Hey guys,
I thought you all might want an update on what is happening right now. First thing first, I'm probably not going to be continuing writing HPCOC. That's probably not a surprise to anyone; I just wanted to be clear.

In the two years since I have left Ohio every creative impulse I've had, barring what was demanded by my job, has been spent flushing out and developing the universe for my own work. The series is going to start with a trilogy of novels and a book of rules for a tabletop RPG. It's called The Washup Isles, and I've been dreaming about it since I was six-ish. It's still a little too early in the process to talk about any details in public, sorry.

With HPCOC I ended up with maybe five pages worth of notes, never did a rough draft and never did any editing, with the exception of the occasional typo correction and chapter 1. I had a rule to not spend more than half an hour researching any given subject for it either.

With The Washup Isles I have two three ring binders, a sketchbook, my laptop, a notebook and a shit ton of note cards. I'm writing a full rough draft and I intend to hire a line editor when I get that far. I don't know how much time I spent researching weapons before I even settled on a rough list of what I wanted to include, but it was at least 40 hours.

The point is, I wrote HPCOC to practice writing and for fun. I believe The Washup Isles will be the start of my career. The only obstacle in my path is time. In that interest I have started a GoFundMe campaign to cover rent and bills and such so that I can work full time on The Washup Isles rather than just a few minutes a week when I can muster up the energy and motivation to create as I am typically limited when working a regular job.

If you really want to read more of what I have to write this is the most practical path to that goal.
Anything is appreciated and if you're interested the campaign is at GoFund dot me slash washupisles. Thanks in advance and I'll let everyone know about donor gifts as I figure that part out.

Business: Done.

Personally I'm still living in Washington State, it's basically the best place I have ever been. Mentally and Emotionally I'm healthier than I have been in a great many years, there's still progress to be made though. Physically, I've grown something a beard and have finally accepted my hair as what it is like I thought I'd done during my teenage years but I was wrong. I feel all growed up. I've grown about an inch since I got here and when cracked had an article about Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome I suddenly understood a lot more about myself. Generally speaking I have a lot less to worry about than before I moved, if only I could get the damn survival issue off my back. Jobs are as hellish here as they were there and I've only found one that left me with the ability to write as well, which is where the last update came from, but it didn't last long. Umm…what else? Oh! I'm getting some teeth pulled! That's not really good news but hey, whatever.

I know I'm not supposed to do these kind of updates so this will be my only one. I'll be sharing future updates through my profile alone.

Thanks for reading. I learned a lot writing this but I learned far more from your comments. Whether I'm a total failure or the next J.K., or more likely somewhere in the middle, I'll never forget that this was my first serious work and that my first serious fans came from here. Thank you for all your help, even my precious trolls. :-P

Have a wonderful day, and don't stop reading!
Jypsy Ridiculous.