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Chapter One – Leaving To A New Place


I was made to leave, we was doing it for her, so she could have a better future, better than the one I can give her at the moment. I'm going to miss her dearly; it's going to kill me inside not waking up to her beautiful face or being able to calm her cries. I was going to miss so much.

But this had to be done.

For Her.

-Could all passengers fasten their seatbelts we are now landing in Seattle, Washington DC and thank you for flying with USA airways.-

Oh I almost forgot my name is Bella Marie Swan daughter of a well known lawyer, age: 17, I'm wearing casual clothes so I wouldn't be to uncomfortable on the plane but anyways this is my story...

It's been 4 years since I saw any of them. Charlie my loving and caring Father, Sue my new or sort of new step mum, Emmett my big teddy bear brother, Seth my step brother of who I have grown to love dearly through phone calls and web cam chats and lastly, Leah my step sister, always blunt and outright with people but has the best interest at heart. So let me tell you my story...

We were all once a happy family but my parents got divorced when me and Emmett were only young, I was five and Emmett was six. My mum left and took me to Phoenix, Arizona, leaving Emmett and Dad behind, it's not she didn't love Emmett because she loved him as much as she loves me but it was the divorce agreements. So my father got Emmett and my mother got me, I used to visit all the time till almost 4 years ago but that's a story for another time, my dad understands why I never visited in the last 4 years and Sue knows to but it's a secret to everyone else. The last time I was here was for my dad's and Sue's wedding, Sue is one of the best step mums anyone could have, when my dad first announced he was re-marrying I was scared, I thought she was going to be one of them evil, wicked step mothers that use your dad for their money and turn them against you but she was one of the most caring, sweet, shy and loving people I've ever met.

First I went to the baggage claim to find my suitcase and found them pretty easy when all of a sudden I felt two arms wrap themselves around my waist and I intently knew they was the arms of my father.

"Hey Daddy" I smiled up at him; he liked it when I called him daddy because it made him feel like I was still his little girl.

"Hey Bells need help with you bags?" he smiled,

"Umm yeah sure, thanks Dad" I replied as he let go of me and went to pick up my two suit cases while i carried my carry on item, which was a small bag holding my iPod, mobile phone and purse.

"No prob Bells so you looking forward to being home again? It's been so long since everyone has seen you" he whispered the last part, I know i had hurt my dad's feelings about not visiting but we both understood why that was an impossibility, until now.

"I know, I'm sorry dad" I said as I looked to the floor feeling really guilty.

Me and dad were now sitting in a comfortable silence after he put my suitcase in the trunk and started the family car for our hour drive back to the house.

No one knew I was coming apart from Sue and my dad; I wanted it to be a surprise for my siblings.

"So dad, what are Emmett and the others doing?" I asked,

"Oh umm, Emmett went to school for football train with his mates Edward and Jasper so I'll guess you'll be meeting them there always hanging around together and Alice and Rosalie will prob be with them as well the cheerleaders practice every Saturday when the boys do, Sue is home doing stuff around the house and Seth and Leah are at their mates house at La Push Beach" I'm surprised dad knew all that he must really be in with the gossip with us teens these days.

"Wait, who are Rosalie and Alice and why would they be hanging around with Emmett" I asked totally showing how confused I was,

"Rosalie is Emmett's girlfriend and Alice is Jasper's Girlfriend, Rosalie is also Jaspers sister and Alice is Edward's twin sister" I stared at him in shock with this information and he started laughing at (I guessed) the look on my face,

"Bells I may be getting old but im still in with the teens so close your mouth or you will start catching flies" my mouth snapped shut and I released we was pulling up to my new home, when Sue and Dad got married they moved out of the old house that my dad use to share with my mum and brought a new and bigger house, it wasn't like my dad couldn't pay for it he was a working at home lawyer.

I hadn't seen this house before; they brought it when they got back from their honeymoon after the wedding. There was only one word to describe this house and that was beautiful and i hadn't even seen the inside of it yet.

The house had a huge two door garage with loads of space to park at least three extra cars in front of the garage doors with three windows above the garage, I wonder whose room that is and what my room is going to look like, next to that set of windows there three more but smaller above the front double doors, next to the door was some more windows that looked like the front of maybe the living room with again another set of windows above what I thought was the living room area, the house was also made out off a nice creamy, soft coloured brick.

"So are you going to sit in my car all day or come and see Sue and your new room?" Dad asked,

"I GET MY OWN ROOM!" I shouted with excitement as he nodded smiling at me,

"Well what we waiting for I'll meet you inside" I said running out of the car and stopped at the front door and quickly shouted,

"DAD! Can you bring my things in? Thanks" I shouted again as he laughed causing my cheeks to turn a light shade of pink. I turned to open the door and run in when I ran into someone and we both landed with a thump.

"Oh god Bella you have to be more careful you could get hurt" Sue said smiling at me,

"I'm so sorry Sue I was just so excited because Dad said I get my own room and that you was home and I haven't seen you in almost 3 years and..." I started to cry as Sue helped me stand up during my chatting as it hit me and I released it had actually been 3 years I stayed because I wouldn't to keep my secret, scared of what people would think of me, of us.

"Don't worry about it Bells I understand, why are you crying for sweetie your home, everything's okay now" Sue whispered as she whipped away my tears slowly falling down my cheeks.

"But Sue it's not alright I feel like she is missing now she isn't with me" I cried as she pulled me in for a hug and stroked my hair,

"I feel like I'm failing her, letting her down and I miss her so much it hurts" I whispered into her neck,

"It's ok Bella you can talk on the phone and she'll tell you everything she is doing and you can see her on that web cam thing you kids use and soon you'll be able to go see her, it'll get better sweetie I know it's not the same but it will help some" Sue finished saying as Dad walked in.

"You ok Bells?" he asked sounding worried,

"Yeah, thanks Sue that helped" I smiled whipping my eyes,

"So who wants to show me my room" I smiled widely as they started laughing and walked up the stair with Sue holding on to my hand as we stopped in front of a white door with Bella curved in the door.

Dad opened the door and walked in with me and Sue following as I gasped as I looked around, the walls were a lovely royal, navy blue with three white canvases hanging above the head board of my king sized white bed with matching blue covers, the same blue as the walls. Next to the bed on both sides was small circle bedside tables with holes cut into them and white lamps on each table with white flowers resting on one of the bedside tables in a vase next to a lamp, I could see out the window that my room was the one above the garage, with a black disk table and desk chair in front of the window and to the right of my bed was a door leading into my own bathroom and at the other end of my new bedroom was a big TV hanging on the wall in front of the bed, to the right side of the wall with the TV hanging up was a built in bookshelf and to the left was my very own walk in closet. Next to my bookshelf was a Navy blue sofa turned so I could see the TV and lay on it while reading a book with a small coffee table in the middle of the TV and sofa and lastly, in my closet there was room for all my clothes and loads more with a makeup table and mirror pushed up against the back wall of the closet and a small circle sofa stall in the middle of the closet.

"If you don't like it I can change it to something you would like" Sue asked looking down at the floor worried,

"NO!" I shouted making her jump,

"I 100% love it and don't what anything to be changed one single bit, thank you Sue it means a lot" I smiled,

"Oh well I'm glad you like it sweetie" she smiled down at me pulling me closer with her arm around my shoulders,

"Good now I would like to see that brother of mine" I smiled,

"Has my car got here yet dad" I asked,

"Yes its down stairs in the garage, drive safe you know the way to the school right? Well if not just follow the highway and you'll soon see an exit for Forks High School" he smiled throwing me my car keys as I gracefully caught them for once and run for the garage.

There it was my baby; I smiled as I got in my car feeling the stirring wheel smiling even bigger. I pushed the button opening the garage gates and speeding off down the highway to find my brother, it had been so long since I last saw him, what if he don't release it's me, I look different from 3 years ago, wait. What if his friends don't like me?

All these thoughts soon disappeared as I pulled up in the parking lot of Forks High School...

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