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"We are not inviting them over again!" Wes loudly whispered to Blaine, sitting down next to him in the library.

"I didn't say they were coming here." Blaine calmly replied, not even looking up from his book.

"Who isn't coming here?" David asked from in between bookshelves. Blaine rolled his eyes.

"Exactly. No one is coming here." Blaine whispered back, promptly slamming his book shut and standing from his seat at the desk.

"Wait. Then who were you talking about?" David asked, pushing him back into his seat.

"Ouch!" Blaine cried, earning a stern look from the librarian. He smiled apologetically at her before scowling at David. "The New Directions girls want to have another sleepover." He explained.

"A sleepover? I wanna go!" A voice cried, flinging its body over the back of the couch and landing with a thud. The librarian turned and shot an angry look at the boy. He shrugged.

"Sorry Ms Johansen." Rhett called, and she frowned again and went back to sorting books.

"No Rhett. They aren't coming over." Wes said at the younger boy. The brown haired boy frowned.

"They want to have it somewhere other than Dalton." Blaine said. "And I know you want to see Santana again." He teased, poking Wes in the side. Said boy blushed and shook his head.

"I have no idea what you're talking about." He huffed, crossing his arms. David rolled his eyes.

"Right." Blaine said sarcastically. "Anyway, Kurt figured you guys would want to come. We haven't had a sleepover since the one here, and that was, like, a month ago." Rhett nodded enthusiastically.

"I wanna go! Can Andy come too?" He asked, tugging at Blaine's sleeve like a child.

"Of course. He needs a reason to mack on Mercedes anyway." David stage-whispered to the boy, who laughed. Blaine smiled at Wes.

"So, whatcha think?" Wes uncrossed his arms.

"I'm thinking I get to decide whose house we have it at."

"So, Kurt. You ready for the party tonight?" Blaine asked his boyfriend, shoving clothes into a backpack.

"I'm as ready as I'll ever be." Kurt looked up from his messenger bag. "You know you don't have to come." Blaine shook his head.

"Are you kidding? I want to come! Your friends are great." Kurt rolled his eyes, smiling.

"Alright." Kurt replied, going into the bathroom and grabbing his overnight moisturizer bag off of the sink countertop.

"So has Wes already packed up his stuff?" Blaine called over his shoulder.

"Yeah. He was freaking out this morning. He actually asked me what he should wear. I guess he wants to impress San." Blaine stifled a laugh. Kurt finished grabbing his toothbrush and other things out of the bathroom, and turned off the light. "I had to remind him to grab his toothbrush."

"At least you got him to bring it. I used to have to hide it in his weekend bags when he came over." Kurt chuckled and zipped his bag. He looked around the room, doing a mental checklist. His eyes suddenly widened.

"Have you seen my phone?" He asked frantically. Blaine laughed.

"Babe," He began, pointing at Kurt's hand. "You're holding it." Kurt looked down and saw he was clutching his iPhone.

"Oh shut up." He playfully glared at his laughing boyfriend. Blaine immediately sobered, and patted Kurt's hand.

"I'm sorry. But we gotta go, they're waiting with the car." Kurt looked confused.

"I thought I was driving." Blaine shook his head and took his boyfriend's hand, leading him out of the room before closing and locking the door.

"Nah. Rhett is."

"Are you insane?"

"Oh my gosh Rhett. Slow down!" David screamed at the driving boy. He slowed a little, but stayed well above the speed limit.

"Who's idea was it to let him drive?" Andrew cried, clutching the door with white knuckles.

"Blaine's!" Wes yelled back from the front seat. Rhett slammed on the brake in the middle of the street. The tires screeched, as did the five passengers Rhett was driving.

"We're here!" He shouted, opening the door and running to the back to get their overnight bags.

"He didn't even park." Kurt sputtered, still frozen in place.

"We didn't even tell him whose house we were going to." Blaine looked out the window. "And we're still in the right place. How the hell does he do that?"

"Practice!" Rhett called, opening the back door, allowing the startled boys to climb out. He handed them their bags and led them to the door. He punched the doorbell and waited for the answer.

"NOW ARE YOU READY TO PARTY?" He shouted as the door swung open, revealing Rachel, Mercedes, Quinn, and Tina.

"So, Rachel. How did you convince your dads to let you have another party?" David asked casually, plopping down on the couch next to her.

"They're out of town this weekend, and said as long as no one dies, I can have friends over." She explained. David nodded thoughtfully before smirking.

"You didn't tell them you were having boys over did you?" He asked, and she smiled innocently again, smoothing the end of her plaid skirt over her knees.

"No. No I did not." David smiled charmingly at her.

"As long as Rhett doesn't break anything, we should be fine." She giggled as her threw an arm around her shoulders casually. He winked and she giggled again, before they heard a crashing sound coming from the kitchen. Rachel quickly jumped up and ran off towards the source of the crash.

"Rhett! I told you! I don't need your help baking!" Kurt cried, dusting the flour off his pants. Rhett pouted and bent down to scoop up the flour that was covering the floor. Rachel stormed in the room.

"What did you guys do?" She cried, eyeing the flour-covered boys and the broken container on the floor. Kurt pointed a finger at Rhett.

"He threw flour at me and then dropped the thingy!" He cried. Rhett jumped off the floor defensively.

"He provoked me!" He countered, returning the finger-point. Rachel rolled her eyes.

"Rhett. Why don't you leave Kurt to finish baking?" She quietly said, placing a hand on his arm. He nodded sullenly.

"I don't understand why he's baking anyway." He mumbled as he walked out the door.

"I am making snacks! You will thank me later!" Kurt cried over his shoulder. Mercedes stepped into the room. She took one look at the floor, and one look at the Kurt, who was busy dusting flour off his clothes, and snorted.

"Well, are you going to help me?" Kurt asked, placing his hands on his hips. She snorted again.

"Hell no."

"So Quinn. Why're you more bitchy than usual tonight?" Andrew asked the cheerleader. She scoffed.

"Maybe it's because my boyfriend broke up with me yesterday, and I had to come here instead of moping by myself." She spat, staring daggers at him. He put his hands up in surrender.

"Geez. Settle down!" He cried, and she sneered at him. "Fine. You can sit in Rachel's room all by yourself, or you can come out into the party and enjoy it. Your choice." And with that, he left the room to return to find Mercedes. Quinn frowned, knowing she should listen to him. She stood, and heard a quiet knock on the door.

"Hey. Andrew said you were up sulking in here." Rhett said from the other side of the door. She softened and opened it. He stood and held up two coffee cups, smiling goofily. "I thought you could use some hot coco." He explained, handing her the cup. She smiled and took a sip.

"Thanks Rhett." He shrugged nonchalantly.

"No problem. Now let's go party!" He cried, linking their arms. She laughed and followed him down the stairs.

Blaine smiled and took Kurt's hand. "Are you enjoying baking in here?" He asked, and Kurt frowned slightly.

"Kinda. But it's lonely too." He playfully pouted. Blaine smirked and kissed his boyfriend's cheek. Kurt blushed.

"It's not anymore." Blaine whispered, leaning in close to his ear. Kurt playfully pushed him away.

"We cannot make out now. I have a cake in the oven, and if it burns we're screwed." Blaine pouted and took his other hand. Kurt cleared his throat and jumped up from the kitchen table. Blaine stood and pushed his chair in and walked over to where Kurt was opening the oven door. He tickled Kurt's sides and the smaller boy jumped and giggled. Someone cleared their throat awkwardly and Blaine and Kurt jumped away from each other, crimson-faced. Finn stood in the doorway, scratching his neck.

"Finn!" Kurt squealed and hugged Finn tightly. Finn relaxed and hugged his stepbrother back. "I didn't know you were coming!" Kurt cried, letting go of Finn. He shrugged.

"Most of the guys are here."

"Whoa, whoa whoa. This is a girl's night." Rachel stated at the guys crowding her doorway.

"We heard the Dalton guys were coming, so we thought that meant it was a party." Puck explained, walking into the house.

"Truth!" Artie said, wheeling himself inside. Mike followed, smiling apologetically. Finn had already burst inside and followed the scent of cake to the kitchen. Rachel heard Kurt squeal, so she sighed and shut the door.

"Where's Sam?" Rachel asked Mike, who had happily kissed his girlfriend on the cheek before slouching down into a Lay-Z-Boy.

"He and Quinn had this huge fight. He decided he didn't want to come." Rachel frowned. She left him sitting there, and went to find Quinn. She found her with Rhett, giggling and sipping out of a coffee cup.

"Hey guys. A bunch of the New Directions guys just showed up. We're gonna eat some dinner soon." Quinn's eyes darkened.

"Did Sam come?" She angrily asked, setting her cup down. Rhett placed a hand on her arm to calm her.

"No. Just Artie, Finn, Mike, and Noah." Quinn visibly relaxed and she shot Rhett a thankful glance.

"Okay. Let's go say hi." She grabbed Rhett's hand and dragged him out of the dining room to sit with the guys in the living room. Rachel shook her head and followed.

"So, Berry. What's on the agenda?" Puck asked, leaning back on the couch and setting his feet on the coffee table. Rachel swatted them away and called for Blaine and Kurt to come out from the kitchen. All fourteen teenagers were now haphazardly seated in the living room.

"First, we're going to wait for San and Brittany to get here." She explained. Wes' eyes lit up.

"Santana's coming?" He asked, smoothing down his shirt.

"Cool it, lover boy." Andrew said, clapping him on the back. Wes scowled.

"Like you should talk," He muttered, gesturing to his and Mercedes' linked hands. Andrew rolled his blue eyes.

"At least we're dating. You and Santana have gone on, like, two dates." Wes frowned again, and crossed his arms. Puck groaned.

"Then what?" He asked, throwing his head back.

"We eat dinner." Quinn frowned.

"Berry, it's three in the afternoon." She said, pointing at the clock. Finn shot her a dirty look.

"Don't worry Rach, I'll be hungry." He reassured the petite girl. Rachel smiled.

"I didn't think you wouldn't be." She said, patting his knee. David shifted uncomfortably. She turned to the rest of the group. "And then, the games begin."

"San, are we there yet?"

"No Britt."

"Where are we going again?"

"Rachel's house."


"The Dalton guys came over and are throwing a party."

"Ooh! Is Wes gonna be there?"

"I don't know."

"He is, isn't he?"


"You like him, don't you?"

"Yeah, I think I do."

"Good. I didn't want you to feel lonely since I'm dating Artie."

"I could never be lonely, Britt."

"Yeah, but now you have someone to sex with."

"I suppose you are correct."

A knock sounded on the front door. Rachel jumped up and ran to answer it. She opened the door, revealing Santana and Brittany, both holding large boxes.

"What're those for?" She asked, eyeing them suspiciously.

"Nothing, Berry. Cool it." Santana said, removing her shoes. Brittany kicked her ballet flats off and ran into the living room.

"Rhett! My BFF!" She screamed, attacking him. He chuckled and hugged her back, keeping his fingers interlocked with Quinn's. Brittany saw and looked at him, cocking her head to the side. "Why are you and Q holding hands?" She asked, and Quinn blushed.

"Quinn needed a friend." Rhett explained, squeezing her hand. Brittany nodded thoughtfully before widening her eyes.

"Where's Kurt?" She screamed, looking around frantically. Kurt laughed and stood, opening his arms. She smiled and tackled him to the ground, hugging him tightly.

"Whoa, Hummel. You're gettin' all the action!" Puck exclaimed, pulling Brittany off the small boy. Santana walked into the room, followed by Rachel. Wes noticed and stood. Santana saw him and walked over to hug him.

"Hey Prep school." She said, and he kissed her on the cheek.

"Hey Satan." She mocked anger and playfully pushed him away.

"Long time, no call." She said, winking.

"Oh gag me!" Mercedes amusingly cried. Santana shot her a glare and sat down next to Wes, letting him place an arm around her shoulders.

"So what are the boxes for?" Rachel asked, and Santana and Brittany exchanged a sidelong glance. Santana sighed.

"Party supplies." She said nonchalantly. Rachel huffed and opened one. Her eyes widened.

"What the hell are these for?"

"I just told you Manhands, the party."

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