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Also, a reminder: Toni (Antonia) and Julie are the two girls who have been bullying Ginny for her Harry Potter crush since the beginning of their first year.


"Good morning class and welcome to Defense Against the Dark Arts. I am Professor Lupin and today's lesson is a practical exercise so if you could all put your books away, grab your wands and follow me I'll explain on the way."

Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs shared this class so, as Remus was lecturing on boggarts, Susan and Hannah walked with Harry and the girls. The four ladies chatted quietly while still paying attention but Harry ignored Remus completely as he wondered what his boggart would be now. He couldn't think of anything that he was actually afraid of. Dumbledore and Voldemort were both his enemies but neither of them were particularly terrifying right now. The other him overcame his fear of dementors by necessity a long time ago.

And then he had the idea that changed everything. I wonder what a boggart is afraid of.

"Oh dear, I guess we'll have to go the long way." Remus said loudly as he led them around a corner and saw that one of the most stable moving staircases had moved. This particular staircase was noted for only moving once every few months.

"Hogwart's! Can I get the stairs back?" Harry addressed the banister.

The whole class turned to stare at him.

"What? Am I the only one who has realized that Hogwart's is sentient?" Harry asked when he noticed.

"If Hogwart's is so smart why are the stairs not moving?" Ernie Macmillan asked sarcastically.

"Probably forgot a few things over the summer." Harry glared across the gap at the stairs. "Like who I am for instance."

"Guess I'd better give it a reminder." Harry continued a few seconds later and drew his wand.

"Harry, you're not going to do what I think you're going to do, are you?" Remus asked nervously.

"ACCIO STAIRCASE!" Harry shouted.

"Crap." Remus groaned. He'd been hoping for a punch line.

Harry had both hands on his wand pulling like it was a fishing pole as the staircase resisted his spell. He put both feet up against one of the posts in the bannister and pulled with everything he had. Finally the staircase started moving. The sound of breaking stones and grinding gears flooded the corridor. It slid into place with a thud as Harry dropped back down to the floor and spun to face Remus with a smirk. "After you Professor."

"Yes, thank you, but unfortunately casting spells in the hallways is against the rules so I'll have to find a fitting punishment, and since you don't care about points why don't you be the demonstration against the boggart?" Remus asked rhetorically with a smirk.

"Okay." Harry agreed quickly and the class moved on.


"I'm sorry we're late Professor Snape!" The two first year Hufflepuff girls said as the entered their first ever potions class. "We got lost and then there was this crying staircase and we just had to stop and make it feel better…"

She trailed off as Snape's glare intensified. "Detention, for both of you, and fifty points from Hufflepuff for the pathetic excuse." He watched emotionlessly as the girls started crying. "Don't expect me to stop and make you feel better. Now sit down and get to work!"


Just like the other time everyone was standing around mumbling about how to make their greatest fear funny. Harry still didn't know what was going to jump out of that wardrobe for him and he was rather curious. Instead of using this time to try and figure out how to beat the unknown he instead spent it setting up an artificial greatest fear that he would substitute in after he found out what his was.

The substitution fear itself was the concept of 'whatever a boggart is most afraid of', Harry was hoping for interesting results.

After a few moments Remus lined them up with Harry at the front and opened the door to the wardrobe. Immediately a girl with ever changing features, although Harry noticed she started out resembling Ginny, stepped out wearing a Hogwart's uniform and an oversized version of the Official Harry Potter Fan Club badge that Other Ginny had eventually shown to Other Harry. That was bad enough, but then Harry saw that she was carrying a very large bottle that was clearly labeled as a love potion.

"Yup, that makes sense." Harry nodded as he held out his hand and grabbed the boggart by the face thereby preventing it from hugging him. One shove sent the boggart stumbling backwards and Harry fixed it with a stern glare and triggered the artificial fear.

Immediately the boggart stopped shifting features and dropped the potion bottle to clutch its head. "No! Not that! Anything but that!" It cried in an odd echoing voice.

Then there were hundreds of laughing infants.

The boggart exploded.

"This is why we can't have nice things." Hermione observed to Tonks. Then the laughing started.


Hermione was still trying to wrap her head around Harry's explanation of how he replaced his greatest fear with a recursive concept while they were walking into potions class after lunch. Tonks wasn't trying to figure out how it worked, she was simply too amused that it did.

Snape was already in there sitting at his desk when they walked in and Harry couldn't restrain himself. "Good afternoon Professor Snape. How was your summer? Productive I hope." He said with a genial smile.

"Quite." Snape drawled. "I had a set back with my potions but I learned a great deal about an obscure facet of the Mind Arts."

Harry opened his mouth to reply, and then shut it and frowned. Was that a joke?

"I heard about your defense class this morning." Snape continued monotonously. "Let me know if you would like some advice on how to avoid unwanted female attention. My methods have worked well for decades."

That was definitely a joke! Harry thought as he stared slack jawed. A self-depreciating joke at that, something is wrong.

"If the three of you are done acting like fish, take your seats." Snape glared.

As they sat down Harry noticed Hermione take her mirror out of her bag and activate the map function. "No, that's definitely Snape." She said shaking her head.

As the last students walked through the door Snape stood up and flicked his wand causing the doors to slam shut behind them. He stood in front of the class and sneered. "You are in your third year now. I expect that you have all studied beyond the curriculum by this point. Today is a test to see how far ahead you have read. There will be no talking. You may use your books if you wish and may also consult the selection of texts on that shelf. The instructions are on the board. It will be graded on a curve. Begin!" Snape indicated which shelf he meant and then waved his wand at the board making the writing appear.

Harry took one look at it and burst into laughter. The potion was one that he recognized from Snape's memories, one of the potion master's own inventions in fact. It was designed as an antidote to oblivations and the imperious curse, but in practice it only countered love potions, but only half as well and for five times the cost as other potions already on the market. It was never published and still involved several steps that were only described in Snape's personal shorthand. Step five for instance, which read: Stir with E7 for five minutes. E7 was one of a series of generic stirring methods Snape developed to speed up the process of invention. He and Harry were the only two in the world who knew what it meant, and no one would ever find it in a book.

"Fifty points from Ravenclaw for your outburst." Snape said.

"Yes sir." Harry said, rolling his eyes.

"No talking!" Snape barked. "That will cost you another fifty points."

Harry could feel his girls getting worked up and he quickly gave each of them a squeeze on the knee and shook his head when they looked. He smiled as he stood up and walked over to the ingredients cabinet without writing down what he needed, he already knew. This test was a question for Harry alone, and he had a pretty good idea where it was going.

Forty-five minutes later Harry was coming up on the last addition, and then it would need to stew until the end of class. His potion had spent the last ten minutes simmering and was just about to reach the right color when Snape walked over. "Very nice work Mr. Potter. I see that my suspicions were correct."

Harry placed his finger tips on his chin and moved them away and down in an arcing motion, sign language for thank you. He didn't want to talk again and give Snape the satisfaction.

Snape raised an eyebrow and tapped Harry's cauldron with his wand, vanishing the contents. "One month's detention for failing to complete the assignment and another month's detention for stealing someone else's work."

Harry immediately placed a hand over each of the girls' mouths and manually forced them to nod along with him.


A dismal group of students walked out of the classroom some time later. None of them were able to complete the potion, as Harry figured, and more than half managed to melt their cauldrons in the process with a few more who were barely fast enough to vanish their potion before the same happened to them.

"So off to Dumbledore's to file a complaint?" Tonks asked as the trio walked up the stairs.

"Nope." Harry smirked.

"What? Why?" Hermione asked.

"You heard him at the beginning of class; he had a potions setback over the summer." Harry said.

"And?" Tonks asked when he paused.

"He probably needs an assistant to make up the time." Harry concluded. "The whole thing was to see if I knew enough, other than me there is no one who doesn't hold a Masters in potions who could have completed that."

"And you could because of Gnicc." Hermione added with a nod. "You should think about adding advanced potions to the stuff you're teaching The Court."

"Yea, it wouldn't be hard to have an elf buy the ingredients we would need." Harry mused. "And the Chamber is certainly large enough that we wouldn't have to worry too much about ventilation."


"Good evening Mr. Potter." Snape sneered as Harry walked in for his first detention, he also took a moment to lock and silence the door. "If you have half the brains that you have shown you won't need an explanation. Your list is on the table."

"I'm happy to help you make up lost time, but you could have just asked." Harry said. "Oh, and just so you know these detentions will accommodate my schedule. I won't miss time with the Court or Quidditch practice."

"Don't forget your place boy, it is not your right to dictate your detentions." Snape barked angrily.

"Don't forget YOUR place greaseball!" Harry shot back. "You need me more than I need Hogwart's. I am the only one who can help you and I also know exactly how to sabotage all of your work. The school itself is intimidated by me and if you piss me off you'll never get anything done within these walls."

"You dare!" Snape roared and drew his wand.

"Oh please." Harry rolled his eyes. "Like you could even hit me with a spell that I didn't allow you to."

Snape immediately unleashed a stream of non-lethal spells. Harry calmly warped behind Snape.

"Strike one." Harry mocked.

Snape spun and lashed out again, potentially lethally this time. Once again the boy vanished before the first spell reached him.

"Steeeeeee-rike two!"

"AVADA KEDAVRA!" Snape bellowed as he homed in on Harry's latest position.

Harry quirked an eyebrow and let the spell hit him. "Strike three." Harry said calmly and drew his wand.

Snape instantly had a shield in place but Harry's first spell shattered it. The second spell tore his wand out of his hand and sent Snape flying through the air. After that Snape lost count as spell after spell hit him, and that was before he hit the ground.

The spells stopped the moment he struck the floor and as he laid there Snape assessed the damage. His left arm and both of his legs were broken twice. He was bleeding from numerous shallow cuts. He had no wand and was bound with ropes. His back and abs were cramping painfully and his head felt cold, he suspected that he was bald now. He also seemed to be blind. Snape couldn't help but tremble as he heard the footsteps of the approaching boy.

When Harry arrived at Snape's prone form he crouched down and leaned over the professor. With his mouth only inches away from Snape's ear Harry spoke coldly. "This is your fault. All of the bad blood between the two of us has been caused by you and you alone. If you had let your grudge against my father die with him you wouldn't be in this position now. You're pathetic."

Snape useless eyes grew wide when he felt his wand get returned to his hand.

"I should just kill you right now and be done with it." Harry admitted as he stood up. "But growing up with ridiculously abusive muggles has left me with a great deal of patience for assholes whose deaths would be hard to explain. However, I do believe this detention is over. Have a nice evening Professor." Harry walked away loudly and opened the door without bothering to cancel the charm, Hogwart's wasn't about to try and stop him again.

Once outside Harry donned his invisibility cloak and used his time turner to go back to be the other two Harries that were in the room. The rate of fire was too extreme for him to have done alone with one wand, which is why the third spell had been a blinding curse. It wouldn't do for Snape to have seen spells coming from two other places after all.


Harry1 watched Harry0 walk out of the room to use the time turner. He couldn't see Harry2 but knew that he was going with Harry0 to take Harry0's place once Harry0 left for the past. Harry1 silently grumbled about how annoying it was to reference himself like that.

Harry1 had thought of something moments after having spun back and quickly retrieved Ravenclaw's Diadem. Now after his other selves left the room he floated silently over to Snape. One quick motion had the diadem on Snape's head and the potions master was instantly reliving the worst moments of his life.

Harry used Legilimency to watch what was happening and just after Snape recalled Voldemort's departure to Godric's Hollow Harry intervened in the process. It was here that Harry inserted a large collection of memories of his time with the Dursleys. Some were from this timeline, some were from the other, many of them were modified slightly and a few were completely fabricated. He implanted hundreds of memories, from his first memory right up to the timeframe when GNICC supposedly saved him. Harry had put this together with Dumbledore in mind, but this was an acceptable use too.

Snape's memories continued after Harry's finished and Harry stuck around to gather all the dirt he would ever need on Snape. That accomplished Harry snatched the diadem back from Snape's head and warped away just as Snape's pained sobbing started.


In another part of the castle Ginny Weasley was quietly sneaking through the corridor. Earlier Julie checked her watch and seemed surprised. Then she and Toni left the common room quickly, while ineptly trying to see if anyone was paying attention. Ginny had been paying attention, but she grew up with the Twins and knew how to hide that.

Ginny had watched them do this once a week, every week, starting last spring. She was suspicious. That's what lead up to Ginny peaking around a corner as the two girls she was following slipped into an unused classroom. As the door closed Ginny quickly moved up to the door and pressed her ear against it.

"We apologize L-E. Aunty and I were caught up in a difficult part of our homework." Ginny could make out Julie's voice through the door.

"It's okay Jewel. We're not going to punish you." An older girl's voice soothed. "Two-P, continue your story."

"Yes, ma'am." Ginny could tell that was one of the Patil sisters. "After class I spoke with my sister and Flower. Flower is still up in the air, but my sister is convinced, I don't think she'll be back."

"How do you feel about it?" The older voice asked.

"As far as I'm concerned, on this, The Cheese stands alone." The Patil said firmly.

"Very well, on to the next order of business, Aunty, Jewel, should we bother holding a vote on bringing in Redwing or do you still maintain your stance?"

"Redwing is too close to the target." Toni said clearly. "That won't change and we can't trust her not to blow the mission."

That was enough for Ginny. She drew her wand and threw the door open. She threw a stunner as she rushed in, it missed. Her second spell fizzled as what she was witnessing sunk in.

About thirty girls sat in the desks, all facing away from the door. Standing at the front was an older Hufflepuff, who looked surprised and amused by her entrance. Behind her was a large banner that read: 'OFFICIAL HARRY POTTER FAN CLUB' and below it was a picture that Ginny recognized as being torn from a copy of Quidditch Quarterly, she couldn't quite make it out but it looked like there was some writing on it.

Ginny's jaw dropped and her attention focused on Julie and Toni, who were looking at her with undisguised horror. A grin spread across Ginny's face as she raised her left hand and pointed at them. "This is too perfect!"

"Well, I see a vote won't matter now." The older girl at the front smiled and said. "Welcome Redwing. Would you like to join our club?"


Harry2, who was just Harry again since the other two were in the past now, calmly walked into the Ravenclaw common room and flopped down between Hermione and Tonks, both of whom were fully engrossed in their books. Not noticing someone walk in the door is one thing, but it is very hard to not notice someone sitting down next to you and so they both looked up.

"Harry!" Tonks exclaimed. "Done already?"

"For tonight yea." Harry nodded and sat back dropping an arm across each of their shoulders.

"That was fast, does that mean he didn't want a lab assistant after all?" Hermione asked as she cuddled up to him.

"No, that's exactly what he wanted, but we had to clear the air first." Harry shrugged. "I explained everything from my point of view and he took some of the revelations about my life poorly. It didn't leave him feeling particularly sociable so I left him to think about what was said."

"So everything is settled between you two?" Tonks asked.

"I think so, only time will tell." Harry nodded.


Dumbledore returned to his office after answering the call of nature, something even great wizards had to deal with. Almost immediately Dumbledore noticed an alarm had been triggered indicating rapid spell fire in the dungeons, it also indicated that the casting stopped a few minutes ago. Dumbledore turned around and left his office, heading for the potions classroom at a brisk pace. The locking charm on the door didn't stop Dumbledore for a moment before he strode into the room. Dumbledore immediately saw two areas with extensive spell damage and Snape lying on the floor crying and bleeding from dozens of wounds.

"Go away!" Severus moaned between sobs.

"Severus my dear boy!" Dumbledore exclaimed as he rushed over. "Who did this to you?"

"I did!" Snape cried.

"I don't understand." Dumbledore frowned.

"You don't have to. Just leave me alone." Snape plead.

"Let's get you to the hospital wing, then we can talk and get to the bottom of this." Dumbledore quietly levitated Snape, who gasped as his cuts were pulled.

"No, just let me bleed to death. Please."

"I'm afraid I can't do that." Dumbledore sighed and stunned Snape to ease the travel.

Once Dumbledore dropped Snape off with Healer Smethwyck he returned to the class room to start investigating the scene. He found Snape's magical signature all over both areas of damage but also found traces of Harry's signature still floating in the air. With that he rushed off to find the young Ravenclaw.

"Mr. Potter. May I have a word?" Dumbledore asked a few minutes later as he walked into the common room.

"Of course." Harry smiled and stood up, waving off the looks of concern from the girls. He followed Dumbledore out the door and conjured a vial before Dumbledore could say anything. Harry deposited a memory and handed it to Dumbledore. "Self-defense, push me on this and Snape spends the rest of his life in Azkaban."

"If it was self-defense there is no reason you won't accompany me to confirm that." Dumbledore said and motioned Harry towards his office. Harry shrugged and started off down the corridor.

A few minutes later Harry3 slipped back into the common room. Hermione and Tonks were watching the door and smiled when they saw him. "What did the Headmaster want?" Hermione asked quietly as he rejoined them.

"He just wanted to know what I said to Snape, apparently our conversation affected him more than I thought." Harry replied.

"So you're not in trouble?" Tonks asked.

"Not at all."


Snape had been released from the hospital wing before Harry had been released by Dumbledore. None of the damage done was serious. He headed straight to his quarters and locked himself in. He wasn't seen for three days.

Dumbledore was still glaring at Harry on the third day at breakfast. Harry had been ignoring him, and Smethwyck, who expression was something else entirely, Harry didn't know what to make of it.

Harry had just started in on his bowl of fruit when the doors to the Great Hall opened and Snape walked in carrying a very large scroll. The man looked like he hadn't slept in all of the time that he was secluded and apparently hadn't shaved either. He looked around and walked up to a pair of first year Hufflepuff girls.

"Fifty points to Hufflepuff each for your pathetic excuse." Snape announced loudly then unrolled his scroll and crossed something off. Then he moved to the next person at the table and consulted his list. "Ten points to Hufflepuff for breathing too loudly." Again he scratched something off his list and moved to the next person.

Snape proceeded this way, one person after another, reimbursing all of the points he had taken from any current student throughout their time here. Everyone watched in silence as he did so. After he finished with the Hufflepuffs he moved on to the Gryffindors and then the Ravenclaws.

"And finally, seven hundred and eighty points to Ravenclaw for being an insufferable know it all." Snape said to Hermione before turning to Harry and letting the list and quill drop from his hands, then dropped to his knees. "Mr. Potter, I have wronged you more times and in far worse ways than can be described. There is nothing that can be done to make up for the damages I have brought upon your life and I am still having trouble fully comprehending my transgressions. All I can say is that I am truly sorry."

A tear ran down Snape's cheek as he took a deep shuddering breath and stood up. He's about to kill himself. Harry thought as Snape turned to leave. Can't have that, he dies when I say he does. Harry carefully counted his steps, he didn't want to react too early, nor did he want to wait for an obvious number like five or ten, just in case someone else was counting.

"Wait!" Harry said loudly on the seventh step. Snape turned and watched Harry walk up to him without saying anything.

"Your arm, Severus." Harry commanded when he arrived. Snape flinched but rolled up his left sleeve and held his Dark Mark out for Harry. "This is going to hurt, a lot."

Snape nodded as Harry put up a silencing charm. Dumbledore and Smethwyck we already out of their seats when they heard that. Harry brought the tip of his wand to rest against the mark and began incanting in parseltongue. Snape's eyes widened in shock but he didn't react otherwise, until the pain struck. He cried out in agony and fell to his knees as it felt like his arm was boiling but couldn't tear his eyes away from the ever darkening mark on his arm. When the mark was as black as pitch Harry quickly drew his wand back and yanked the mark clear of Snape's arm. With a quick twist the foul magic dispersed and Snape was left staring at his unblemished arm. He looked up at Harry questioningly as the boy dropped his silencing charm.

"It's okay." Harry told Snape with a smile. Now I own you. "I forgive you."

Snape cried out and threw his arms around Harry. "Thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Dumbledore came to a stunned halt as he observed the spectacle in front of him. Smethwyck didn't stop and rushed right up to Snape to examine his arm. "This is remarkable. How did you figure it out?"

"I can't tell you. Sorry." Harry said. It was true, he had no idea how it worked. After the second war in the other timeline the ministry examined the dark mark in greater detail than ever before and eventually figured out how to reverse it, Harry only became involved when they needed a parselmouth.


"Sirius!" Gwenog shouted. "Remus sent us a memory!"

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