'In some place, was a dream,
Who dreamed it, was unknown
Such a truly Tiny dream it was,
The little dream thought,
"I don't want to be vanishing like this,
How do I get People to watch me?"
The Little dream thought and thought,
And came up with something.
"If I get people to stray into me,
and let them make the world!"

The first Alice was a man of the Spade…

Suzaku Kururugi's breaths came short and fast as he avoided quickly passing trees and random gnarled branches surrounding his path. With legs like lead the loyal knight of rounds continued towards an unknown and slightly feared goal. Nimble fingers gripped tighter and tighter around the powerful sword. Tighter, tighter and tighter until his flesh gave way to a clot of crimson liquid flowing as slow and thick as treacle down the hilt of the blade. Ignoring the searing pain; Suzaku panicked. His nerves were sugarcoated with the illusion his panic stricken brain had conjured up amongst the confusion. His throat was dry and his eyes were wide. The once courageous knight had fallen far, far beyond the living; far beyond the dead.

Kururugi slowly came to a jerky stop. His emerald orbs jolting this way and that, his head following quickly. Using his sword he slashed and scraped and fervently and feebly tried to destroy the apparent surrounding voices crowding his lost soul. Gnarled, dry bones grabbed blindly for cut limbs and a muscled torso. His head lay in the hands of such a tiny dream and locked in the forest as a sinner. Apart from the jagged edges crudely cut in the wrinkled bark of trees, Suzaku Kururugi's life was unknown.

The second Alice was a man of the Diamond…

Hellooooo! Here's my newest creation ;) It's based on the Alice human sacrifice [VOCALOID]. EXCEPT I've changed it a little ^_^' please forgive me for that, but I'll try to make it good I really don't know what I was thinking when I wrote this… maybe I was high? LOL. Anyway, enjoy! Review please?