Author's Note: Hello all! This is a sequel to my story "Changes". This is my first attempt to write a long-shot with Sephiroth as the main focus and the man is hard to capture in writing! So I should warn you that he may veer into OOC territory, therefore I apologize. I can only hope his OOC doesn't ruin anything for anyone. I should note this is post Advent Children and I am ignoring Dirge of Cerberus for this story because I haven't finished it! ;D Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys it!

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Prologue: Sephiroth

The darkness enveloped him and surrounded him. The silence burned his ears, though he preferred the silence to the voices of Shinra's scientists. He had to admit that the scientists he had heard recently bared no resemblance to that pathetic Hollander or that sadist, Hojo. He could almost believe they meant him no harm and that their intentions were to heal the crippled planet…almost. After all, they did work for Shinra and that meant they all had their price and their true sadistic nature, though hidden, was still there.

He had listened to their chatter as they had prepared him for storage, as if he were an unwanted piece of furniture. And then Rufus Shinra had arrived with his favorite Turk lapdog, Tseng. If he had been able to, he would have destroyed his glass prison and happily strangled the young president. He meant to keep him around so his scientists could use him as they had once used Mother! Taking from him and keeping him alive enough to give them an unending supply of his cells. When he had heard Rufus assure Tseng that he was no longer a threat, he couldn't stop the smirk that had curled around his lips, scaring the young scientist in front of him. She seemed to be the only one smart enough to know that taunting an ex-General, a SOLDIER first class even in death was something no one should go out of their way to do. Sephiroth decided he would reward her awareness of his power by killing her with very little pain when the time came.

Tseng also knew Rufus was making a big mistake, but like a good lapdog, he questioned nothing and allowed them to lock him up as he was now. His smirk widened into a malicious grin. Locking him up just meant he had time to plan his revenge…starting with Rufus Shinra. That would be as easy as it had been to kill his arrogant father! Though, he decided that he would enjoy it this time. He would stalk his prey, letting him know that he was being watched, but do nothing…until nightfall. Then he would show Rufus just what pain really meant!

After Rufus, he could focus on the others. His heart sang with delight as he imagined the twisted things he could do to those who had stopped him. They would pay, that much was certain…though who to start with was the dilemma. Most of AVALANCHE would pose no problem to him, but the others…that would be difficult. He couldn't decide who he wanted to kill more: that insufferable man-child Cloud, his own remnant Loz, or Tifa. Normally Cloud would hold all of his attention, however the painful sting of Loz's betrayal of him was something that rivaled his utter hatred for Cloud. And then there was Tifa. She had never even registered on his radar as a serious threat…until he felt the bullet she had fired rip through his chest in the mountains surrounding Healen. That was something he had not been expecting Even though she had been there to help pull Cloud back to reality in the Northern Crater, he viewed her as nothing more than a Cloud groupie, for lack of a better word. Ever ready to fight for her ideal hero and revenge for her dead father…even if it could mean her own death. She was an enigma to him; a puzzle he couldn't figure out. She had trembled in fear beneath him on the stairs inside the abandoned Nibelheim reactor, yet when he found her in Healen she confronted him…even holding her ground against him after he confirmed that he had been in his remnant's place in a moment of intimacy at the Shinra mansion. She always seemed to surprise him.

His remnant…it incensed him to know that something he created from his own being could betray him like that. He smirked, knowing it wasn't all that traitor's fault entirely. The Lifestream and that damn interfering ancient had made him whole when he was returned to the planet. They had made it more difficult for Sephiroth to reach Loz by hiding his memories in a fog. Initially, he had been glad Loz was the remnant who had been returned. Kadaj was too unpredictable since he had inherited Sephiroth's own instability and Yazoo had been the recipient of his physical appearance and not much more, so he was too indifferent to be of much use to him, but Loz…he was his strength and his violent side, things he usually concealed. And since Loz was more for brute strength, he should have been the easiest for him to control, but when he was resurrected as a whole being his childish instinct to just do as he was told was gone. Damn that ancient! He wished he could reach out and break her neck for what she had done! She made Loz a whole being and tried to shut out his ability to reach him! She convinced Cloud to start forgiving himself and made him less easy to manipulate! She was supposed to be out of his way in the Lifestream, but it seemed she was just as powerful dead as she was when she was alive!

Sephiroth calmed himself and reminded himself that he needed to focus on allowing his body to heal. It would only be a matter of time before Shinra grew impatient and began infusing him with mako again in order to restore the cells they would harvest to their normal levels so they could proceed with their experiments once more. And then…his smirk became a maniacal smile as he dreamed of the mayhem he would rain down upon the planet and his enemies!