This Story Is Unoriginal

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: This is just copy pasta'd from something old I did. Nothing special. Go home, folks.

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to their owners.

Fat Pikachu and Gay Piplup were having a picnic with Princess Buneary in a random meadow in the middle of nowhere. When that Creepy Croagunk showed up, shit went down.

The drain.

"That joke is terrible and you should feel terrible," Gay Piplup demoaned as he ate lotsa poffins.

Suddenly, Dr. Meowth came out and shoved his pingas into princess Buneary's butt, giggling like the maniac he was. Creepy Croagunk snatched away the pic-a-nic baskets as he skipped towards the northern direction, with fat Pikachu and Gay Piplup too busy watching a cat raping a bunny in front of their eyes.

"This is very toasty," Fat Pikachu commented as he smiled at the camera, turning around and looking straight at the computer screen, "Get Da Hint?"

"Hints are decieving, when hedgehogs are involved," Gay Piplup whispered into Fat Pikachu's stomach.

Shaymin The hedgehog suddenly whizzed up in the scene, pointing at Fat Pikachu and Gay Piplup, shaking his head. "Making statements that are confusing as hell... that's NO good."

"Hey you! Get off of my-" Fat Pikachu was blasted with tens of thousands of chili dogs and flowers, while Gay Piplup attempted to use Whirpool, but choked on his water, rolling on the ground. Miles "Buizel" Prower floated from the clear blue sky, looking at Shaymin, who sighed.

"And now, with my new Meowth-O-Matic Ray Gun 9000, I will take over da world!" Dr. Meowth laughed as he pumped his fists in the air, standing on an exhausted Princess Buneary, who had one hell of an anal penetration.

Shaymin and Buizel then got their brains together and slapped Dr. Meowth's shit, while an elderly Conkeldurr watched from the western direction in an old, green wheelchair, shaking her head in disgust. "Back in my day, we didn't have this bullshit about..."

"You know what they say," Fat Pikachu started as he and Gay Piplup sat next to the Conkeldurr, eating toasted toast and spaghetti, "All Conkledurrs Conk elders!" And then they laughed.

And Shaymin, Buizel, Princess Buneary, and Dr. Meowth laughed.

And then tehre was that creepy Croagunk's laugh.

And then cue laugh track.

The End