Where No One Can See
By DarkHybridChild
Pairing: Egoshipping [LaikaxEnzan/EnzanxLaika]

DHC: And now, the second chapter. Man, I feel really old considering how long I've been out of this fandom… I really hope I can do it justice. Please don't kill me. xD Anyway, I hope I can keep this flowing since my thoughts tend to get jumbled a lot and I hope this doesn't skip all over the place or seem splotchy in places. If they are, I'm sorry.

Remember those walls I built?
Well, baby, they're tumblin' down
They didn't even put up a fight
They didn't even make a sound

"Ijuuin…" Laika all but whispered. Flashes of everything went through his mind and his grip suddenly returned full force against the door knob. He had half a mind to slam it right then and there in the others face and leave it at that, but…he couldn't. His heart wouldn't let him. Damn him. Damn his eyes, for staring straight into him.

Reaching out, he hesitated for a moment but grasped the others arm and all but dragged him into his apartment and closed the door behind him. The silence was awkward and Laika went on auto-pilot as he all but pushed the other to the couch and sat the Ijuuin down and wrapped him in several of his afghan blankets and went to the kitchen and got another mug of hot coffee. He nearly dropped it, however, when he felt how cold the others fingers were when they brushed against his as they took the offered mug.

They drank it down greedily, feeling the warmth seep into their system. Laika, however, was having an inner panic attack. He was doing everything he could not to fidget, speak, or do anything to show how effected he was. Swallowing, he looked away for a long moment. When he looked back, he nearly gasped again at seeing the other staring right at him.

"…Laika…" Enzan began quietly.

He shook his head, trying to deny the inevitable. He didn't want to hear what the other had to say-


He went to open his mouth to tell the other to stop, but before he could-


I found a way to let you in
But I never really had a doubt
Standin' in the light of your halo
I've got my Angel now

He immediately stopped, staring with widened eyes at the other. Enzan's face heated up and he broke the stare between them, looking ashamed.

"It was my fault, I pushed you away… I… I apologize. I panicked. I freaked out. It wasn't because of you, or what we did… I…" They shook their head furiously, before looking back up towards him with his dull blue eyes, the last bit being whispered out.

"I was afraid."

At this, all the bitterness came back to Laika and he snorted. "Afraid? What was there for you to be afraid of? You weren't the one putting yourself on the line!" He hissed.

The other flinched, looking as if the other had struck them, their head slowly hung and their bangs shadowed over their eyes.

"I was afraid my old man would find out about us and try to intervene…" He mumbled ashamedly.

It's like I've been awakened
Every rule I had you breakin'
It's the risk that I'm takin'
I ain't never gonna shut you out

Laika recoiled, now the one feeling as if they'd been struck.

Silence began once more between them.

Enzan shivered heavily. His lips were still blue from the cold. He hadn't worn anything other than the clothes he had on. He looked so disheveled and distraught, his eyes held many bags and rings under them, his face was gaunt and he looked paler than he had been in a long time. Laika sighed heavily, bringing his attention back to the other male.

"You foolish idiot." He murmured before he pulled the other up to stand.

Looking confused, he was about to ask what the other was doing, but he found himself being pushed down the hall. He soon found himself in the bedroom and Laika shook his head.

"You're going to die of hypothermia if you don't raise your core temperature soon."

Enzan managed to smile weakly and gave a shrug. Laika slowly pulled the blankets away from Enzan before bringing his hands up to take his, biting on his raw lip again at the contact and looked away, beginning to warm the others hands up. Their face heated up a little and he shivered at the warmth encompassing his hands.

Slowly, he began to get feeling back into the tips of them and curled them, slowly catching Laika's with his own, their eyes widened a fraction.

"…I missed you." Enzan whispered, not meeting the others eyes at his confession.

Everywhere I'm lookin' now
I'm surrounded by your embrace
Baby I can see your halo
You know you're my savin' grace

Laika's breath caught softly, his heart began to pound, aching in a different way than it had only a few moments prior. He swallowed, bringing one hand up to tilt the others head up to meet his eyes. Two different shades of blue met, creating another collision, this time of feelings. Enzan's face heated up and Laika's lips slowly turned upwards into the smallest of smiles.

For some reason now, all of the stress and feelings of despair he'd felt were far away, almost as if they'd never existed and there had been no time between them at all. Hand sliding away from where it had been tilting Enzan's chin up to thread into the locks at the base of his neck, he felt himself lowering down, drawing the other closer.

Despite how little time had passed between the two, it felt like an eternity before their lips met. Enzan gasped out at how warm Laika's lips were against his still-purple ones from how cold he'd been. A sudden desperation welled up in him and he nearly crashed into the taller male as he wound his arms around his neck and pressed himself completely against him.

Laika nearly stumbled back, but his arms returned the embrace, sliding around the Ijuuin's waist in a tight grip. He couldn't stop himself, despite the caution, the warning from his mind to not make the same mistake, he fell hook, line, and sinker all over again. He kissed Enzan with everything that he'd felt for him, pouring the mixture of pain, pleasure, joy, and despair into it.

You're everything I need and more
It's written all over your face
Baby I can feel your halo
Pray it won't fade away

A moan was his only response as Enzan reciprocated and kissed him back. As if their kiss had broken any hesitancy they had, it soon became a blur to the two of them. Laika's hands occupied themselves by running everywhere over Enzan's body, touching everywhere he could find, reliving and rememorizing every inch of him as possible. Enzan whimpered and gasped into Laika's mouth, squirming and writhing against him under the torturous teasing, feeling his veins ignite, a lightheaded, almost giddy-like euphoria taking over his mind.

Likewise, the same sensations were taking over Laika; he made an incoherent noise against the smaller boy's lips before he caught his lower lip between his teeth and nibbled at it, earning another moan from the other. Enzan's nails dug into his arms again, clinging to him readily. Neither noticed the screen of Laika's monitor clicking off, nor did they notice the lights clicking to the 'low' setting. Enzan pushed against Laika, leaning up on his tiptoes, pushing deeper into the kiss. Laika's left hand slipped under the back of Enzan's shirt, fingertips skimming up his spine.


A shiver went up the Ijuuin's spine and he nearly lost his balance, but the taller males other arm steadied him. Anything beyond the world between them was forgotten, reality be damned if it thought it could tear them apart now. No, neither would allow it. Not this night. When they pulled away from the kiss, Enzan's face was practically radiating with how bright his smile turned when he opened his eyes to gaze up at Laika.

Likewise an almost shy, childish smile appeared on Laika's face. Not wasting another moment, Laika nudged the other in the direction of the bed. A small flush rose up to the others face but they gave a small nod and turned, walking towards it. Watching with a small sense of amazement that this scenario was happening, Laika shook it away; he wasn't going to waste his time thinking of other matters, they were irrelevant. All that mattered was the here and now, that the other was with him, and he wasn't going to lose this chance.

Hit me like a ray of sun
Burning through my darkest night
You're the only one that I want

And I'm addicted to your light

Enzan sat back on the bed and gave the other a lustrous smile, eyelids lowering half mast as he licked his lips sensuously, beckoning with his body language alone for the other to ravish him. A sign that the other heeded for they were there in front of him in an instant, missing his shirt and was working on divesting him of his. Enzan moaned as he arched his back, lifting his arms to allow the other to slip off his vest and shirt in one go.

Briefly looking over the fading marks that littered the smaller male's body, Laika made a mental note to revisit each and every one of them later. But that could be for another time. Right now, what they needed was something less teasing and more meaningful. Or at least, Laika did. He needed assurance that this was real, that he was not merely having a fevered dream.

Enzan shivered as he was pushed back, feeling the taller male drape over him and he let out an incomprehensible sound and arched his body up into him, hands sliding up his chest before gripping his shoulders, nails finding and digging into the previous grooves he'd made. Hissing out, Laika leaned down to place a harsh kiss against their lips, the bi-hair coloured male's dry and chapped lips chafed against his raw, nearly bitten through lips.

He couldn't stop himself, Enzan just seemed to call him with every little shift and sound he made as their bodies began to press closer and closer together. If this had been anyone else, he doubted he would react the same way as he did around the Ijuuin. They seemed to fit together in awkward places and shapes, like a jigsaw puzzle. Where one was lacking in one place, the other filled that space and completed it.

I swore I'd never fall again
But this don't even like fallin'
Gravity came again
To pull me back to the ground again

Pulling back, Laika stared down at Enzan, frowning at the dark rings under his eyes, but he soon forgot about that as their eyes fluttered open to stare into his. Enzan gave a small smile at him, bringing one hand up to run through his locks of hair, catching a few just enough to pull him back in to plant another kiss to his lips before he twisted, signifying for the other to move. Laika slowly raised up and the other slid out from under him. He stood up off the bed and his hands went to the button and zipper on his camouflage pants. Without looking away, he undid them and let his thumbs hook into the waistband before slowly pushing them down, down, revealing inch after inch of his skin.

The curvature of his hips called out to Laika and he ached to sink his fingers into them again. Without hesitating, Enzan kicked his shoes off across the room and stepped out of his pants, socks catching on the material and came off as well. His face was flushed with a shred of innocence to it under Laika's heated gaze, but he didn't waver or fidget. Laika slowly stepped over, allowing his fingers to trace a pattern down the Ijuuin's side down to his hips where his arms wound around him and pulled their body up close to him again, burying his face into their neck and began to trail kisses down it, stopping every so often to nibble on a patch of skin.

Enzan groaned, squirming under the ministrations, biting on his lip as bolts of arousal flooded through his system as he let his head loll away and let the taller male do as he pleased to his body. He felt like he was falling all over again, head over heels once more. A shiver rode up his spine again at the notion, but he pushed it aside. No, he wasn't falling. He had nowhere to fall if he was already on the ground, right? This…this wasn't falling. This was rising.

"L-Laika…" He murmured, slowly bringing his hands up to stop the other, though he didn't want to. The other pulled back, brow raising. Their eyes met again and Enzan licked his lips, almost unsure of what he was going to say. He glanced across the room for a second, before looking back.

"Let me… Let me have tonight."

Feels like I've been awakened
Every rule I had you breakin'
The risk that I'm takin'
I'm never gonna shut you out

Laika stared for a long moment. He processed what the other was asking of him, but he hesitated. Could he…? Could he give up the control of the situation so easily after last time? Would he even be able to…? The answer came in the form of a soft sigh as he released the other and stepped back a small space. Yes, he could. If he couldn't trust, then where would they be going? Nowhere. Placing that small bit of hope forward, he released the reigns of control.

Enzan's eyes flickered with surprise for a moment before he smiled again. Moving in close again, he brought his hand up to run it down from their shoulder, down their chest, before moving the other one to do the same thing to the opposite side, earning a quiet moan from the other. He brought his lips down to kiss across Laika's shoulder, scraping his nails down their hips as his fingers caught the waistband of his pants.

The subtle shifting of their hips kept distracting him; he could tell by the taller male's breathing he was impatient. Deciding that teasing could wait for another time, he moved on, finishing what he started in drawing their pants down, slowly kneeling with him to draw the others legs up carefully to almost gently slip the legs off one at a time. Once done, he let his fingers trace up the back of his legs, feeling the muscles quiver and shake, hearing the gasp for air at the touches.

Once he was standing again, he slowly brought his hand up to trail down the side of Laika's cheek. "Go, get comfortable." He requested softly as he nudged him to get on the bed. Getting a faint nod the other climbed back onto the bed, relaxing against the headboard. Enzan closed his eyes for a moment before he followed after, using a slow, but sultry-like crawl, watching as the others eyes darkened as he crawled up the length of his body till their lips met in the middle.

Everywhere I'm lookin' now
I'm surrounded by your embrace
Baby I can see your halo
You know you're my savin' grace

Laika's arms went around him to draw him closer and he sighed as he relaxed down against him, taking his time to carefully kiss and nibble at their lips, letting his fingers tease and trail over their sides and wherever he could reach. Slowly, he drew back. He took a few breaths to regain his senses. He moved at a languid pace with his hand downwards until his fingers met coarse locks of aqua. Blue eyes met blue eyes and stared. 'May I?' was the silent question he asked and his answer came in the form of a shudder as the others eyes slipped closed.

Not needing any more of an incentive, he moved his fingers down until they met the base of Laika's arousal. He got a gasp from the first touch, their hips trembling to stay still, before he curled his fingers completely around him and gave a few shallow strokes from his wrist. "E-Enzan…"

He smiled, it felt good to hear his name from the other again. He did it again, and again, building up a changing rhythm as he shifted his body to hover over theirs to watch as Laika's hips arched, his head pressed back into the wall, face contorted in an array of pleasure. He drug his nail across the tip, feeling pre-cum starting to leak out of the slit, earning a whimper before he did it again, only to slide his hand back down when the other arched for more again.

It wasn't long in this manner of teasing that he could feel how strained thin the other was, how much he needed the release. He pulled away, dragging his nails against the skin as he did so to leave one torturous sting before he crawled up the others body and kiss him once more. He was met with a ferocity that was filled with such longing and passion in it. How could he say no to that? Simply watching, hearing all of the others reactions had him near his own breaking point. No, he wasn't going to tease him any longer.

Quietly he straddled over the other, watching as the other took in his full form as he stretched his body heavenwards before he gave the aqua-haired male a lusty smile. It didn't take him much longer to shift into a good position. He drew the other's arms up and set his hands on his hips, encouraging him to hold on. He watched as their eyes widened when they realized what he was going to do.

You're everything I need and more
It's written all over your face
Baby I can feel your halo
Pray it won't fade away

He closed his eyes and tipped his head back as he felt himself sink down onto the other, wincing a little at the initial breach to his inner walls, but all it was, was a familiar sting compared to the first. He didn't stop sinking until he was completely sheathed over the other, sitting in his lap. By this time, the others nails were digging hard into his hips and it was so hard for the two of them not to move. Both of their bodies were straining and he could hear how fast the others heart was beating from where he'd let his forehead rest against the others chest.

Laika was biting his lip again in all effort not to move, it was all he could do to preoccupy his mind from the flushed and panting Ijuuin in front of him. Enzan pulled away for a moment, bracing his hands on Laika's shoulders. Experimentally, he rose up just a little only to sink down again. He choked on a gasp, and nearly came unglued then. It felt…wondrous. Deeper. He needed the other deeper.

"Move," The other pleaded, voice sounding strained. He wasn't going to deny the other that. He moved, shifted, and writhed his hips as he began to create a minute rhythm against the other. However, that soon changed when it wasn't enough for either of them. Gasping out as Laika grabbed his hips tighter and all but slammed up into him, he moaned out unabashedly.

It went downhill from there for the two of them as their bodies went into a frenzy, each seeking to find their rhythm and once they found it, there was no stopping. Enzan kept pulling up only to drop again seconds later as he bounced and rose himself on the taller male, shuddering and gasping out helplessly as he clutched at his shoulders to keep some sense of sanity to him.

However, it wasn't enough. Not nearly enough. Enzan leaned in; lust-glossed eyes boring into Laika's eyes. "Please," He whispered..

That did it. Everything changed. Laika had their positions switched in seconds; Enzan now under him and was pushing into him hard. A loud cry tore itself from the Ijuuin's throat. "L-Laika!"

"Enzan…" He moaned back, his hands left the boy's hips for a moment, pausing to grab Enzan's and locked their fingers together before he all but slammed into him again and again. Their bodies sank towards one another, fitting like those missing jigsaw puzzles. Their breathing synched as did the heavy pounding of their hearts. Adrenaline raced, and veins were now filled with liquid fire.

Everywhere I'm lookin' now
I'm surrounded by your embrace

Enzan whimpered, arching and winding against him, his glossy eyes wide. "Kiss me," He pleaded, clenching his hands tightly with Laika's, pushing back into him with every move they made together,

There was barely a breath in between before Laika's lips found his and they moaned in unison at the collision, sending both a chill and yet a shock of heat through them. They were near frantic in their movements, knowing they weren't going to last much longer.

Colourful sparkles rained down across Enzan's vision every time he blinked and white encompassed him every other moment. He was so close… Laika pulled back and stilled for one long moment. Time stopped and they simply stared, both unseeing, yet somehow able to perfectly see one another clearly. Enzan went to speak, but the moment was broken as Laika slammed into him one final time.

Enzan's body arched nearly off the bed, his eyes widening farther and he cried out as his body locked up and shuddered, his release coming full force. Laika's nails dug into the back of Enzan's hands as he clenched, the others release triggering his own climax. His eyes shut of their own accord and he felt himself falling into a blissful oblivion of white.

All that met their sudden silence was the echoing of their pounding hearts and hard breathing. Enzan was the first to recover, blinking his eyes repeatedly to clear the colour and white spots dancing in them. He panted, feeling at ease without worry. Laika soon recovered and pulled back a little. He went to move away, but Enzan's grip returned full force on the others hands.

"Stay," He whispered his eyes suddenly fearful.

There was only a soft chuckle in response before Enzan found himself being moved around, still connected to Laika and it was only a moment later until both were beneath the sheet and comforter in the bed.

"You don't have to worry about that, Ijuuin. I'm not letting you go. Ever." Laika murmured into his ear, sending a shiver of delight through the other.

"Mm," Enzan hummed, eyes closing as he sank farther into Laika's embrace and the bed, feeling the rest he'd denied for so long creeping up into his system.

Laika felt his eyes sliding shut as well, tightening his embrace around the smaller male and tucked his face into the back of their neck and let the sleep he'd been pushing away come over him in waves.

The light clicked out barely a second later, leaving the two to sleep and purge away the scars of hurt and despair and embrace the future. A future that included the two of them.

Baby I can see your halo
Pray it won't fade away


DHC: Ahahahaha, I did it. Sorry for the somewhat corny ending…I was running on empty from little sleep and I'm too lazy to try and change it. Anyway, there you have it. Hope you all like it. :D