Time had no meaning to Alice, her room had always been so dark that she didn't even have the concept of night and day. She had started to doubt that she'd ever known anything other than fire and burning, the sensation had consumed her and not even screaming released it.

She doesn't know how long she screamed for, but soon she quietened and stopped moving her body, none of it eased the pain, instead she just lay their, still as stone and focused on the route that the fire took through her body.

Something was different now, the fire had gone from her toes and fingers and seemed to be travelling to her chest. Alice bucked against a sudden intense surge of heat in her chest and then then it was gone.

Alice's eyes snapped open and she looked around her room, it was as though she was seeing it for the first time. She could see the dust as it floated through the air, she could almost taste the stale odour that lingered in the air.

As Alice sat up, she studied the room more closely, her mind flitted to her last memories before the burning, she remembered Ramone telling her he was saving her and that she'd be able to open the door when she woke up.

Alice had no concept of what she had become, but she realised instantly that she was different somehow. As she stood up she felt weightless, she glided to the door and studied it's frame, she could see every last imperfection on the heavy steel door.

Alice placed her hand on the door handle and pulled, the door didn't offer any resistance, with a quick tug the door was ripped right off its hinged and Alice tossed it aside. Alice sniffed the air and instantly her throat began to burn, her senses were assaulted by the human blood that ran through everyone in the building.

For a moment Alice panicked she couldn't understand what was going on, suddenly her eyes glazed over and she had a vision, this wasn't like the visions she had before, this was vivid, the level of detail made it feel like she was actually there.

Alice saw flashes of a tall blond haired man, his skin was pale like Ramone's had been, but his eyes were golden, he wasn't alone, he embraced a woman and they were in a forest, they were hunting and feeing off animals. As the vision continued Alice saw flashes of two younger males and a female alongside the first two.

As the vision ended Alice stood trying to make sense of it all.

Her eyes glazed again and she saw a vision of herself, she stood in front of a mirror her eyes were red like Ramone's, only hers were a much more vibrant red. She saw herself making her way to the office of the doctor who had carried out the shock treatment over her, he was about to carry out shock treatment to a young girl, much younger than Alice had been when he started on her and she could see herself freeing this girl and killing the doctor by drinking his blood.

As Alice's vision ended she quickly made sense of what she'd seen. The first vision showed her how life could be, she wanted that option badly, but the second vision showed her how life should be. Not only did the thought of killing that doctor please her, but seeing her drinking the doctors blood made her so very thirsty.

Alice vowed to search out the strange golden eyed man and his companions, but first she needed to satiate her thirst and she could think of no-one more deserving than the doctor who tortured her for so long.

Alice travelled through the corridors and battled hard against her instincts to feed from the first person she came along, if it wasn't for her determination to make the doctor pay she wouldn't have managed it, but she managed to find the resistance needed and within a few minutes she found his office.

As Alice opened the door she saw that he was not alone, as well as the young girl secured to the table there were two men in white coats, neither of them was Ramone. The doctor hadn't seen her for a while, but he remembered her well, she was his one and only failure.

"Alice, what are you doing in here" he demanded.

Alice just glowered at him.

The doctors eyes focused on hers and she heard his sharp intake of breath as he took in the stratling colour.

The doctor ordered the two orderlies to grab her, Alice stood patiently as they approached and moving at inhuman speed she pushed their heads together and they slumped to the floor unconscious.

The doctor backed away from her, she ignored him for the time being and turned her attention to the terrified young girl on the table. Alice quickly undid her and stroked at the girls hair, she felt the girl recoil at her touch, but didn't respond.

She helped the girl sit up and motioned her towards the door, the girl was scared and confused, but Alice spoke to her in a soothing voice.

"Go, get out of here, you don't need to see this."

The girl didn't hesitate, as soon as she disappeared down the corridor Alice closed the door behind her and turned her attention back to the doctor, she almost laughed as she saw that he was brandishing a syringe in his hand.

"I don't think that will do you any good" she said in a soprano voice, her voice seemed so alien to her.

The doctor was froze in place.

Alice took a couple of steps forward and grinned as the doctor stumbled backwards, the wall behind him stopping him from going any further.

"Scared of a little girl like me" she teased.

The doctor didn't respond, but the erratic hitch in his heartbeat confirmed her suspicions.

Alice toyed with the idea of taking her time and making him suffer, but the truth was the burning in her throat had become intolerable and there was nothing he could say or do that would take away all the suffering he inflicted.

As Alice readied herself she had another vision. This one was as strong as the others, she was in a diner, waiting for someone, the weather was bad outside and when he arrived, she instantly knew he was what she was waiting for, he seemed uncomfortable and wary, but he was hers and she was his.

As the vision ended, Alice, had a new sense of urgency, she had a purpose, her thoughts were rudely interrupted by the noise of footsteps, she turned in time to see the doctor making an attempt to reach the door, a second later she had hold of him and as she clamped down on his neck his wild thrashing barely jostled her, as the blood ran dry Alice let go and the doctors body dropped to the floor.

Alice stepped out of the room and fled the Asylum, she ran into a new chapter of her life and began her search for the ones she was destined to meet starting with the blond haired one in the diner.