You have to read Moonlight Heist to get what happened.

Moonlit Shadows

Almost 3 months had gone by since the Organziation fell. Classes were less fun then the once were. Aoko wasn't talking to him. Hakuba and Akako were dating. And everyone knew he was Kaitou Kid.

He was let off by Nakamouri. Given a full pardon. Shinichi his brother had also gotten one. So that he wouldn't have died a criminal.

His mother was very sad during the funeral. They had never found his brother's body in the burnt building. The only thing they found was his hat.

Ran Mouri had been holding onto the hat during the funeral. It seemed right that she should have it.

It soon became public knowlege that Conan Edogawa was Shinichi Kudou/Kuroba in dequise. Megure-keibu had been shocked at that as well as many off the Divison one in Beika.

Kaito was begining to feel detached. Oh he still did tricks. But in his spare time he started to do detective work in honor of his lost brother.

Akako had come to him a couple days aftert he funeral to tell him what Lucfer's last message to her was.

Kaito couldn't make heads or tails of it. And he didn't think he would...

Hakuba watched his friend sadly. He and Kuroba had become fast friends after his trail. It didn't feel right for Kaitou Kid to have a frown on his face or not paly jokes.

And asking him for help in becoming a detective nearly gave him a heart attack.

And today was just worse. Kaito never seemed like someone who could cry. Always with a smile on his face, but looking at him now. His hair laid down from several atempts at brushing it. He looked more like Shinichi.

Hakuba jumped when he saw a kind of white light surround his friend. Kaito was looking at it too.

"Light magic?" Kuroba said.

Hakuba remembered Akako telling him that to be able to have gotten out of her spells. That Kaito and Shinichi had to have some kind of this light the remaining twins power?

"Hakuba turn on the TV please." Kaito said his voice horase and sad, but his eyes were wide with disbeleif.

Hakuba turned on the TV. His eyes widened.

It was a heist. A gem was stolen.

"This just in the police say the thief is calling himself,Mahou. It seems there is always more then enough thieves to go around." The reporter said as a video played. A young kid. 6 or 7 years old. Wearing lack and white clothes a gold monocle and a black hat with a hole through it.

Kaito couldn't breathe. It looked like Shinichi when he was Conan.

"How is that possible." Hakuba said. Kaito had no idea but he was going to find out.


Mahou means magic.

I actually have set pairing in this one. HakubaxAkako, AokoxKaito, MahouxAo Hato (Blue Dove), and RanxShinichi.

I am bad aren't I? Later in the story I'll explain Mahou and Ao Hato


KKS-Kaitou Kid San