I heard or read somewhere that, before YJ, Roy, Wally, and Dick all knew each other (that's the obvious part), knew each other's secret identities, hung out, fought crime, got in trouble, etc. I don't know if all of that is canon or not, but I'd really like to think it is and would like to see more of it. So, welcome to the Intrepid Trio Drabbles collection!

So far, I have 35 prompts to use, but I'm always open to suggestions! If you'd like to see something, let me know and I'll try to work it in somewhere.

Learning to Drive? No, Not Really.

"Step on the brakes, step on the brakes! BRAKE!"

The brakes squealed, sending all three passengers into their seatbelts.

"Oof, could you not step on them that hard next time?" came the weak request from the backseat of the small Ford Fiesta.

"Sorry!" Wally said, signaling and turning left per Roy's instruction. "There was kinda a stop sign there."

"Yeah, that you obviously didn't see before we yelled to step on the brakes!" Dick fired back.

"Why did I agree to this again?" Roy asked his hands, which his face had taken refuge in. "Oh, that's right-I didn't. You begged and pleaded until I let you drive for a little while! OK, Wally, let's try this again, about five miles an hour slower."

"Roy, you're killing me!" Wally groaned. "We were only doing thirty-five before!"

"Yeah, well, I want you to do thirty now," the nineteen-year-old said, starting to wish that his car was one of those driver's ed ones with the passenger brake. "Don't laugh, Dick-you're next."

"I've still got two years, maybe by then I'll have convinced Bruce to take me himself," the thirteen-year-old scoffed.

"Good luck with that," Wally snickered.

Roy, however, didn't get the chance to join in, no matter how amusing he thought that. "DEER!" he shouted. "Brake!"

"Where?" Wally asked, stepping on the brakes and causing the Fiesta to lurch to a stop again.

"Oh, shit!" Dick swore, holding the door handle for support as the car stopped abruptly again. "There, left side."

"Oh, heh, those deer," Wally said sheepishly, watching them scamper across inches from the bumper of the car. "How'd you see them, Roy? They were way down there."

"Experience," the oldest gritted out, wondering where common sense had been tossed to the first time Wally had braked. "It comes with time and practice."

"Driving is so HARD!" Wally said, pressing the gas again. "You have to do all this stuff, and I can't look for deer and stop signs at the same time! I don't have to worry about that usually! Why do I have to do this again?"

Roy buried his face in his hands again, releasing a sigh as Dick said, "Wally, you can't run everywhere. Sometimes, you gotta be slow to keep your secret identity-get this, SECRET."

"And because Barry said you needed to learn to drive," Roy added. "He told me you'd been through driver's ed, not if you passed it or not."

"Hey! I'll have you know I passed that class with flying colors!" Wally boasted, then frowned. "And that's another thing. Nothing against you, dude, but he's my uncle. Why isn't he taking me driving?"

"Maybe he doesn't have a death wish?" Dick suggested.

"Gee, thanks, both of you," Roy said sarcastically. "I feel so loved. It's good to know I'm appreciated."

"I did say nothing against you," Wally said.

"I know, it's Dick that I meant."

"Hey! I appreciate you, Roy, and don't you try to tell me otherwise!" Dick said. "I might just believe it, and then where will you be with only one person in your fan club?"

"I'd make a good fan club!" Wally said, indignant on his or Roy's behalf, Roy wasn't quite sure which.

"It's not you that would be in it," Dick snickered.

"Don't bring Artemis in this," Roy warned. "That girl may not show it, but she has an unhealthy attraction to any guy older or bigger than her."

There was silence at that comment, and Roy turned to looked at the two. Wally wasn't even paying attention to the road, and Roy reached out to grab the steering wheel, dragging them back over to their side of the road before the driver in the opposite lane could run into them. "What?"

"Dude, I wasn't even thinking of her!" Dick said, starting to laugh. "Are you serious?"

"Uh, no?"

"Hah, a weakness!" Dick nudged Wally. "Wally? Artemis has a weakness."

Wally didn't respond.

Roy pulled on the steering wheel, pulling the car over to the side of the road. "Wally, brake," he said, amazed when the younger redhead did so. They stopped, Roy putting the car in park.

"Dude? Snap out of it," Dick said, waving his hand in front of his friend's face, slightly worried. He looked at Roy, who shrugged.

Wally let out a strangled laugh. "Artemis has a weakness?" he asked, but it didn't sound like a question.

"Uh, yeah. Bigger, stronger guys than her."

"What are we waiting for, then?" Wally shouted, putting the car into gear and pulling around in a U-turn. "Let's go exploit it!"

"Wally? Wally!" Roy shouted, holding onto the handle for dear life. "Let's not-oh shit! BRAKE!"

They blazed through the intersection, running over a squirrel. They quickly caught up to the guy they'd almost hit earlier, and Wally nearly flipped the car onto two tires as he jerked the wheel wildly.

About five minutes later, Dick heard sirens. "Um, Wally?" he asked tentatively. "You know we're being chased by the cops, right?"

Wally didn't answer, speeding up ever still.

"Wally, pull the car over," Roy said, trying to make it sound threatening but failing as his stomach tried to escape up his throat. "Wally, pull over. NOW!"

Wally's only response was a laugh.

Megan was in the kitchen working on her baking when she heard the familiar "Recognized." coming from the front entry. She grabbed the cookies out of the oven, and flew quickly to greet whoever was coming into the mountain.

She was just in time to see Robin materialize and throw himself to the ground. "Sweet, nonmoving land!" the young teen cried, hugging the floor the best he could and kissing it.

"What on earth happened?" Megan asked, watching a dizzy Red Arrow stumble out of the transporter, holding his stomach and mouth, and Kid Flash, who looked none the worse for wear. She giggled internally, glad she got the idiom right.

"He did!" Robin yelled, pointing at Wally. "He. Did."

Wally had a huge grin on his face as he raced off, tossing over his shoulder, "Where's Artemis?" But he didn't wait for a reply.

"It couldn't have been that bad," Megan said, watching the speedster's trail as he raced around the mountain.

"Wanna bet?" Red Arrow asked, finally standing from his former leaned position against the stone.

Megan frowned. "Huh. Well, would one of my cookies help?"

She watched both Robin and Red Arrow turn green again, and Robin said, "I think I'm gonna go throw up now."

"Right behind you," Red Arrow said, both running toward the bathroom.

"What did I say?" Megan asked, bewildered.

So, how was it? I kinda had the braking issue, like I'd be working on braking for a stop sign, and my mom would be like, 'Brake!' and I'd be like 'Working on it!' And yet, they gave me a license! I wonder what they were thinking…

Oh well. Send in those ideas if you have them! It's all about Roy, Wally, and Dick with others mixed in, so please remember to keep that in mind?