One day Axel was a cat. It was a pretty weird scenario but he was used to that sort of thing so he just got up from bed and went about his day more or less the same. He pursued his normal activities, which consisted primarily of stalking Roxas and guzzling down obscene amounts of coffee and then stalking Roxas some more. In order to get the coffee he had to attack human beings and maul their faces and somehow manage to grab the coffee in his claws before they dropped it in their panic, which was pretty much what he did every day anyway, no biggie.

Anyway the stalking Roxas part was harder because usually Roxas was all, "Axel. Leave me the fuck alone." But this time he was all, "AAAHHH A CAT!" And then he bolted away and was lost in a crowd full of confused pedestrians. Oh yeah by the way they were in Santa Monica.

Unfortunately Roxas was terrified of cats due to a traumatic past incident which occurred when his mother bathed him in mustard one day by accident and then dropped him into a pit of mustard-loving tigers. By accident.

Then a turtle flew down out of the sky wielding many flamethrowers! It was a beautiful sight. Axel turned back into a person and Roxas stopped screaming, eventually. The end.