Dan could say he recognized Diana from one of his classes, but that's not why he found her familiar. It was that notebook. The red notebook covered in doodles that she was constantly focusing on in class, scribbling away instead of paying attention.

Apparently class wasn't the only place Diana concentrated on whatever she was putting in that notebook. She and Dan were the only two left in the library for the night, and Dan couldn't help but wonder what she could be writing in there.

He cautiously walked behind her and peeked at the words. He could only make out a few of the nearly illegible scrawls on the page.




Help me.

Dan couldn't believe it. Diana didn't seem like the type to write this kind of thing. Could something have happened to her? Could he be the one to repair her?

Only one way to find out. He cleared his throat loudly and said, "Um, hi there."

Diana glanced up, obviously annoyed at having been interrupted. "You know, I still have seven and a half minutes before the library closes."