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Moonlit Shadows


Ten years later (each universe)

Kaito Kuroba smiled at his liitle girl she was going up so fast. Aiko tottered toward him. Already very moblie for one so young. His son Toichi was smiling at his little sister.

Shinichi stood next to him hugging his son Conan close to his chest.

Nothing could have been better as the two women watched their husbands. Ran and Aoko Kuroba smiled...

Aiko Kudou glared at her husband as he smiled brightly. Their child Shinichi was cudding a very large expensive diamond to his chest.

"I thought I told you to keep him out of the secret room. What will his grandfather Shinichi think!" Aiko said.

"Well I know what Kaito-ojii-san would think. He is well on his way." Conan said brightly only to get hit by a broom.

"I knew my mother was right." Aiko growled.

Conan smiled again before showing little Shinichi a pitcure. It had Kaito in his Kid outfit, Shinichi Kudou in the corner holding a wine bottle, and in the center a teenage Shinichi wearing a black Kid outfit juggling muti-colored balls.

"Shin-chan that's you ojii-sans Kaito and Shinichi. That guy in the middle is Shinichi Kuroba. The thief Yurei Shadow. He doesn't live here. But dad said he was insane. So grow up to be like him k." Conan said.

Little Shinichi cooed before gumming the diamond...



Alriht I have 3 story ideas I want to do next. And I want you guys to tell me which you want.

Night's Shadow

Shinichi/Conan has been a werewolf since he was two years old. Now he has to avoid all he knew to get people to see him as who he is not what he is.

Nightmare or Reality

Kaitou Kid steals a gem while being chased by Tantei-kun. Once it hits moonlight it sends him 10 years into the future. Where everything is not what it seems. Adult Conan. Char. Death. Depressed Conan.

Hidden Truths

Even the best acts must end sometime even Kid's. Black Organization plots the downfall of Kid. Bringing Conan, Hakuba, and Aoko along for the ride. Not a Death fic.

OKAY Vote with reviews for which one yo u want next. If I don't get anything by Weds. the 3rd. I'll choose myself.