echoed throughout the ship.

Zechs floated forward in the bridge "Noin, how do you think the recon's been?"

Noin smiled "Knowing those boys… they've had no trouble at all…" she was wearing her standard drab green and black officers uniform of the Preventers the captains bars pinned on her collar "So you think that ship…"

"Yeah… but now begins the cat and mouse game… we just have to hope we're the cat…" Zechs said as the Dominion's active cloak made it virtually disappear.

Noin nodded "Well then… we'll just have to hope that the operation goes without a hitch then…"


"ORL zero one zero localize online…" the controller said from within the spaceport of Aprilius one.

"This is ORL zero one zero confirming nav comm. link." The pilot responded.

"Alright, zero one zero, entry looks good maintain heading, number three deck standby receiving status B."

Cagalli looked out the window and sighed "You know… I really wish we didn't have to do this trip in the first place… but both sides are nearing the boundaries of the treaty…" she said as she looked back at Athrun.

"Yes, representative it is a shame…" Athrun said.

"You really should lighten up, it's like looking at Heero… don't act so serious…" Cagalli smiled at him "Alex…"

Athrun sighed "It's that kind of attitude that blows my cover Cagalli… now… from the moment we step over that doorway I'm your bodyguard Alex Dino."

Cagalli nodded "Alright then Alex…"


Lunamaria sat in the passenger seat of the jeep as it drove through the busy armory one base "You know…"

"WHA! HOLD ON!" the mechanic who was driving said as he swerved through the legs of a GINN in ceremonial dress as it walked over them.

Luna looked up "You know… this is a mess…"

"You can say that again…" Lunamaria said "By the way, I'm Lunamaria what's your name?"

"Quatre… it's a pleasure…" the blond haired red pilot in the back seat said as he stretched "Damn… acting indifferent is really hard… I want to tell them more… or at least act more friendly…"

"So what plant are you from Quatre?" the Mechanic asked.

"I'm from Orb… immigrated after the war…" Quatre sighed "So… any cuties onboard besides you?" Quatre asked as he tapped Lunamaria on the shoulder with a smile on his face.

Lunamaria's eyes widened at the older pilot "Quatre…" she looked into his blue eyes "You know… I could introduce you to my sister…"

"Crap… I didn't expect that would work… Acting like Mu is a bad idea… though I'll have to try it with Dorothy…" Quatre shrugged "Sure… why not…"


Arthur stood in the bridge running over the final preparations for tomorrow's launching ceremony. "Captain… the pilots of the Chaos Gaia and Abyss should be arriving sometime today…"

Talia nodded "Good, see to it that their quarters are prepared..."

"Captain the duty roster is finished as you requested, I also finished the shift schedule." A green walked over and handed her the electronic clipboard.

"Very well… excellent work umm…" Talia blinked "What was your name again, I'm still getting used to…"

"Heero, mam Heero Yuy." Heero said as he smiled at the captain "That Duty roster should keep everyone away from Zero… good thing it didn't take a lot to stash it in the catapult for the Impulse…"


Gilbert Durandal hopped down the steps of the private aircraft with his aids behind him "But Chairman…"

"I understand their position, but Blue Cosmos isn't an organization so much as it is an… ideology…" he looked and smiled as he saw Rey saluting him he nodded as he started up the steps into the headquarters of Armory one. "Stricter adherence to the treaty isn't going to eliminate those terrorists…" the door opened.

"Mr. Chairman!" an aid ran over "The Princess from Orb has just arrived…"

Durandal nodded "My my… she's busy isn't she…"


Cagalli floated through the spaceport to the guide way "Alex… any idea where the meeting will be held?"

"Most likely Armory one's headquarters." Athrun said as they started forward.

Cagalli nodded "Alright then…"

Athrun looked at his watch then back at Cagalli "Do you think that's the appropriate attire?"

Cagalli looked at him "What does it matter what I wear, don't you think this is good… hay is that?" she blinked and looked back through the window "Couldn't be…"

Athrun looked "Looks a lot like him but I doubt it..." they floated on to the pickup location where they climbed into the black limo and started towards the meeting.

A jet black sedan pulled up and stopped "Hay, it's time…" the man as he climbed into the car.

"almost didn't recognize you for a second there… Trowa…" Nicol said wearing a preventers jacket. "So that's what you look like when you don't shave for two weeks…"

Trowa smirked "I need a razor; Catherine would kill me if I walked onboard with a full beard…"

Nicol nodded "No kidding… good thing Athrun and Cagalli didn't see you…"

"Oh they did… they just didn't think it was me…" Trowa said as he looked in the vanity mirror in the car as they started towards the place where they hid their suits.


Athrun stood in the elevator as the two aids talked with Cagalli "I could have sworn that was Trowa… but why… if I see any other familiar faces I'll tell Cagalli but otherwise I'll just be on guard… What reason would the ESUN have to get involved with the PLANTS?"

"So tomorrow marks the first launching of a new ship since the war ended…" Cagalli asked as she looked at the aid.

"Yes… Representative…" The aid said.

"They are well aware of what I came here to discuss… Strange that they're holding the ceremony now… in this place…" Cagalli said…

"That's true, however remember we were the ones who requested a meeting at their earliest convenience… Representative Attha… I suspect Chairman Durandal chose this location for our benefit… perhaps he thought it would attract less attention than a visit to the plant homeland." Athrun said as he looked over at Cagalli.

It was about ten minutes before they were walking into the meeting room where Durandal smiled as they entered "Princess, so good to see you… I appreciate you traveling such a long distance to meet here…" he walked towards them.

Athrun stepped into the room and took his place next to the door as Cagalli walked forward "No, I should be thanking you for fitting us into your busy schedule… I'm grateful you did."

The aid's bowed and exited the room as the two leaders walked over to a small coffee table where tea sat waiting for them.

"How are things in your homeland?" Durandal asked as he led the way "I understand many problems have been resolved since you became a representative Princess… as a friend I am delighted for you and to be perfectly honest a little envious as well…"

Cagalli nodded "There is still a lot of work to be done…"

"Yes… But I have to wonder, what matter could be so urgent that you would rush out here un announced… Despite your obligations… our ambassador has told me that you wish to discuss something with us… something complex…" Durandal smiled.

Cagalli sighed "And now it's time to jump through the political hoops… god how does Relena put up with this garbage politicians spout constantly?" "Personally I don't think it's really all that complicated… it's just that I haven't yet received a clear response from your nation on an issue that I feel is very important, the question is do you consider this a complex problem…" she asked.

Durandal blinked as she continued "I'm talking about the technology and human resources that left Orb as a result of the war… our nation has made repeated requests asking for you to cease applying them to military projects."

Durandal waited as she continued.

"Is there a reason why you haven't responded to our requests until today?" Cagalli asked directly.


A group of three teenagers walked through the streets as they looked around the girl stopped and looked into the window of a shop admiring her reflection in the glass she spun on her feet as if she danced through life.

The boys looked at her "What is she doing back there?" the blue haired boy asked.

The boy with green hair smirked "Playing the part of a ditzy airhead… that'd be my guess… Why don't you give it a try you might like it…"

The Blue haired boy looked back at her for a second then kept walking with his companion leaving the girl to stare at her reflection for a bit longer before she continued down the street dancing her way through life until she backed into another pedestrian.

she fell into him as he caught her dropping his shopping bag in the process a little shocked at what had just happened "You ok?" he asked.

She stared down for a moment then she turned and looked into his face his raven black hair and blood red eyes looking at her with concern on his face she glared at him then pulled herself from him she made to run when a hand grabbed her "Hold on for a second…" A girl with black hair wearing a pink sweater said as she walked up "How dare you!" she pointed at the boy.

The boy took a step back as the blond haired girl blinked "Appologize you… you…"

The boy's companion nudged him "Shinn, you totally just groped her rack… you lucky pervert…"

"Yolant" Shinn yelled then he stopped as he felt a hand on his shirt he looked down just in time to see the fist flying towards his face he shut his eyes braceing himself for the impact.

"HILDE!" another boy's voice yelled as he opened his eyes again to see another boy with a long braid wearing a jet black leather jacket holding her fist "He'll apologize you don't have to knock it out of him!"

Shinn sighed "Umm… where'd she…"

Hilde blinked the Blond had taken off "You're lucky if I was in her shoes… oh…" she fumed as she let go of him.

"Alright now that Hilde's calmed down a bit… don't suppose either of you could point us towards the military base?" The boy with the braid asked as he picked his duffel bag back up.

Shinn blinked "Wait you're Military…"

"Yeah believe it or not… so do you know where the base is we got lost on our way from the space port…" the boy scratched the back of his head.

"Could we see some ID we're both military also…" Yolant asked.

The boy nodded and fished an ID card out of his wallet and handed it to Shinn "Duo Maxwell… Red, pilot" his eyes widened as Yolant snapped to attention.

"I'm guessing you're a green then… cut it we aren't in uniform I'm not a stickler for the rules anyway…" Duo said with a grin "This is my wingman… girl awww hell girlfriend… Hilde…"

Hilde walked over again and glared at Shinn "Well then, Mr. perv would you mind showing us to the base then?" she glared.

"Hilde…" Duo groaned.

Hilde sighed "Please…"

Shinn smiled and picked up his bag "Sure… my friend Lunamaria called earlier apparently another pilot showed up already…"

Hilde blinked "What's their name?"

Shinn smiled "If you think I'm a perv then keep away from Quatre Winner…" they started walking.

Yolan laughed "Perv nothing you already hate his guts Shinn he was hitting on both Luna and Meyrin…"

Hilde looked at Duo as they walked.

Duo covering his mouth to keep from laughing "Oh man Quatre what the hell are you doing… I've got to see this before it's too late he'll never live this down ladies man Quatre international playboy…"

Hilde giggled which caused the two to turn around "What's so funny you know him?"

Duo grinned "Yeah… he's an old pal of mine… Quatre Raberba Winner, we fought together in the last war..."


Durandal led the way through the base as they made their tour "You're a woman of courage princess, and you know what it's like to pilot a mobile suit in a real battle… and you're the successor to the Lion of Orb. Lord Uzumi defended the ideals of his nation to the end, he refused to bow to pressure…"

Cagalli looked at him as he spoke "So how should we act considering the current state of the world?" Durandal asked.

Athrun looked into the Hangar where they had stopped and saw a new green mobile suit "One of their new models…" he glared.

"I'm sure you already know the answer to that question." Durandal said as he smiled at her.

"We will protect and maintain the ideals of our nation, it is as simple as that." Cagalli looked back at him "He's dodging my questions… more like maneuvering around them to gain a better position…"

"You will not attack another nation, will not allow another nation to attack you, and will not intervene in the conflicts of other nations…" Durandal spoke as he recited off the motto of the orb union.

Cagalli turned to face him "That's right…"

"Then we believe in the same noble sentiments… if possible that would be the best way." Durandal closed his eyes and smiled then opened them and looked at her again "But it is not possible without power… I'm sure that you… no you in particular can understand this princess, isn't that the reason that Orb maintains full military facilities?"

Cagalli glared at him "Please do me a favor and stop calling me princess…" "I'm not some child… where does he get off talking down to me like that oh how I…"

Durandal bowed "Representative Attha… Please forgive me…" he straightened up again and started walking "However… I have to wonder, what exactly are you afraid of representative? Pressure from the Atlantic Federation? Are they accusing you of giving us Military aid contrary to the treaty?" he asked.

Cagalli looked at him as he talked "But of course there's no evidence that you've done so… it's common knowledge that we welcomed refugees from Orb with open arms after the battle for your homeland… It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that to make a living here they had to apply their technical skills…" Durandal smiled "What else could they do?" he asked.


The shutter doors to the Hangar slowly raised on letting light creep in from outside illuminateing the five figures standing there they ducked under the door and rushed in hugging the wall

Two in military uniforms the other three in civilian dress the one nodded and he passed out the weapons to the other three of their group the two boys taking two guns each the girl a gun and a sharp combat knife.

They peered into the hangar where technicians worked on three mobile suits laying down in their transport racks the one boy nodded to the other as they readied their guns


"But still…" Cagalli said as she stepped in front of Durandal causing him to stop "too much strength will only invite another war."

Athrun blinked "If I'm Heero then you're Relena… you sounded exactly like her there…"


The three ran from the corner and into the hangar the two boys in the lead opened fire taking out the guards as they went the girl ran off to the side the boy with blue hair rolled through the air firing as he went taking out his opponents with ease a shot or two each as they fell to the floor dead.

The girl leapt high flipped and ducked under shots being fired at her before bringing the knife up into the attacker's throat firing into the other men around her with her SMG.

The boy with green hair spun as he fired taking down the men in the center and looked at his friend "Auel heads up!" he yelled to the blue haired boy.

Auel swung one of his guns over his head and sprayed up and behind him taking out three taking aim from the mobile suit behind him.


Durandal shook his head "No princess… strength is a necessity there will always be conflict." He said calmly as he looked at her.


The green haired boy threw a grenade at the last soldier in the hangar and smiled as it took him out the three dropped their guns and Auel ran over to him "Sting…"

Sting nodded "Alright, let's go!" they took off for the three mobile suits jumping up their armor and into the cockpits.

Sting smiled as the system activated "Status?" he asked his teammates.

"Ok, just like they told us…" Auel said as he smiled from inside his cockpit.

"All's good…" the girl said.

Sting nodded "Starting quantum catalyst, power flow satisfactory…"

Auel smiled "All armament active, all weapons free…"

"System operating at combat status…" The girl said as the eyes on the three machines flickered to life and started to rise to their feet.

A wounded soldier clawed his way up a consol and glared "Enemy… the enemy's here!" he slammed his fist into the alarm just before he passed out.


Alarms blared across the base causing the soldiers to stop Luna looked up "what's… Rey?" she looked at him as he talked with Quatre.

Quatre nodded "Something's…"

The base shook under an explosion as smoke could be seen from three hangars over "SHIT WE'RE LATE!" Quatre thought as he looked over to the next hangar "We're under Attack move it! He yelled.

Rey and Luna watched as he sprinted off towards the hangar "Hay Quatre that hangar's empt…"Rey stopped as he ran through the door "Luna let's…"


Shinn's eyes went wide as he felt the base shake beneath his feet "What's going… oh no…" he saw the smoke rise from the hangars.

Duo grit his teeth "Shit… it's started just my rotten luck…" "Hilde! Our machines should be in Hangar B-3 let's move!" he took off at a dead sprint.

Hilde looked at Shinn "Don't just stand there, we're under attack!" she yelled at him as she took off after Duo leaving him and Yolant on the gangplank to the Minerva…


"Chairman!" Durandal's aids dove on him keeping him covered as Athrun dove on top of Cagalli as a cloud of smoke flew over from the hangar they were standing next to.


Sting glared "Destroy all the hangars first, before they move the mobile suits out!" he ordered.

Auel smirked "Stella, you take the left…" he said as he took off to the right.

Stella nodded "Understood…" she said with cold hatred laced in her voice.

The three Gundam's took off through the base firing into every machine and hangar they saw.


Durandal stood "They what!" his eyes went wide as a soldier ran past.

Cagalli looked at Athrun "New models!" their eyes went wide as a blue mobile suit opened fire holding a large halberd like staff.

"That's a…" Athrun started his eyes wide.

"A… Gundam…" Cagalli finished.


Rey and Luna watched as a missile hit the hangar where their suits were stored they dove on the ground as the hangar collapsed in front of them "Damn it…" Luna started as Rey helped her up.

"HAY!" a boy and girl ran over each in civilian clothes one with a long braid and a leather jacket "Damn it…" the boy said "Hilde your machine's with Quatre's right?"

The girl nodded and took off again "I'll catch up Duo!" she yelled.

Rey looked at him "You know…"

"Now's not the time we have to stop this…" Duo said as he took off into the wreckage of the hangar.

"Hay that's dang…" Luna started "Rey only our machines were in that hangar weren't they?"

Rey blinked as he saw a pile of rubble pushed up from the debris "What in the…"

"Get ready you two… I'll uncover your machines for you…" Duo's voice echoed over to them.

"But where…" Luna started and stopped as the suit appeared in front of them jet black with a shroud around it that looked like a devil's wings rising from the burning ruins of the hangar it reached down and cleared the hatches of the two ZAKU's "Well don't just stand there gawking get moving rookies!" Duo ordered.

Rey and Luna jumped and ran for their machines as the black machine was fully visible "A… Gundam…" Lunamaria's eyes went wide "That looks like one of the ones from the Preventers from the first war we saw in class…"

She hopped down into the cockpit and closed the hatch "Your machines can move right?" Duo asked.

"Yeah… but I've got a few questions…" Luna started.

"Now's not the time… I'll answer them later, right now the God of Death needs to ply his trade…" the black Gundam took off towards the battle.


Durandal glared at his aid "Get her to the shelter…" he ordered the aid nodded then ran over to Cagalli.

"This way…" he said.

Cagalli looked back at the Gundam before Athrun shook her "Cagalli!"

Cagalli blinked at him "Right…" they followed the soldier at a run.

Durandal looked to his aids "We have to stop them no matter what it takes, call the Minerva for backup!" He ordered.


Athrun's eyes went wide as he watched the green gundam run a Ginn through with a beam saber he pulled Cagalli behind the hangar wall as the aid tried to run the other way and was caught in the blast.

Athrun pulled Cagalli out of the hangar "This way!" they started to run before they were cut off by a machine that looked like a black BaCUE that jumped.

Athrun pulled Cagalli behind a truck and grit his teeth "DAMN IT!" he yelled as he held Cagalli keeping her covered.

Cagalli glared "But why… why is this happening!"

The Black machine cut a DINN out of the sky sending it crashing into the hangar below it one of the new model suits flew out of the explosion and landed in front of the truck just missing them by a few feet.

Cagalli looked at Athrun "Athrun?"

"Yeah, I'm alright…" Athrun said with a smile.

They stood and watched as the Black suit transformed into a gundam and started to walk through the ashes firing at any suit that stood…

Athrun glared "Damn it…" he looked around then spotted the green mass produced suit behind them "That's relatively undamaged… it should work… I hope…" he looked at Cagalli then grabbed her "Come on!"


"Standby to launch Impulse, pilot to core splendor…" Meyrin said as Shinn climbed into the cockpit of the core splendor that made up the center part of the Impulse. "Sword module selected, opening silhouette hangar two, silhouette flyer standby for launch, platform setup complete… central catapult online, opening airtight shutters, emergency crew standby at launch stations, raise central catapult to launch position."

Shinn activated the cockpit controls as he was raised to the catapult "Core splendor all systems online, initiate launch sequence!" Meyrin said as the catapult charged.

"Hatch opened, linear launch system engaged, catapult power level normal course clear, core splendor go ahead, Launch!" the fighter jet like core splendor launched from the ship and rolled as it exited.

"Catapult's engaged, please deploy silhouette flyer!" Meyrin said as the sword flyer was launched after the core splendor "Now please deploy chest flyer!" the chest flyer followed the silhouette out "Deploy leg flyer!" she said as the last piece was launched.


Athrun and Cagalli climbed up the suit and she blinked at him "Get in!" Athrun ordered.

"Wha…" Cagalli blinked as he picked her up bridal style and jumped down into the suit then closing the hatch.

"Athrun wait…" Cagalli started.

"I'M NOT ABOUT TO LET YOU DIE IN A PLACE LIKE THIS!" Athrun yelled as he pushed the controls forward and the suit stood its mono-eye flashing as it activated.

The black machine looked towards them as it noticed the movement.

Stella glared at the ZAKU "What now…"

Athrun glared at the suit as it opened fire he punched the thrusters and rocketed sideways dodging the shot with ease "This thing's response time is on par with the Aegis after the upgrades… shit they're this advanced…"

Stella blinked as she watched the machine move "What?"

Athrun charged and rammed the spiked shield into the Gundam knocking it off balance sending it flying backward.

Stella glared and drew the beam saber of the Gaia "Bastard!" she charged.

Athrun glared and activated the beam axe on the suit as it ejected from the shield he parried her attack and jumped back "I still haven't lost it, I'm still a Gundam pilot you rookie…"

He dodged the attacks without any problems when an alarm flashed in the cockpit "Another one!" the Chaos charged from behind.

Sting glared "Stella!" he roared as he charged beam saber drawn.

Athrun started to turn when a blur from the left caught his eye "What?" a long curved sword cut through the hangar next to them and the doors fell away into a heap.

A cloaked machine flew out of the hangar and parried the incoming attack from the green Gundam as it was hit in the back by shots from a fighter that flew past.

Cagalli blinked "Is that the…"

The cloak billowed in the cross breeze before the suit ejected it "XXXG-01SR Sandrock Custom, alright let's do this!" Quatre yelled as he charged the green machine brining the long curved shotel's down forcing the Chaos back.

The jet that flew past combined with several other flying objects to form a mobile suit that turned red and white when the phase shift activated it drew the two swords on it's back and landed between the ZAKU and the Gaia then combined the two sabers into one long double ended anti ship sword and activated the beams.

Quatre smirked "Hey… you're Shinn right, this is Quatre let's bring these two down…" he said across the ZAFT channels.

Athrun's eyes widened "Quatre!"

Quatre smiled "Long time no see, Red Knight…" "Athrun's in that machine… their performance specs are lower than my machine but he can still go toe to toe with them…"

A set of eyes flashed from within the hangar "Quatre, where's?"

"Why is this happening!" Shinn glared "Are you trying to start another one! ANOTHER WAR!" Shinn roared as he charged lunging for the Gaia.

"DAMNED ROOKIE!" A black white and gold suit flew from the hangar and opened fire on the Gaia "Duo… any time now!" Hilde yelled.

Cagalli blinked "Hilde…"

Hilde's eye's went wide "Shit Cagalli's with Athrun…"

"GOT MY HANDS FULL!" Duo yelled over the channel "Lunamaria, Rey flank him and drive him towards Quatre, Hilde, Shinn drive the Gaia and Chaos into a group!"

Stella watched in horror as the other Gundam's charged her "HOLD ON WHO'S THIS!" she flew backwards and away from the Impulse and the black Gundam Hilde was piloting.

The Impulse scored hits with the sword with ease then opened fire with the head mounted CIWS Vulcan's the Gaia jumped back only to jump again from a shot from the Impulse.

Athrun watched "Damned for a rookie that kid's a natural at piloting…" "Quatre, let's take that green one!"

"That's the buddy I know…" Duo yelled as he flew past chasing a Blue gundam "Long time no see!"

Sting glared "Damn it, what the hell are all these Gundam's there's no data on them!" he grit his teeth as he fired on the Sandrock "Hay Auel!"

Stella transformed the Gaia and charged the Impulse "Oh crap!" her eyes widened as the Impulse split the swords and charged her readying to strike, barely missing the attack Stella rolled the Gaia and fired from above.

Shinn blocked the shot with the blades of the Impulse then threw one at her knocking her out of the sky.

Hilde blinked "Damn… he is just like his little sister… he's got what it takes…"

A voice came over their channels "Shinn, your orders are to capture them… you do understand that they're ours right?"

"I know that, I don't know if I can take them though… How the hell did this happen in the first place!" Shinn yelled.

Heero stood and took the headset from Arthur "Shinn… patch the others through to this channel…"

"What!" Shinn asked.

"Do it!" Heero ordered with a cold tone.

Shinn gulped "Shit since when did a green intimidate me!" "Hey… Duo there's this green who want's to talk to you guys on the bridge of the…"

"Patch him through damn it we heard it!" Quatre yelled.

Shinn jumped then did it "Alright…"

"Heero, all hell's…" Quatre started.

"I know what are the status on Nicol and Trowa?" Heero asked.

"No contact... as of this morning." Hilde said as she fired on the Gaia.

Heero nodded "Rodger that, they're probably outside already waiting to head them off they'll try to make an escape with this many enemies making a coordinated stand against them, they'll most likely try to escape thr…"

"Just who the…" Captain Gladys started.

Quatre glared "No sense on hiding it anymore…"

Heero turned and looked at her "Not now… we'll explain when it's needed right now our priority is stopping those machines… Quatre, Duo bring them down that's an order!"

"We're the same rank damn it!" Duo yelled.

Quatre nodded "But Heero's in charge until we link up… Rodger that Heero…"

"If they're on a capture mission they prob…" Captain Gladys said.

"Way ahead of you on that one Captain…" a voice said as another line opened and Trowa appeared on the screen "No contacts outside yet…"

Heero nodded "Understood keep an eye out for that battleship worse case we force them into a suicide mission scenario…"

Arthur backed up from Heero "Just who…"


Neo looked at his watch and smiled "Time's almost up, they're having a little too much fun…" the watch beeped "Ok, let's go, carefully though." He ordered.

"Activate Gottfried one and two, load missile tubes one through eight with Korinthos" a controller ordered.

Neo smiled "Main gun's target the port side Nazca class, deactivate mirage colloid as we fire, engines to maximum!" he ordered "Well… get ready people thing's are about to get a little interesting…"

The captain nodded "NOW GOTTFRED'S FIRE!" he ordered as the main cannons opened fire on the Nazca destroyer.

Trowa's eyes widened as he watched the four beams pierce the destroyer "Nicol… scratch that we've got company…"


Heero grit his teeth "Damn it they're closer than we predicted… this captain has… no these tactics…" "Trowa do not engage the battleship, wait to intercept, if they launch mobile suits bring them down!"

"Rodger that…" Trowa said "Engaging enemy mobile suits…"


The Heavyarms flew out from under the colony and opened fire on the Dagger's with it's two doubled Gatling guns "The firepower increase is nice…"

"Nicol you take the…" Trowa started but stopped when the crimson red steak past him at full speed and launched the arrestors into two Dagger's.

The two suits convulsed for a few seconds then blew up "This is Nicol Amalfi, Nebula Blitz reporting in…" he leveled the Trikeros shield at the new mobile suits launching from the battleship and fired.


"Athrun…" Cagalli said.

"We're being attacked from the outside!" Athrun said "Quatre, Duo, I don't have any idea why the hell you guys are here but let's finish this, I want a full explanation after we're done…" Athrun said as he swung at the Chaos.

The Abyss flew past "Hay Sting… that's our cue…"

"Yeah I know… it means that our ride's here…" Sting said.

The Abyss landed next to the Chaos "We're late… our bus will leave without us…"

"I KNOW, I TOLD YOU I KNOW THAT!" Sting roared "Stupid…"

"What's the story on those machines?" Auel asked as the Gundam's leveled their weapons at the two machines "There were only supposed to be three new ones!"

"I know… I know…" Sting said as he typed.

"So what do we do they aren't part of our plans…" Auel said and grit his teeth "Neo screwed up…"

"Well we can't ignore them… but they'll be trouble if they come after us…" Sting said.

Auel grinned "That red one… we'll take its head as a prize." He and Sting flew up and over the other Gundams and charged the Impulse from behind "NOW THAT WOULD BE A HELL OF A COOL PRESENT!"

Shinn watched in horror as the Abyss opened fire on him he rolled back "Damn it!"

The Chaos dove on him bringing both of its beam sabers down trying to cut him in half Shinn ducked and rolled back an alarm blared in his suit "Oh crap!" the Gaia hit the Impulse knocking him back again.

Cagalli watched in horror then hit Athrun "Help him!"

"Alright, hang onto something!" Athrun pushed the ZAKU into a charge as the Abyss closed on the Impulse from behind.

"GOTCHA NOW!" Auel roared.

Shinn's eyes widened as he watched the Abyss raise the halberd to strike "This is it… what the!"

The ZAKU charged past and rammed the Abyss knocking it to the ground then Athrun threw the beam axe into the Gaia's shield forcing it back.

Auel grit his teeth "TAKE THIS!" He fired just as Athrun turned the shield taking the impact on it knocking the ZAKU back into the wreckage of a hangar hard.

Cagalli gasped then collapsed onto Athrun "Cagalli!" his eyes went wide as he felt the back of her head and his hand was red with her blood.

"HAAAAA!" Hilde yelled as she charged with the Strike Noir swinging a beam saber at the Chaos.

The Deathscythe charged the Gaia and clashed with it "THE GOD OF DEATH IS BACK FROM HELL!" Duo roared as he pushed the Gaia back.


"What's the situation on those machines!" Durandal yelled as he walked through the makeshift medical facility "Someone explain the situation to me!" shielded himself as an explosion lit up the sky.

"Mr. Chairman!" a black coat ran over.

"Toxic gasses are being released Mr. Chairman please make your way to the shelters sir…" He pleaded.

"How can I head for shelter I don't even know what's going on out here!" Durandal yelled at him.

"But sir… at least board the Minerva…" the commander pointed towards the black warship.


Shinn dodged an attack from the Gaia "Damn it… how am I supposed to…"

"You blockhead listen to us we'll work as a unit to bring them down!" Hilde yelled as she clashed with the Abyss in the Strike Noir.

Shinn blinked "Why should I you're obviously not with ZAFT…"

Duo swung at the Chaos "If we were fighting against you would we be helping you?"

Shinn grit his teeth "Shinn!" Lunamaria yelled as the two ZAKU's closed and fired on the Abyss.

"Hay Sting… our times up my machine's almost out of power!" Auel said.

Sting grit his teeth as he flew back from the Sandrock "Damn it… Stella we're leaving can you shake them?"

"I can take this guy out!" Stella said as she opened fire on the Impulse again "I can… I CAN TAKE HIM!" the Gaia and Impulse passed each other trading blows as they went.

"WE'RE LEAVING THAT'S ENOUGH! STELLA!" Sting roared as he flew after her.

"HE'S NOT GONNA BEAT ME!" Stella roared as she circled back for another attack.

Auel smirked "Then I guess you'll just have to DIE HERE!" he yelled.

Stella froze her eyes wide with fear.

"Auel no!" Sting yelled.

Auel smirked "I'll tell Neo the last word you said was GOODBYE!" He said with a cruel tone.

Hilde blinked "Why did it stop?"

"System Error?" Duo suggested "Grab it now Shinn!"

Shinn blinked then charged the Gaia only to be forced back by the Chaos.

Stella shook "die… me die…" she shivered in fear.

"Auel why did you do that!" Sting yelled.

Auel grinned "She wouldn't stop… I had no other choice…"

"Goodbye… no… NOOOOO!" Stella roared as she pushed the thrusters to their max and flew towards the upper part of the PLANT.

Sting grit his teeth and followed her glaring at the Abyss.

"But it worked didn't it?" Auel said calmly… he fired four bursts from the Railgun's at the other machines forcing them back.

Shinn glared "Not so fast!" he charged after them.

Duo glared "Damn it…" he pushed the thrusters of the Deathscythe Hell Custom to their max and flew after Shinn catching up in a few seconds "Shinn, don't fight alone! Quatre, Hilde!"

Quatre nodded "Rey Luna let's go, Hilde Go help Athrun I think his suit's trapped, the impact knocked out his communications."

"Rodger that…" Hilde said as she dropped down towards the green ZAKU.

Rey and Luna started to follow when the thrusters blew apart on Lunamaria's ZAKU "AHHH!"

"I've got ya!" Hilde Yelled as she caught the falling suit and lowered them to the ground.

"Thanks… Hilde was it?" Lunamaria asked.

"Yeah… come on help me get my friend's" Hilde said as she started towards the downed ZAKU.

The ZAKU started to move as it finally pulled itself free from the wreckage as they approached "Hilde, Cagalli's injured we need…" Athrun started.

Hilde's eyes went wide "Athrun why the hell are you being so damned reckless when you have her with you!"

Lunamaria blinked "Did she say Athrun? Just who are these guys anyway?" she looked at the black gundam "I'll take you to the Minerva but you'll have to disarm yourselves…"

Hilde opened a channel with her "That's fine so long as we can get medical attention for the representative…"


"Nazca class destroyed!" The operator yelled from his seat to Captain Roanoke.

"GuAZI approaching, port side a stern three of them!" The radar operator yelled.

The ship's captain nodded "Fire anti beam depth charges then accelerate for ten seconds, load missile tubes one through four with sledgehammers, call our mobile suits back!"

Neo looked over at the communications officer "Any word?"

The officer looked back at the Captain "No sir…" he shook his head.

Neo nodded as the ships captain looked at him "They might have failed… they might have smashed the harbor up but that place was a military arsenal the longer they stay the worse their chances are…"

Neo got up from his seat "I know that…" he turned and smiled at the captain "But I wouldn't have sent them on that mission if I didn't think they had what it took to pull it off and make it back here safely…"

The captain nodded at him.

"I'll go buy us some time, you're in command!" Neo pushed off towards the rear of the bridge.

"Yes sir! Hangar deck, the Exus is launching get ready!" the captain ordered.


The Chaos launched the two pods on its back sending them after the Impulse and Rey's ZAKU.

Shinn grit his teeth "These guys are pretty good for flying stolen machines…" he rolled under a shot from one of the pods as Rey opened fire on the Abyss.

"If they get out of here that's it!" Rey yelled as he flew after the Abyss.

"I'm doing my best…" Shinn chased after the Chaos trying to catch the suit.

Duo groaned "Shinn, Rey you two focus on the Abyss, we'll get the Chaos." He flew after the green machine at full speed as it opened fire on him with a wave of missiles he smirked.

Quatre opened fire with the Vulcan's mounted in the head of the Sandrock taking out the missiles before they could reach Duo "Duo… be more careful your piloting has gotten reckless lately…" "Ever since the Deathscythe Hell he's taken more risks charging into fire…"


Captain Gladys looked at Heero "It's obvious you're with some other military now… who are you with?" she asked as Heero stood looking at the tactical map.

"It's no use, the control room isn't responding to our hails mam!" one of the officers yelled over to Gladys.

"The factory has a gas leak mam, there's a level four evacuation alert for all districts between S-pass and Rono." Meyrin said as she looked over.

"Captain the situation is critical… If they succeed in getting away with those machines…" Arthur started.

"We are not gonna let that happen without a fight…" Talia said as she sighed.

Meyrin blinked "Lunamaria is returning, she's bringing one of the unknown suits and a damaged ZAKU with her…"

Heero looked over "Which one?"

Meyrin pulled up an image on the screen and Heero nodded "That's the Strike Noir, piloted by Ensign Hilde Schbeiker… It doesn't look damaged so…" "Damn it…"

Talia looked at Heero "So Heero is now a good time to?"

A line opened with the bridge "Heero, representative Attha is injured and requires immediate medical treatment…"

Heero glared "What happened and who…" he started when another line opened with the bridge "Athrun… shit… well there's the clearance we need to tell them who we are…"

"My name is Alex Dino, I am Representative Attha's aid we were forced to borrow this machine and defend ourselves because of the battle, I trust that it will not be too much trouble to ask for the ship's doctor to…"

Talia nodded "It's no trouble at all… and I'm guessing that the other pilots are from the Orb union?"

Hilde shook her head as Cagalli leaned into the screen from the cockpit of the ZAKU "Heero… I want a full explanation now…"

"It can wait until…" Heero started.

"Cut it, this isn't a broken leg you just reset on the fly… Now." Cagalli ordered as she winced from the pain in her head.

Heero sighed "Do we have clearance then, representative to…"

"Yes and when I get some aspirin I want the full details of the mission understood…" Cagalli said as she held her head.

Heero nodded "understood…" he looked at Talia "We're with the ESUN preventers, Ensign Hilde, see to it that the representative and her aid are filled in on the mission parameters…"

Hilde nodded "Yes sir…" she closed the line.

The bridge was quiet until Talia looked at him "You're with that rogue military force from the first war?" she asked.

"It's your choice weather you want to believe it or not…" Heero walked down the steps of the bridge to look at her on the level he extended a hand "For now our objectives are the same so it would be a good idea for us to cooperate…"

Talia took the handshake "I watched from the bridge of my old ship during the final battle of the war your force protected the plants from…"

"The earth forces peacemaker taskforce… I'm sure you know the details about…" Heero started.

"I still don't believe that there's a second earth on the other side of the galaxy… let alone the information about that false war known as Operation Meteor…" Talia looked at him as he smiled.

"Your choice…" Heero said "However the consulate in the Orb Union would say otherwise…" he started back up towards the electronic map table.

Talia sat back down in her seat "I doubt you know which enemy unit is responsible for this, it's a daring plan…"

"The information we've gathered points towards the eighty first autonomous mobile battalion, however… their commander and one of their battleships disappeared a week ago without a trace so most likely they're responsible for this attack." Heero said as he looked at her.


Nicol watched the large blue and white battleship as it's hangar doors opened and a pink and white mobile armor flew out at high speed "Trowa, we've got an incoming…" "That mobile armor looks like an advanced Moebius Zero…"

Neo smirked as he launched the four dragoon pods of the Exus rolling through shots from the ZAFT forces he locked onto their suits and opened fire.

The dragoon pods beam cannons tore through the GINN's like they were nothing.

Trowa glared "Nicol… that style of fighting it couldn't be…"

"Only one way to find out…" Nicol said as he fired a lancer dart after the Exus.

Neo smirked as he rolled away from the shot with ease and turned to face the Nebula Blitz "So… they've got more new models that we didn't know about…" he fired.

Nicol circled as he fired on the Exus "Trowa… it feels like him but it can't… we both know he's…"

Trowa nodded "Keep him occupied long enough for me to get a good shot on him…" he leveled the two twin Gatling cannons and waited for a targeting lock.


Rey blinked as he felt something "What was that… just now I felt…"


The door to the bridge hissed open and Durandal walked through.

Arthur and Meyrin stopped and looked a little shocked to see him as Talia looked up "Chairman…"

"What's happening… give me a status report." Durandal ordered.

Heero looked at him "Three machines have been stolen and are currently being pursued either to be captured or destroyed as to not let the enemy get their hands on them… there's a gas leak in the factory district with a level four evacuation alert, the chief representative of the orb union is aboard this ship for medical treatment…"

Durandal blinked as he looked at Heero who was calm and composed "Thank you…" Durandal said "I must say I'm impressed by…" he stopped as Talia stood.

"Chairman… the unknown machines fighting alongside ours are machines from the ESUN preventers taskforce, this is Heero Yuy who is in command of those machines…" Talia walked up to the level where they stood.

Heero nodded "Chairman, it's your choice but right now my mission is to prevent those machines from being stolen, the pilots under my command are at your disposal for the time being."

Durandal nodded "I remember reading reports about the Preventers, though all were stipulated as nothing but rumors that they were a rogue military force that fought with the Orb Union during the final days of the war." He said as he walked over "Do you have evidence to back your claims?"

Heero pulled out a small drive and handed it to him "This contains the necessary documentation to back the existence of the ESUN, if needed at a later time I will put you in contact with the vice foreign minister…" he turned back to the map table and watched the movements of the Chaos, Gaia, and Abyss as they ran.


Stella opened fire with the beam cannons on the Gaia hitting the thick glass composite that made up the shell of the PLANT.

Shinn glared "DAMN IT!" he grabbed the two beam boomerangs on the sword pack and threw them at the Gaia.

Auel opened fire with the Abyss's full arsenal taking out the two beam boomerangs in a hail of beams and rail gun slugs.

Shinn grit his teeth "Damn it I'm down to one sword…" "Minerva, send out the force silhouette!" he ordered.


Arthur looked at Talia "Captain?"

"No sense keeping it a secret now…" Talia said as she looked over at Durandal "Send it out, I'll authorize it…"

Meyrin nodded "Force silhouette standby for launch…" she ordered as the hangar doors started to open.

Heero looked over at her "What one is the Force silhouette stored in?"

"The first one at the bottom of the lift…" Meyrin said "Why?"

Heero sighed "Ok… whichever one is in hangar two don't use it… I moved it so I could store my mobile suit…"

Durandal blinked "How can you?"

"It is transformable into a high speed flight mode and in this mode it's about the size of a fighter jet…" Heero said as he watched the silhouette launch.


Rey closed with the Abyss and brought his beam axe down onto the halberd of the suit "I wont let you escape!"

"Keep him like that Rey!" Duo yelled as he charged the beam scythe raised high "One good hit and…"

Auel glared "Like hell I'll let you cut me in half!" he kicked Rey's ZAKU knocking it away before turning and firing on the Deathscythe forcing Duo back.

"This will do it!" Stella yelled as she fired on the colony wall again.

Shinn zoomed in on the Gaia watching it attack "Damn it… gotta stop it…" an alert made him look "Damn it…" he rolled out of the shots coming from the Chaos as it dove on him.

"GET AWAY FROM HER!" Sting yelled as he attacked he launched the weapon pods after the Impulse.

Shinn backed up blocking the attacks with the shield as the Chaos closed and grabbed the last sword he had with the claws on the legs shearing it in half in his hands.

Quatre glared "Shinn, heads up!" he threw one of the shotel's to the Impulse.

"What the… holy crap this thing's light for its size…" "Thanks…" he charged the Chaos again and swung the giant curved sword at the suit.

"Oh shit!" Sting flew back firing on the Impulse Rey dove between them and fired.

"Shinn!" Rey pointed towards the incoming Force pack.

"Right, Quatre!" Shinn threw the shottle back to the Sandrock and ejected the Sword pack as the suit went to it's dark grey color again the Force pack attached and the suit became a red white and teal blue.

The three earth forces pilots watched in horror as the Impulse changed it's equipment and charged the Chaos.

"No way!" Sting yelled as he fell back from the attacks.

"He changed his equipment!" Auel yelled as the Impulse turned and flew at it's full speed after the Abyss he opened fire with the six beam cannons under the shroud.

Shinn raised the shield and pushed his way through the beams ramming into the Abyss knocking it away before launching after the Gaia.

Stella's eyes widened as she fired falling back from the Impulse.

Duo smirked "Well I'll be damned…"

"Duo if you were any more damned you'd be in hell already…" Quatre said as he flew past after the Chaos as it attacked Rey.

Auel flew up and fired on the glass of the colony with the beam cannons of the Abyss.

Sting glared as he charged the Impulse "You're gonna pay for that!" firing after it.

Shinn rolled through the shots and kept after the Gaia keeping it on the run.

Stella fired frantically "Stop it! JUST STOP!" she screamed.

Shinn glared as he closed "SAY GOODBYE!" he raised the beam saber to strike near point blank with the Gaia as the Abyss and Chaos both fired their beam cannons from behind him hitting the glass shell of the colony melting a hole large enough for a mobile suit to fly out.

The Gaia rolled and flew out through the hole as the Abyss and Chaos flew past in the high turbulence winds and flew out into space.

"DAMN IT!" Shinn yelled as he charged out into space.

"Shinn!" Rey yelled.

Duo shrugged "Rey, Quatre let's move we've got them now…" The Deathscythe Hell rolled and followed them.

Rey blinked as the Sandrock flew up "Let's go we can't leave him out there, his suit's probably running low on power…"


Arthur's eyes widened "Captain they're heading out on their own and the enemy ship is still out there!"

Heero looked at him "They aren't alone… we have them where we want them now, Meyrin open a channel with this id code XXXG-01H that will open a line with the forces near the battleship we can cut them off…"

Meyrin typed in the code and Trowa appeared on the screen "Heero I'm a little busy right now… there's a mobile…" he stopped as Heero glared at him.

"The three machines are heading for that ship cut them off!" Heero ordered "I'll head out as well…"

Meyrin blinked as she looked at the Impulse's readings "The Impulse's power is getting critically low it only has three hundred left at the most!"

Talia looked over at them then stood "It would be a catastrophe to lose the impulse as well, it's time… Launch the Minerva…"

Durandal nodded "Very well… Talia…" he sighed.

Heero nodded "I'll wait till we launch then I'll launch in the Wing Zero…"

"Now commencing Minerva launch sequence, the ship is switching to combat status." Arthur said into his headset alerting the crew as he took his seat at the sub captain's post.

"All gunnery crews prepare for FCS contact, set all projectile configurations to grade one…" Meyrin said as the weapons came online.

Talia turned and looked up to Durandal "you should disembark Mr. chairman…"

Durandal sighed "Talia considering the circumstances I can't just see myself waiting around for reports…"

"But sir…" Talia started.

"I have a duty that goes along with my authority, I'm going with you please permit it…" Durandal said in a cold tone.

Heero nodded "Disembarking at this stage would be risky anyway…"


Shinn flew through space with the other suits scanning for the three machines "Damn it… where are they?"

"Shinn, retreat for now this is just reckless…" Rey said as he flew over.

"No getting back into the colony through that hole is damned near impossible with the high wind turbulence, we'll just have to link up with Trowa and Nicol…" Duo said as he flew over.

"You have more?" Rey asked.

The Sandrock flew past "They're engaging a mobile armor of some form near the enemy battleship, I have a lock on the Chaos Gaia and Abyss they're near them…"


Trowa rolled and fired a wave of missiles after the Mobile armor "He's good… he's just like the commander…"

The Exus rolled as Neo smirked "I might have misjudged the situation…" he opened fire on the missiles using the explosion as cover to retreat to some wreckage

The Chaos Gaia and Abyss flew into the other hangar as it flew away from the PLANT.

Nicol glared "Damn it… now we have to take out that ship…"


Stella shook holding herself as the Gaia touched down "I'm not dead… I'm gonna be alright…" tears started to float from her eyes "Everything's fine Stella isn't it…"

Sting and Auel left their machines and started for the interior of the ship leaving Stella to sit in her machine…


"Incoming message from Captain Roanoke sir, it says to move the Girty Lue to new position blue eighteen mark thirteen alpha sir." The comm. officer said to the ships captain.


Neo lifted off the wreckage and took off for the new position.


Rey blinked "There it was again what is this feeling?"

"WHAT THE!" Shinn yelled as green beams streaked past his suit then the pink and white Exus flew past firing as he blocked the shots on his shield.

Duo stopped cold "Guys we've got company!" the blue battleship came out from around the side of the Plant.

Quatre smirked "Yeah but we've got backup to! TROWA!" he cheered as the Blue and white Heavyarms Custom flew in ahead of the ship.

"You two out of the way!" Trowa yelled as he opened the chest of the Heavyarms revealing the four beam gatling guns mounted in the chest and leveled the two twin chain guns mounted on the arms at the mobile armor.

Shinn's eyes widened "OH SHIT!" he rolled down away from the Heavyarms as it opened fire with the eight guns spewing bullets after the mobile armor.

Duo laughed "Damn Trowa what's got you pissed off…"

"It's not that I'm pissed off, I'm following mission parameters…" Trowa said calmly.

Nicol launched the lancer darts after the mobile armor chasing it "Quatre, this guy… he fights like…"

Quatre blinked and looked at the mobile armor "it looks like that mobile armor Commander La Flaga piloted…" "I get it… what the!" his eyes widened as a ship flew out from under the colony.

Shinn's eyes widened "The Minerva!"


Lunamaria looked over at the pilot wearing the black flight suit as she talked to the representative and her aid "Could he really be Athrun Zala?" she looked at the man who had identified himself as Alex Dino.

Hilde sighed "You can stop sitting over there and join in the conversation you know, we'll probably be working together for the time being…" she looked at Lunamaria.

Lunamaria got up and walked over "So what's the…"

"Operation Nightfall, that's the mission we were on… to prevent the theft of those mobile suits… we expected them to make their move tomorrow but they went early so we were caught off guard…" Hilde said as she looked at the representative.

"Why didn't you tell us?" Alex asked glaring at Hilde.

"We had hint's of it happening right after the war ended we didn't want to…" Hilde stopped as Alex glared at her.

"This is why we exist Hilde… we don't need rescuing right after…" Alex started in but stopped as Cagalli placed a hand on his arm.

"Hilde… he's right but I'm guessing Heero had something to do with it am I right?" Cagalli asked calmly.

Hilde nodded "Heero was the one who found out, he and Colonel Zechs decided it was best not to inform you… we only learnt about it after we left…"

Cagalli sighed "Well what's done is done, and we have to get them back now… if I can get in contact with…"

Luna blinked "Umm… just what are you talking about?"

Hilde looked at her "The ESUN preventers or more specifically the Preventers have two branches one is the ESUN's branch which is taskforce one, the other is the Orb Union's branch which is taskforce two… each have their own command structure."

Lunamaria nodded "So is Athrun in the Orb branch."

"Yeah, the blockhead here…" Hilde started then slapped her hand's over her mouth.

Athrun groaned "Yeah, what's this about a blockhead?" he sighed and looked at Lunamaria "Well I guess there's no point…"

"Wow…" Lunamaria's eyes widened as she looked at Athrun "So you are Athrun… everyone thinks' you died when the justice flew into Genesis! You being alive is a real shock to the…" she stopped as Athrun glared at her.

"I was enjoying a nice peaceful life not being bothered after the war by people…" Athrun groaned "Why am I trying to explain it…"

"So were the rumor's true that you disappeared with the Archangel and…" Lunamaria started asking again.

Hilde glared "If you're just going to gape over Athrun then don't bother he's already taken…"

Lunamaria blinked "But he and Lacus's engagement was…"

Cagalli stood up and shot a glare at Lunamaria "He's taken." She said bluntly as she hooked her arm around his.

Lunamaria's eyes went wide "Representative Attha and Athrun Zala… well that's… not fair…"

Athrun sighed "Look… Where's the…"

The door hissed open and Heero was standing there "Alex… mind if I have a word?"

"Don't bother Heero… Hilde blew my cover…" Athrun said as Heero walked in.

Heero nodded "Alright, Athrun has she filled you in yet?"

Athrun nodded "So… trying to stop another war from starting… Did you guys come alone?"

"We're the advanced force… the Dominion should have warped in today…" Heero looked at Lunamaria.

Athrun nodded "So where's your machine?"

"Onboard…" Heero smiled.

Cagalli blinked "Now I want to hear this how did you?"

"Drove it in under a cover, when they asked what it was I said it was a backup core splendor…" Heero walked over to the small circular window in the room.

Lunamaria blinked "Heero, you're with…"

Heero nodded.


Neo glared "A ship… Damn it… we don't want to loose what we have by being greedy…" he rolled and retracted the gun pods and flew away from the Gundam's and ZAKU.

Rey blinked as the assault ended from the machine "What?" he looked over and saw the Minerva launch a return signal.

Duo smirked "Well then… let's go don't want to keep them waiting…" He rolled the Deathscythe Hell Custom and flew for the Minerva.

Shinn blinked "Hay, who said you could?"

The Red machine flew up next to the Impulse "It's easier to explain in person Shinn… follow us…" Nicol said as he rolled the Nebula Blitz and flew towards the Minerva.

Rey watched as the four gundam's flew into the Hangar and he nodded "Alright, let's see if the Preventers live up to their reputation…" he flew towards the hangar.


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"YOU!" Stella roared as she broke down the door


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"You had Duo stagger in stone cold drunk… payback's a bitch Ald…" Hilde glared as she leveled her pistol at Ald's eyes

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