Title - Time Heals All Wounds… Eventually

Author - sholot

Disclaimer - the boys aren't mine.

E/O Challenge word - stall

Word count - 100

AN - someone favorited, like, six of my fics in half an hour. And author alerted me. I had the sudden urge to revive myself and write, so I did. Plus I felt bad for not writing anything in so long. So… Here ya go.

AN 2 - season 1, some swearing, dash of AU (I guess) of Dean during Stanford Years


"Dude, the hell?"


"You just - "

"Leave it."

"She was - "


"You so can - "

"I swear, Dean…"

"Quit stalling, man. You - "


"You gonna let me finish - "

"If you drop it."

"Sammy - "

"No. Too soon."

"I know it - "

"No, you don't."

"Four years, man. Lot happened."

"Cassie doesn't count."

"Her name was Tanya."


"Wanna to hunt with me. Accepted everything. Brave. Funny."


"Hit-and-run. Drunk driver."


"They'd want us to be happy."

"I can't."


"Not yet."

"One day?"


"That's all I ask."


The End