This is my entry for the Missing Chapter contest. I submitted it right before the deadline, so I don't think it got there on time. Either way, I didn't win.

It's from Fang's POV, in case you couldn't tell.

I don't own Maximum Ride.

Fang watched in surprise as Dylan's tense form took a head-first dive off of the roof. She'd actually pushed him. A dark half smile tugged at his features as he crouched hidden in the trees. He fought it away. There was no reason for him to hate Dylan. None. It was obvious Max disliked the guy.

So why was he so jealous?

He saw Max wince as Dylan's shadowy silhouette smacked into the ground below. Hard.

"You were supposed to do something, you idiot!" she shrieked, jumping down. Fang frowned inwardly at the tender way she helped Dylan up. She just feels guilty, he told himself.

"I don't know how. That's what you're supposed to be teaching me." Fang rolled his eyes, but then sort of felt guilty about it. Sort of.

"Everyone knows how to fly. It's in your blood."

"Obviously not," Dylan mumbled, rubbing the back of his neck. "Guess the scientists forgot that part." Max sighed. Fang pretended that Max's posture didn't soften when she met Dylan's eyes. She shook her head as if to clear it, and Fang pretended that had nothing to do with Dylan's presence. There was probably just a bug.

"Okay," Max said. "We'll have to try something else. Maybe it's harder when you get old—bigger. Like learning Spanish or something."

"Max, it's okay. I know you'd rather be doing something else anyway." That was a good move on Dylan's part. Max looked guilty now.

"No, it's just—wait, I have an idea." Max grinned. Dylan, wisely, looked afraid. "Come on." She grabbed his hand, and Fang pretended he didn't notice the way her face shifted, the way she hastily dropped his hand from hers and hurried ahead.

Fang flipped over, staring at the moon. It was big and bright overhead. Another person would say it looked hopeful, beautiful. Fang thought it was a good marker of the passage of time at best, a liability at worse, ruining the cover of darkness at night.

That was why Dylan wasn't right for her. They were too different. Dylan would see the romantic moon. Max would see the chunk of rock reflecting the sun.

Fang knew what Max was thinking, so he headed to the edge of the forest where there was more room to fly. A cool gust of air shot past him and Fang saw that Dylan was soaring. Max stifled a laugh, but Dylan laughed openly. Fang shrunk deeper into the shadows.

"Better," Max approved as they landed.

"Barely," Dylan said, but he sounded ecstatic. Fang tried to force himself to think nice things. What had Dylan ever done to him? But part of him wasn't so nice, and it was wondering why Dylan had to be so good at everything.

"Come on."Max tugged Dylan's arm. Fang pretended there was no emotion on her face when she did. "Now let's see if you can beat me back."

That was at least one consolation, Fang thought. No one could beat Max.